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Vampire -An Act of War

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Chapter Three.

The Amazon basin still held almost countless miles of unchartered sub-terrain caverns and tunnels, of which the humans had not yet even become aware of. Within lay various life forms long thought extinct to our planet, and of which only tribal pottery now in various museums hinted once existed, but were thought by many as mythological shamanistic dreams, or depictions of the Sharman’s spirit quest.

Some incredibly showed dinosaurs, which according to history were dead thousands upon thousands of years, before humans walked the earth. Yet clearly these tribes had seen them, otherwise they would not have been able to create accurate images upon their pottery, and as found in ancient burial sites.

Most depicted tribal members hunting huge monstrous dinosaur type creatures, and even the occasional carbon dated cave paintings were discovered, verifying the tribe’s claims that these creatures once existed in their timeframe. Only now they were thought extinct, not realising many of the aquatic species had found refuge deep underground.

Human military and Fay teams, under the direct control of the SPMC, (Special Police of Magical Creatures), had sought to verify the site was fully clear of any of the vamperic infestation, and this agonisingly included insectoids and bats, fish, spiders, and the kind of creepy crawlies that could give a person nightmares.

It had taken almost a year to fully clear the collapsed caverns, and to terminate any remaining discovered vamperic life forms. Yet unknown to even Gordelus and Alectof, lay yet another undiscovered meteorite casing, protecting the precious cargo from within.

As the meteorite shower had hit the encampment all those hundreds of years earlier, a secondary shower had fallen some twenty point three miles away, and this particular encased materiel, had hit directly into the heart of the Amazon River, and over time with flooding it had migrated until it accidently found a deep sink hole, and where it descended and found rest within the sediment.

Only the sudden onslaught of intense heat from millions of years of travelling through space, and entering into the earth’s atmosphere, had caused the casing to crack when it hit the cold waters, and in time the contents started to be fed upon by smaller aquatic life forms, who were themselves then fed upon by larger predators, and the upward spiral continued, until it reached the top of the food chain.

There various creatures fought for supremacy, and those whom held a level of intelligence had gained unique abilities, and which gave them more than an edge, and it was these whom started evolving; and which in time, was to become a direct threat, to human kind.

The various teams encamped within the jungle, had sought food locally from the river and its tributaries, only now they were unaware that they were consuming contaminated food, and which in time would start to change their own genetic structures.

Although at this time it was unknown to the Fay and the human race, they were about to face yet another demonic type war, only this time, having adapted and acquired unexpected but beneficial genetic abilities. As the teams underground, became aware that there was a serious problem, they themselves suddenly found that their abilities to defend themselves were restricted.

The Fay who had thought they could simply teleport themselves into the Fay dimension, found their abilities blocked, and huge monstrous aquatic dinosaur type creatures which had accustomed themselves to living in such an environment, took advantage and tore into the unprepared, and unsuspecting humans and Fay. To make it worst, those whom they had only days ago regarded as friends, turned against them, having now found themselves under the mind control of Alectof.

His spirit had made its way back to the Amazon Basin, where he sensed yet another of his kind, and although he could not tell from where it lay hidden, he knew it was nearby. And even Alectof was surprised at what he had later discovered, and the powerful ancient life forms which once ruled this planet. He saw the advantage of having such an army, and of distracting the humans and fay, until Gordelus and Nathaniel were able to find that which they sought.

Rosemary only became aware that something was wrong, when the SPMC team had failed to report back to Head Office, and a separate team sent to investigate, had themselves failed to return. Looking over to Nathaniel and Justine, they entered shadow space but remained between dimensions.

From there they observed all that was going on, and at first glance all appeared in order, until Justine became aware that huge fifteen metre crocodilian type creatures were swimming within the darkened Cavens, and some had even found their way onto the jungles floor.

Once more insects which fed from the partial remains of the dead, found themselves evolving, and the spiral once more started upwards, as birds, bats and higher life forms, in turn fed off these. Within days after the initial turning of the humans and Fay, the Amazon basin had started to become off limits, and the mighty river eventually found its way into the sea.

This in turn, increased the growth of this virulent strain of the virus, and before long the population of earth, once more faced the threat of extinction for the human species, and a catalectic extinction, of other life forms.

Rosemary still been in charge of the SPMC, looked at the other heads of their respective departments, “We have another infestation, only this time I feel we have an even greater battle to face. King Oberon has declared higher Fay off limits until the population of earth and lower Fay rid themselves of this dreaded viral infection.” There was silence as the realisation dawned upon the SPMC leaders, that this was one battle that we could no longer rely on the full support of the Royal family.

It was not that King Oberon had abandoned Rosemary and the humans, far from it, he had allocated an army of higher Fay to Rosemarie’s care, and they were incredibly brave and valuable warriors. However, the king had a duty to protect his kingdom and millions of higher Fay depended upon him for their safety.

The king was aware that the vamperic spirit of Alectof still remained, and he had almost succeeded once before, his plans were thwarted, now he had received reports of additional vamperic life, which was once more infecting planet earth.

Creatures of the likes the earth had not seen in thousands of years, were now once more walking upon the surface of earth, only now they held an intelligence gained from the vampires and that which Alectof had gained, these were no longer simple minded pre-historic life forms, but highly intellectual creatures which had the ability of traversing at will, into the kingdom of lower Fay.

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