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Vampire -An Act of War

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Chapter Two.

As they moved away from the crowded area, they left the loud mouthed football team jocks, naked and tied in a circle, and humiliated, with socks in their mouths, and pink lipstick on their naked bodies, with the words written on the group leader, DORK LOVER AND HIS BITCHES.

On their foreheads was written, I AM A DORK. The students around them were laughing, photos were taken, and soon Facebook and twitter were receiving thousands of hits, as word spread, and the humiliation of the students grew. The campus security arrived and broke up the laughing crowds, and then looked at the humiliated young adults.

By now Mr Wilson, the Dean of the campus had arrived, and he took charge, ordering the security to compile a CCTV report and bring it to his office. The humiliated students were released from their bindings and led by security to the dean’s office to explain to him the reason behind this unexpected situation. Dean Wilson sat quietly, looking through the video surveillance, an apparent dragonfly had quietly sat upon an overhanging tree, recording the entire episode, and behaviour of the students.

As Dean Wilson placed the iPad back upon his desk, he looked over at the embarrassed and angry students, “Explain to me, why I should not terminate your education here and now?”

The leader of the group Stephen Lesly Kingston, the son of a very prominent senator spoke first. “Outrages, you’re an old fart…, do you know who I am…, I could have your job before this day was out.”

Dean Winston smiled, “That you could, and yes, I am aware your dad is very powerful, however what do you think he would say when he learnt his son attacked a respected and much loved 93-year-old tutor, insulted her and led others into intimidating and bullying a vulnerable student.” Stephen had chosen that area, as he knew the CCTV cameras could not record what happened in the blind spot, but he had been unaware of the additional security measures in place, to protect the students and staff.

He laughed, “Prove it old man, we were the ones whom were attacked, that old witch is evil and dangerous.’ “Dangerous you say, is a strong group of healthy young men, not able to defend themselves against one single frail 93-year-old tutor.” Stephens eyes raised in anger. But just then there was a knock upon the door, and Dean Wilson said come in.

Stephens eyes widened as he saw his father the Senator, enter the room, and escorting Rosemary, who was holding his arm. “Dean Wilson please accept my most sincere apologies, Rosemary here has been explaining to me what happened, we are old friends, and when I was a student here, she taught me and then my wife to be, we became the best of friends.”

Dean Wilson smiled, “Julian…, it’s been far too long since we last spoke, how are you and Sandra…?” Julian, Stephens father shook the Deans hand, and sat down after he had pulled up a chair for Rosemary, and he then took a side glance at his son, and the anger in his eyes expressed his feelings.

Dean Winston lifted a remote and a screen extended from the ceiling, and a concealed computer started streaming the recorded events of the day, including the extremely disrespectful remarks made to the Dean in his office. Stephen and his friends sat in stunned silence, still without clothing and now realising they were totally outsmarted.

Time stopped within the office and Rosemary turned and faced the embarrassed students, whom for whatever reason, could not understand what was going on. As the Dean and the Senator sat apparently frozen in time, Rosemary spoke. “Well you did invite me to do my worst, but that would have been over kill, as it was you will not live this down for many years.”

Stephen had taken about as much humiliation as he could, and flung himself from the chair to attack Rosemary, suddenly his blood turned cold as out of almost thin air, and from behind Rosemary, appeared a five-metre-tall Werewolf, with saliva dripping from its huge teeth as it walked up to Rosemarie’s side.

With one extended arm it caught the angry student in mid-air and drew it next to its long-extended snarling snout. “O silly me…,” said Rosemary, “I forgot to introduce you to my friend here, he is kind of protective of me, and becomes most upset if anyone tries to harm me.”

The Werewolf threw Stephen before his father’s feet and merged into the background as Rosemary re-started time and screamed, taking hold of the Senators arm, and looking as if she was scared. The Senator looked in disbelief at his naked son sprawled upon the floor, and as he started crawling backwards, and pointing apparently towards Rosemary. “She’s a monster,’ he screamed, and Stephen and the others backed themselves into a corner quivering in utter fear.

The senator looked at his son and then back to the Dean and Rosemary, “Truly I apologise, it is evident my son and his friends are unwell, and possibly need psychiatric help, I will have my son removed from your campus immediately Dean, and please accept my sincerest apologies for his behaviour, it is quite evident to me, he is unwell.”

As the senator stood up with his back towards Rosemary, she smiled looking directly into the eyes of the young adults upon the floor, and just for a few seconds, her eyes changed shape and colour, and the young men screamed in utter fear.

Nathaniel and Justine were introduced to their siblings, it was strange as the last time they had been in physical contact was when they were babies in arms, and now they were grown young adults in their own right.

Nathaniel looked at the three before him, and he thought that the vamperic spirit within him, waited with baited anticipation to traverse into one of them to reach its long-awaited goal. He had been aware of the spirits possession, but had not been able to warn anyone, for fear of it killing them, so his love for his partner and children, had forced him to bide his time, and wait, praying that one day someone or something by far more divine and powerful than he, would come to his rescue.

As Joshurlec, Elizijonn and Mirelick, saw their parents they smiled and then ran forward hugging their mother first, and then their beloved father. Nathaniel had tried to warn them, but something prevented him, and he felt like a helpless puppet unable to act upon his own.

Mirelick acted as the group spokesperson, “We have waited so long for this day, although you could not see us, from where we were in the higher heavens, we constantly looked out and saw you both daily, and read your thoughts and knew just how much you loved us.”

Justine wiped away tears of joy from her eyes, and Nathaniel hugged his children. “We have missed you so much, but then I guess you know that, and as you will know we have been kind of busy trying to save the human race and well, oh heck…, it’s so good to finally be with you again.”

The three siblings laughed and smiled when Rosemary once more joined them. “Aunt Rose…, over here,” called out Joshurlec, as he saw Rosemary making her way through the throng of hungry students. They greeted, and then sat down and talked.

The students were still giggling and talking about the incident with the members of the football team, and sharing phone photos, and an occasional side glance at Rosemary and Nathaniel.

“Have we missed something of importance,” enquired Elizijonn, Justine looked at her daughter, “Nothing of great importance, only Rosemary battling a group of hard-nosed, stupid, and ultra-stubborn idiots, who thought themselves untouchable.” The siblings looked at Rosemary as she opened her mind to them, and they saw for themselves all that had transpired.

Elizijonn and Mirelick, giggled and put a hand each to their mouths, smiling, while Joshurlec, just nodded his head, “Such thugs deserve far worst, I can’t tolerate such overbearing stupidity, to pick upon a weaker person is wrong, to humiliate them, just so it makes one appear strong, is an illusion, and had I been here, then they would not have escaped so lightly.”

It was very evident that Joshurlec took a very dim view of anyone whom enforced their will upon the vulnerable, especially those who were not as gifted or fortunate as others.

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