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A New World - Life or Death - Book Three

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Survival, humanity had changed beyond recognition, vast powers were fighting for colonisation yet what was left of the hybrid humans held on, only... The next dimension held a gravity almost thirty times that of earth and would kill any human born from our world or dimension, such was the sheer vastness of the pressure upon the life forms from within this dimension, and it caused them to evolve into huge slow moving monstrous creatures the size of mountains, their bipedal human equivalent even if that was what it could be called looked in body and build the size of the old king kon from the twentieth century films upon earth, only many times larger. They were immense creatures and stood some thirty metres plus tall and their girth was that of a building of office blocks. Yet he could sense an intelligence that surprised even Jasper before he even entered their realm. What surprised him even more was there trapped within the dimension of space was a blue coloured female and human in appearance, and with ..........

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter One.

Vampiric invasion.

Book Three.

Life or Death.


The demonic race known as Koine were awaking and slowly coming to understand that after millions of years of lying dormant their kind had once again found rich feeding grounds and had sent further scouting drones to verify if the reports were accurate.

The Vampiric nations knew not what awaited them and they had actively sought peace under Willows rule, however even she had been wise enough to return to earth and keep a contingent of military available as she was aware the old Master had created many enemies and upon learning of his demise they might seek revenge.

Jasper Simon Culvate the son of the master had been born and he was an incredible child in that he was so ordinary it surprised all, including that of Willow, and if he had or held any of his father’s abilities he was hiding them, as yes his genetic structure reflected that of his mother and father, yet never once had he even for a moment activated them or shown any ability in doing so.

Nine earth years had passed, and it was only now that the scouting drones returned to inform their masters that an incredible rich spread of galaxies lay before them with food sources available for thousands of their years. Instantly some warring factions set out to arrive first, knowing the nearest galaxy and planet was some three years away. Yet such was their desire for war and rich feeding grounds they wanted to be first.

The older wiser koine warriors held back awaiting the response and to see how strong the opposition was to be, yet they prepared for a mass invasion and set their plans into place.

Twelve Earth years had passed for Jasper when Willow received information that the ex-Masters world where she had held her wedding, and this world was now under attack from life forms with incredible abilities and that the vamperic citizens were fighting and defending their planet, yet even with their incredible abilities casualties were increasing, and that these demonic monsters were actively feeding upon their victims.

Only to date the few Light warriors left in defence of the planet twenty thousand in number were offering true resistance and taking alien lives and prisoners of their own and defending themselves and those under their charge from those who confronted them.

Even then as powerful as they were and the fact, they could remain unseen their lack of numbers just could not compete against the sheer volume of invading life forms and their technology was highly advanced from that of the Koine warriors.

Willow ordered immediate support and had the closest world offer military help and ordered the immediate implementing of increasing the cloned light warriors. This was also implemented from across all of the galaxies and as much as it broke her heart after consulting with her husband Steve, she knew they could not get the vital help which this planet so desperately required to save them in time.

That said they truly tried and even sent emissaries to the Light Lords requesting their help. These were received and Willow found herself unexpectedly teleported upon an unknown space ship which was containing the ancient original Light Warriors, such was their technology that Willow even with her vast mental abilities had no way of preventing her teleportation.

As it was, she was relieved to learn they were friendly and been sent to offer protection and guidance. At that the captain of the craft introduced himself. “I am Vestifical, head of my kind and the oldest of all Light warriors, you have met already some of my relations who have been protecting your kind upon earth.”

He paused allowing Willow time to take in all that just happened, she looked at the huge five meter plus creature standing before her. “My Masters the Light Lords have ordered my immediate assistance and sent five of our ships to intercept the race of beings whom have declared war upon your kind.”

He hesitated and gave Willow time to take in his words, and then continued talking. “Sadly or more like unfortunately we have discovered they outnumber even our kind by over vastly a million to one and that their knowledge and technology although not as advanced as ours is very near, and that they are of a true vampire of your kind, as you would imagine from your old twentieth century films, only they number in the Septillions and more, and have conquered all known galaxies beyond their sectors from which they have ever discovered and now have their minds set upon the old vamperic galaxies.”

These words brought shudders to Willow, and she finally understood even with the vast knowledge she now held such numbers were impossible to compete against. Although she was comforted that at least five of these Light warriors gigantuis ships over six miles in length and almost four miles wide had been sent to offer assistance. Such was their abilities that they started utterly destroying the koine crafts yet their numbers still came forcing them to eventually retreat from simple over whelming numbers and running low on munitions.

Even ships of their size could physically hold only a limited number of munitions, yes their defence shields could hold back a suns explosion, but that only protected the occupants from within, it did not destroy the vast multitude of invading interstellar ships, and after that even they had to hold enough back to defend themselves and thus forcing their retreat. The Light warriors were eventually retrieved and the planet was left to be destroyed, sacrificing it so others may live and gain time to prepare themselves.

The vamperic resistance was brutal and effective, having recovered from the unexpected invasion, it had caught all upon the planet unprepared having lost their Master and Queen, so they resigned themselves to true peace, however they never gave in easily and fought for over a year and seven months until the planet fully became under the koine control and from their they colonised and prepared to move onwards now believing they knew what to expect.

Steve Culvate may well have had the hatred removed and was now but a clone of his original self, however he still held over three Billion years of knowledge and military experience and along with Willow he started preparing their subjects for war.

Their first priority had been to ensure all cloning facilities even the one captured in Scotland which once belonged to the Alteariran race was utilised and turned over to creating new Light Warriors, next he talked everything over with Willow and they increased the munition manufacturing utilising as much as possible the unique skills from the various galaxies and their planets, and which was truly vast.

In another sector that specialized in building space crafts, they sent Light Warriors to develop miniature versions of their gigantuis interstellar ships, and within yet another galaxy and a specific world that specialised in bio genetic manipulation at a Quark level beyond that of the atomic breaking of atoms. Such was their skill they could create weapons specific for one targeted organic kind, and they used the captured Koine warriors to start their research, however it was not a quick process and Willow and Steve were unsure if they had enough time.

So they decided to implement yet another and more sneaky side to their plans and held one of the Koine aside and sent it to their own cloning laboratories where they immediately started creating their own versions of Koine warriors with the Wraps gene included to fight for their side and under the direct mental control of Willow and Steve. In all of this Jasper their son observed and learnt from others.

His private tutors had been a mixture of human, and alien teachers including a Light warrior and overseen by the light Lords, however they refused to disclose why they held such an interest, in what to all others appeared an ordinary child.

I suppose it was unjust to describe Jasper as an ordinary child, but he was, and as up till now he had not displayed any special abilities other than an incredibly good brain with abilities to learn and store as well as retrieve knowledge, yes he was special only in that his parents ruled a vast quantity of galaxies and were so rich he imagine other worlds came to them for loans, but that said millions of other children held almost identical abilities.

Yet the Light Lords seemed to see something within him, and which held their interest to such an extent, they had arranged the teachers and a strict schooling schedule, and even when his home world was in preparation for galactic war.

Two years had passed and the Koine sent advanced raiding parties to seven selected planets to test their resistance, their numbers were limited but still over a hundred thousand interstellar ships were sent out and divided between the seven planet worlds.

While the remaining stripped the conquered planet of all essential material so they could replenish their military and started a breeding program, feeding upon those whom they had captured and keeping the best of these warriors for entertainment forcing them to fight in huge arenas against their kind. Those who succeeded in killing their warriors were honoured and gifted, given slaves and selected rights or privileges, but basically they were pets, something to own and boast about.

The very few who refused such privileges were used for yet another sport and marked by bio-genetic tracers and set free but with no weapons to escape and given three days grace, from there the Koine sent out their young to track them and test their abilities, but they were armed with basic weapons of one laser hand gun and a knife only.

The freed WRAPs were only granted their natural abilities and whatever weapons they could acquire. Some made it off world and this only increased the excitement of the hunt. However the Koine soon realised that one single Koine warrior was not enough as they were losing their young warriors in vast numbers.

They liked the idea of a worthy warrior one who challenged them, it was like a sport to them and they started sending their juveniles in groups of three, as they found this created a true challenge for the Wraps and taught their koine to learn to work as a team. What they had not realised and had been kept back from the Koine was the WRAPs who had chosen to this option had been bio-genetically gifted the Light gene, and this enabled them similar abilities to that of the Light warriors only they could implement it at will and remain in human or Wrap form.

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