Galactic Wars

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What if there were more Galaxies to discover more worlds to find? Would That be good or bad? Imagine two galaxies going head to head in war. Imagine a government creating hybrid humans to keep their population alive. This is what an 18 year old female named Aria has to face. Where the government rules the royal family. Where two galaxies are at war. Where Aria is in the middle of it faced with the unknown //Cover Made By @Love_Me_Hopeless from Wattpad//

Scifi / Fantasy
Lexi Delano
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What if there were more worlds filled with people? What if the world's that had people was in an undiscovered galaxy? But what happens when there's another unknown galaxy filled with people detected close by to the first of many undiscovered galaxies yet to be found?

Do they make contact? Do they leave that undiscovered galaxy alone? What about they start a war? Is is a basic one? Or is it tragic? A tragedy so bad that the two galaxies had to combine by one world moving to the other world?

Do they live in peace and harmony? Or they they continue the war until there's nothing left of both worlds? What happens then?

Do both uninhabited world's die because there is no humans to take care of it? Or do they just blossom and reboot the human race and then both worlds just leave each other alone? Or will they start the wars again?

Image this happening over and over again. I wouldn't. I'd just think of something else. Something more pleasant and calming

My world is involved in a Galactic War. And this is just the beginning. We haven't died yet and have been rebooted. We haven't had to combine with the other world. We just keep fighting.

The fighting is so bad that the government has made hybrid humans just to keep the population alive. The royal family isn't happy with that but they learned to live with it.

My name is Aria and this is my story.

This story is truly shocking. But its a story worth telling.

Are you going to listen?

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