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A New World - Life or Death - Book Three

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Chapter Two.

One particular WRAP warrior was known as Coarrine, and had been chosen by Willow from one of the off world colonies to be a captain of her warriors in that sector. What she had not known he was not from her sector or planet and even known galaxy. Coarrine had been an emissary sent to infiltrate his way into Willows Company so his race could observe her actions and gain an insight into her intentions, only he had become involved in this crazy unexpected war.

The life forms he represented were few in number and lived within a realm of space which occupied a fragmented dimension much like that of an onion skin with Willows galaxies under her control been the outer most layer of the onion skin, and Willows galaxy or the gap between, like the Light Warriors who could live between two dimensions, to them the Light warriors it was like living in Willows galaxy or the gap between dimensions, but for Coarrine his kind lived on the surface of the dimension which was beyond the gap.

His leaders had become aware of their existence when the Light Warriors appeared before Willow and started appearing within the gap of their two dimensions opening to them the knowledge that other worlds, galaxies and dimensions existed.

They were a highly evolved race numbering in just under a Trillion, but had not fought wars in over a billion years. However they had used the time to advance and create technology far beyond that of what was available to Willow and possibly equal to that of the true Light Lords.

It had been easy for them to create Coarrine and ensure he incorporated the genetic markers to simulate and pass as a WRAP warrior and Willow had not known his true identity and gifted him further with the Light gene and chosen him to accompany her to the Masters World. He would have followed Willow back to her home world earth only he had sensed the danger which was about to come and was ordered to remain behind to observe the incoming threat.

They had already established Willow by her actions was peaceful by nature and had no desires to conquer their realm, if anything intelligence observed she would if aware of their existence offer trade and true peaceful relations. As they were impressed by the way she handled the Master and even though she without question loved him, she put aside her feelings and chose the lives of others rather than side with the Master and allow him to continue with this vendetta.

This in itself had settled their minds but upon learning of the invasion about to come they found themselves in a dilemma, as if they warned Willow and her kind then they themselves would become drawn into this war, and realising the sheer Septillions plus in numbers against them, they knew even they could not resist against such vast numbers and would become embroiled into a war which could theoretically bring extinction to their kind and open up the multitude of other life forms, which were living in their dimensions.

However, after the loss of the planet and the capture of Coarrine and receiving his intelligence reports, they realised they were been forced to revaluate their choices, as Coarrine explained the tactics and methods of torture and that they had now extended the war to five further outer worlds. It was becoming evident to this race that these life forms were not content with only one planet and wanted total control of all known life forms.

It was this realisation that brought them into the war, as all Koine known life forms would in time involve them, and they understood to assist now with Willow and her Empire by their side was wiser than facing them alone. Coarrine was ordered to find a way of returning to Willows world and to communicate directly with her. This he eventually succeeded in doing by infiltrating himself into an armour munitions supply ship returning for further supplies, from there he jumped ship and travelled the galaxies unseen until he reached earth.

While the Light warriors specialised in huge gigantuis interstellar ships his world specialised in miniaturisation, and hidden unseen ordinance which could kill with devastating force.

Also his shielding was similar to that of the huge Light warrior ships but only miniaturised to the size of a computer chip buried beneath his skin and operated upon a bio-quantum field feeding directly from dark energy itself. Such was the power it contained if it was physically possible to terminate such a device the outward energy created from the explosion could destroy a world.

His kind and world had a billion of years of peace and used the time to develop and because of their size and limit in space they miniaturised everything. He had allowed himself to be captured by the Koine so he could gather the much needed intelligence, yet even he was aware that their technology could if applied correctly harm his kind so he had been careful in not drawing attention to anything beyond the ordinary WRAPs abilities, only fighting and refusing to give in.

As he approached Willows home, he was aware of the Light Warriors guarding her family and she had been returned to her husband’s side, incredibly it was Jasper who on sensing his presence spoke.

“I sense you are not of our kind yet mother trusts you, and I can still sense her presence upon you, yet you approach unseen, why,” he said. Coarrine stopped walking and looked at the now young man before him. “Jasper is that truly you, the last time your mother showed me your photo you were only seven years old.” He paused and then continued talking, “Now a young man stands before me and you can sense my presence when even the high light warrior is unaware of my presence.”

Jasper smiled, “I know whom you are and why you are here, yet you have still not answered my question,” he replied. Coarrine materialised by his side, and Jasper never even flinched,

“I know you are not here to offer harm, otherwise I would not have permitted your entry, allow me to escort you past the guards” he said. Coarrine looked in utter surprise. For the very first time Willow and her husband Steve heard their son speak into their minds, and inform them he was bringing to them a messenger an emissary from another dimension.

As he calmly walked to his bewildered parents he had already spoken calming their fears, “I have had these abilities from before you birthed me mother, only the Light Lords ordered me even then to not reveal them, and to learn by their guidance until such a time as I knew I would be needed.”

The startled parents were in shock yet understood the importance of the life form been presented to them by their son.

They received him and started negotiations finding it difficult to accept that such a race of beings could live so close and unseen to them, and whose abilities by far outnumbered their knowledge, and that they were offering assistance on the condition their world and dimension remained undisclosed other than to them only.

It was then Jasper gave them yet another unexpected surprise. “Mother it is I who must return to their home world and not only them but to all life forms within the multitude of dimensions between us and the core world,” he said.

Steve looked at his son, “My son are you referring to the legion of the creators, I tried and they do not exist, at least as far as I could tell or gain knowledge of them other than fairy tale existence from ancient documents discovered on other worlds.”

Jasper smiled, “Yes father but not as you imagine the true creators are beyond even my knowledge or reach, but unknown to you the Light Lords were created as overseers to what I could best describe as bubble dimensions which in themselves hold trillions of galaxies, and from which these invading Koine warriors originate from a neighbouring bubble galaxy which they had conquered and discovered a breach from a black hole causing a colliding of galaxies and creating a natural rift, and these rifts form in most bubble galaxies,” he said.

He paused allowing his parent’s time to accept this sudden realisation that their son was gifted beyond even their wildest of imaginations and an emissary to the Light Lords. “I have been chosen to lead the bonding of world and dimensions into defending themselves against this invasion, by ourselves we will all die, no longer exist and tip the balance of order as the Koine did within their own bubble galaxy, and eventually destroy all of their food supply and forced them into searching further and further.

The few Septillions who left their bubble galaxy found ours and started invading, however it was so designed that uninhabited galaxies remained so we could in time expand, however the Koine though there was no further life and hibernated in what to their kind was an eternal sleep allowing the prisoners upon their chosen colonised worlds to reproduce and once again become increased in numbers to sustain them.”

Willow and Steve listened in shock realisation that there was yet another bubble galaxy and that it contained even greater numbers possibly within the Centillions and that was a number beyond even their grasp. They were facing a possible Septillion number in warriors and finding it difficult to defend against, the realisation their numbers was yet even greater and beyond possibly the Centillions mark was beyond their true comprehension, and forced them to face the realisation that the Light Lords had been preparing for this invasion aware that only total unity of worlds and dimensions could stand any chance of defeating these parasitic life forms.

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