Vampire -An Act of War

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Humanity face extinction, however, three teenagers have come of age & return to defend humanity only this story has an unexpected twist.......... Nathaniel fought to free his mind of the controlling influence, he loved those whom he had aligned himself with, yet he was helpless to communicate his plight, as the vampiric spirit within, held him in full control, he could not even end his own life, as he knew the spirit would then simply find another, he resolved before his children were even born, to fight back, and try to find a way ridding not only himself, but this world, of this malevolent spirit. Only now he feared that he had lost the battle, that was until his son Joshurlec, spoke to him telepathically.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter One.




An Act of Love in War.

By John R. A. Smith.


Short Story - challenge to six chapters or less.

The government tried to tell us Vampires do not exist, and that monsters were not real, they were the real monsters, in trying to hide from us the truth which they knew about. We later even learnt, that there was collusion with supposed mythical creatures, known as Fay, and whom had been living on our planet millions of years before humans as we know they even existed.

Now we face mass extinction, true humans are almost gone, all that exists now are clones and cross bred bio-genetic transgenic creatures, who appear to be human, heck even the insect life, birds, dogs, cats, rats, mice and just about every conceivable nightmare of a life form, has been bio genetically changed.

Why! Simply because our leaders failed, they thought we humans could not handle the truth, they feared mass rioting and loss of control, well now they have lost everything, as life as we once knew it no longer exists. Real monsters and vampiric creatures of unimaginable power have taken rule over the planet, and those few whom fight back, are unsure if they can ever win back, our precious home world.

Joshurlec, Elizijonn and Mirelick, the children born to Justine and Nathaniel, were growing rapidly, the angels had taken overall responsibility for their collective protection and education. And now they were becoming accustomed to their new powers and inherent abilities, to transform into other creatures, read minds and under angelic tutorage, acquire the wisdom needed in how to utilise these to their fullest advantages.

Elizijonn and Mirelick, were both sisters to Joshurlec, and slightly older by mere minutes, all were incredibly identical triplets with the one exception, Joshurlec had been born male, yet they shared 99.99% identical XYZ-DNA, a unique molecular genetic strand of coding beyond that of an atomic level, even that of quarks, and which are only found within higher angelic life forms.

Their ability to absorb knowledge was beyond expectations, and considering their human origin, although now less than one fifth of the original parental gene, their appearance was that of any normal human teenager. They were not especially good looking, nor was they’re visually anything that would particularly set them apart from other humans of their age. Only that was, until they revealed their true aura.

Then their bodies shimmered a brilliant aura of light and which encased their forms, and it was then you saw these were not human, and something different, far greater, stronger and angelic looking. As it was, they had been taught from an early age to hide their true aura, and to blend into society, it was for this reason, that if they materialised within a crowded high street upon earth, or a college campus. Others could walk by them, and not realising they were even anything special.

In addition, each of them knew the others thoughts and they could manipulate their genetic structure with such fluidity, that a change of form could take place quicker than a blink of an eye. Civilization had started to recover from the war with the vampires, and societies from across the world were starting to rebuild and continue with everyday life. Only there had become a heightened awareness for anything out of the ordinary, people had become nervous, no more were they so complacent and trusting, and it took time for trust and friendships to build.

Digitalised biogenetic transgenic cloned humans, were created to operate security upon all public and private facilities, were humans gathered. Universities and college campuses, schools, places of work, shopping centres and just about everywhere where humans congregated, a DBTCH (Digital-biogenetic-transgenic-cloned-human) could be found.

These had been created to fight against the vampires, until help could arrive, and to recognise bio-genetic signatures, testing the essence of all whom congregated or walked through their designated areas of responsibility. Their bio-genetic noses could sense over a million times greater than the old blood hounds that law enforcement once used, and their minds were constantly linked to others of their kind, and observing continually 24/7, all that was going on around them.

In addition, they were interlinked to a master Bio genetic organic surveillance computer, who operated CCTV in almost every conceivable public location, and aerial drones which mimic flying insects and birds, and these constantly reported and recorded everything they saw and sensed in a variety of light spectrums.

It was from within this environment that the angelic teenagers were to undergo their next lessons, it was important that they learnt to interact normally with humans, and to blend in, so that the bio-genetic organic computers could not detect there been anything out of the ordinary or normal spectrum of its programmed abilities.

Nathaniel and Justine walked side by side, this was the first day their children had been returned to them since the angels had taken them away many years earlier. Justine holding Nathaniel’s hand, sat on a bench watching the various students going around their daily business.

They knew not what their children looked like, only that Rosemary and Dawn would be meeting them, and introducing them to the children, now Nathaniel looked sideward as he heard voices, Rosemary and Dawn were approaching, but around and with them were at least twenty various teenagers.

Justine knew that Rosemary taught here once a week, and that her unique herbal skills and Fay abilities attracted many students to her class. Now Justine and Nathaniel knew not which of these students were their off spring, even with their Fay gifts they could not separate the various minds, as all appeared human, and with no special abilities.

Some twenty paces to their left, a group of physically fit and handsome male students, who were tormenting a younger weaker looking teenager. His thick glasses had been broken and lay crushed under foot, and his college books lay scattered upon the floor. “Dork…, come on dork, show us how clever you are now.”

Nathaniel stood up and walked over to the group of young adults. “Enough, shame upon you, do you want me to have your membership here terminated,” they looked at him and jeered. “Who are you, old man to tell us what to do.” Rosemary walked up to Nathaniel’s side and placed a hand upon his arm. “I am an old woman, and a tutor here, yet I could inflict more pain upon you and your bitches, than you could ever imagine.”

They laughed, each was comfortable in their popularity, they were key members of the universities football team, and they were aware they were almost untouchable. Suddenly the leader of this group gripped his head and screamed, “The pain, the pain…, and then he lowered his hands and started laughing. “Do your best old witch, beat us with your herbal remedies and folk law.”

Rosemary just smiled, “Your kind never listen or learn, you believe falsely in your immortality, in that this fine university would be brought to its knees if you could no longer play football.”

“Old witch, go away and die,” called out one of the group members.

The student whom they had been tormenting was pushed to the ground, and rosemary’s eyes widened in anger. “Enough!” she shouted. Suddenly time appeared to have stopped and all but Rosemary, Dawn, Nathaniel, Justine, and the student whom had been tormented were frozen in time.

Nathaniel walked over and took the students hand and assisted him back up from the ground, Justine picked up the student’s books and broken glasses, “Here take these and go now, we have some business to finish with these young adults. The student looked around him, trying to understand what had just happened, he gathered his books and various belongings and parted quickly.

Rosemary, Dawn, Nathaniel and Justine, turned to face the tormenting young adults, and took their revenge. As time was replaced there was a scream, and then laughter. The various students ran forward taking out their phones and photographing the sight before them.

Nathaniel and Justine were sitting back upon the bench, and Rosemary stood before them. “Thank you, those young idiots will never learn, still now they will think twice before they take on an old witch,” she said laughing. “I apologise but there has been a slight delay in bringing your siblings here, but I have been told they will be here soon, apparently we are now to meet them in the canteen,” said Rosemary

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