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A New world - The Future - Book Two

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Chapter Two.

Jonathon Jenkins was a human research technician working for an optical laser company, and part of a team researching defensive weapons, and actually founded by Willow from alien weapons she had found in one of the early original shuttles which she had acquired. The military had simply back engineered the weapons and created their own. However Willows ever curious mind not only wanted to learn how they operated, she wanted to try and advance them for further technology.

It was Jonathon Jenkins who accidently discovered by altering the wave frequencies and combining them with plasma energy, so they became a formidable weapon which could be focused to an almost pin sized beam of condensed light, up to a full dinner plate sized spread blast.

Both were utterly destructive, and any life form caught within the radius of the beam would without question die. When Willow learnt of this adaption she held a dilemma, as the weapons were beyond doubt valuable for defence against further invasion. However she also realised they could be used against her kind.

Her solution was to have the weapons built under contract only to include a cut out switch secretly installed which could be activated by her teams remotely. However, one day Jonathon Jenkins failed to turn up to work, he had discovered the cut-out switch and decided the human race needed such a weapon which could be used in defence and gone underground to start creating his own version of this weapon.

It was this one act which was many years later blamed for the thousands of human deaths and the war which started by frightened humans who had listened to the Alteariran propaganda.

It amazed Willow just how short people’s memories were, it had been only a few decades and the next upcoming generations who never knew the war were already becoming actively hostile to the newly developed life forms originally created to defend their very lives, and now she feared having to kill to defend herself and that of her family and creations.

One WRAP could take on over ten armed humans and possibly win, however now with these new weapons it had turned the odds and even one single human with a lucky unsuspecting shot theoretically could kill her warriors, although usually the WRAPs could outsmart the humans and calculate by the angle of the weapon been held and where the laser light would travel, it also became considerably harder with two or more fighting and trying to kill you.

It was for this reason Willow had her company intercept one of the human made weapons and develop a recognition chip to be installed within the software of the very weapons she now was forced to arm her guards and family with. She was relying on their speed, reflex action and mental agility of muscle memory, to pre-warn and enable the VGMs and WRAPs to respond either avoiding or counter action to save their lives.

As it turned out within just three days of creating these new weapons five Wraps were killed by the human weapons and two were badly injured. They had fought well and managed to kill two of their attackers who caught them in a cross fire ambush but the rest were forced to flee leaving their injured behind. On learning of this Willow ordered the human to be kept alive and started releasing the new weapons to her creations. The hostage was brought before Willow and she had him turned by her blood.

The next day under video surveillance she showed the world a confession of the human criminal confessing the humans had tried to rob a bonded warehouse and ambushed the guards, stating they thought they were aliens with hybrid technology and a danger to the world. Susan Lewis was the liaison officer between government and Willow and showed government official recording of humans been slaughtered in their millions and a brutal reminder of the Altearirans who invaded their world.

Thirty-three minutes of brutal blood drenching archives were shown while Susan talked explaining the only way the human race survived was due to these very creations saving their lives and that they were peaceful, kind, and trustworthy by nature, but if provoked they would without question defend themselves. This with the openly broadcast confession settled matters for a few years, yet unseen and secretly groups of far right humans were forming into a Neo-Nazi like culture and forming secret armies of their own.

Intelligence gathered from human staff working for Willow informed her of the Neo-Nazi type groups and even infiltrated their movement and this enabled her to prepare.

Sadly even though they had destroyed the Alteariran factory ship which was producing cloned humans under their programing, there was no way of knowing just how many such clones were still alive and now living in the community and stirring up hatred. Additionally the movement was growing and feelings were starting to be openly expressed with fights and killings upon humans collaborating with the supposed VGMs and WRAPs.

Willow called an emergency meeting, “My Warriors we are facing a new type of life form equally as fast and strong as yourselves, and we need to never be caught off guard, even the loss of the recent five lives in my eyes was by far too many, however we have new cloned warriors to take their place and I have ordered that the brain mapping of each of those warriors who so bravely gave their lives to protect us, shall be reborn into these clones making them identical to the friends and warriors we lost”.

The Queen had picked up on Willows thoughts as a remnant of herself was still alive within Willows mind, and after mentally communicating with her new body, she informed the new Queen of all that had been happening.

This presented a dilemma as the Master had always appeared to refuse to turn any life form without their express will, the solution came seven weeks later When Willow heard a voice been audibly spoken in her private quarters. “Willow the Queen has requested I offer my services, and please forgive my approach, but I needed to prove to you how effective and useful I could be to you.”

Willow was using all of her highly advanced senses and yet could still not tell from where in her room this voice was coming, nor at that see anything out of the ordinary.

Reaching over she flooded her room in green laser light, and even then to her eyes there was no physical obstacles cloaked as the light would have bent around a solid hidden and unseen object.

“Please reveal yourself” said Willow and less than two feet from where she was now standing an alien appeared, she literary jumped back in shock. It was huge, standing close to eight feet tall, and broad at shoulder narrow at hip, well in portion to its overall size and muscles to put the hulk to shame.

Immediately the alien went to one knee and bowed its head, “My Queen sent me, she has become aware of your situation here upon this planet you call earth, and requested me to tell you others of my kind are available all like me and who have volunteered our services.”

It then handed Willow a vile and a miniature computer stick. “What is this” Willow said, and the alien stood. Willow accepted the items been offered, “First Mam I am a female of our kind the males are a third larger than myself.” Willows eyes widened at that statement, “Also I am from a race biogenetically created by the Master as his personal protectors, over Three Million years ago.”

She smiled when she saw the sheer shocked expression of disbelief upon Willows eyes. “Are you that age” Willow said, and the alien smiled. “No Mam I am just short of Nine Hundred Thousand of your earth years in age, only the oldest and most experienced of our kind walk with the Master and keep him save”, she replied. “My name is too difficult for your tongue to pronounce so you can simply call me Annie” said the alien. “Can you tell me your name anyway” Willow said, and the alien did, “So Annie it will be” came the reply from Willow.

From there they sat talking while the surveillance within Willows room recorded and alerted the staff an intruder was in her room, and since Annie materialised it could now see and sense her presence. “Annie how did you arrive” enquired Willow, “By my personal stealth ship, I hope you will forgive me but I left it some fifty of your earth feet in stable stealth hovering, from there it was a simple matter of jumping down walking past your guards and making my way into your room” came the reply.

Willow thought, “But my door is locked…, how can that be?” The alien demonstrated and dematerialised before her and walked through the furniture and became solid at will. Willow sat down rather than fall from the shock, “Cool I can understand now why the Master values your race for his security” Willow said, Annie replied, “We are by far more than mere security, even your WRAPs as impressive as they are, could not defeat us, and your primitive light weapons have no effect on us as we are created in part from light which came direct from a red dwarf star, which as difficult as this is for some to understand holds life forms living directly within.”

Willow was glad she had sat down, while Annie continued talking, “These life forms had been observing the Master as he visited populated planets in its system, and they saw how he treated every life form, with love and respect and offering knowledge and advancement and not violence even if provoked only defending himself if forced.”

Annie paused to give Willow time to take in this new knowledge and then continued. They the red sun life forms claimed to be here before the creation of your solar system and offered our Master knowledge which even he did not have, and from this knowledge he created our race” Annie said.

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