A..I.M. Episode 1: Silent Beauty

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Chapter 1

The world is truly a lonely place when you are one without peers. One who has become what no one dreams of because their imaginations haven't even absorbed the pseudo-scientific proof provided by a well written, yet canceled, sci-fi television show with a cult following. The being on the tip of their minds that can't quite be reeled in. The firefly you'd like to fillet when caught and pass around the industry to cook up new life in the genre. It'd be tough being that thing. Such a thing might have a strange concept of entertainment.

"Andrea Igloo Martian no, no Allison Ida Massachusetts."

"What? Please shut up. We're paid to monitor her activity not decipher A.I.M. We show up, observe, document, leave and get paid. The acronym could be Amos Ignatius Muttonchops. Who cares?"

"I see what you did there. Famous Amos, Ignatius of Antioch and... Liev Schrieber's Sabre Tooth. You're a religious dude with a sweet tooth and wicked facial hair. Got it. But that's not it."

"Shut up! A.I.M.'s purpose is not our business. We're monitors. We watch and report. That is all we do, Simmons. Got it?"

"Sure man. That's all we do...Holden..."

"We're on a last name basis. If I'm not addressed as Matthews we don't communicate."

Simmons leaps from his chair and spins Matthew's chair around to the main monitor. Matthews has had enough of the sophomoric shenanigans and stands up swiftly. He rolls up the sleeves of his lab coat and readies himself to physically address his annoyance to Simmons. Just as he cocks his fist back to swing she spoke.

"Good evening gentlemen."

Now that both men are completely transfixed on the enormous screen the woman speaks again. Holden Matthews and Jacob Simmons never again question the meaning of A.I.M.

"You've been monitoring my activity for the last six months and assumed that there is no audio. You've been intrigued by the silent movie that has been my existence. You've dedicated a year of your lives to science before entering illustrious universities, dedicated to making the world their laboratory and the people their guinea pigs."

The soliloquy wasn't the highlight of this unexpected occurrence. Neither young man could move no matter how hard either tried. While listening to "Silent Beauty", as they called her, speak they'd been shackled to the floor by machines that fittingly made no sound at all.

"What happens next will be short and rather pleasurable. Before I undress you'll each have a chance to express how this situation has impacted your psyche in the last five minutes."

Holden speaks first.

"I was made to believe I was here to monitor the progress of a woman who's been suffering from Capgras syndrome. To report any growth in memory of her loved ones. Provide visual stimuli, observe, study, get my stipend, go home and repeat for a year's time. And now I'm shackled. As an educated, passionate Black man this is ethically unacceptable. Why am I shackled? And why are you undressing?"

The blonde woman smiles, showing no teeth, steps from the camera and slowly begins to undo the belt on her satin, floral patterned robe.

"Mr. Simmons, do you find your foot restraints to be a hindrance? Would my naked body offend you?"

Jacob grins. He is drooling from the left side of his mouth. Though his hands are completely free he doesn't attempt to wipe the drool from his cheek. He appears completely overtaken by the physical appearance of the woman and intrigued by the fact that she is communicating with them.

"Well... I watch a lot of bondage porn. It's a turn on. I also watch a lot of solo masturbation scenes standing up if you can believe that. Totally not gay but I've got no probs choking the chicken near another dude. That's just me though."

Matthews looks to his right and makes a face at his still drooling lab partner who hasn't taken his eyes off of the woman on the screen. The face is a cross between I hate your guts so much more now and you are the most disgusting thing I've encountered in my entire life. Pledging to abstain from even masturbation the day after graduation until he was in a committed relationship he decided it would be best to stare into the snatch of temptation and ignore his unbelievably gross lab partner who was now fondling his own genitalia ready for whatever Silent Beauty had planned for the evening. With only two hours remaining in the shift he hoped he'd have to endure the discomfort for two more hours. He decided then and there that A.I.M.'s scholarship wasn't worth this undignified display of hedonism. He wouldn't let unethical science take precedence over his beliefs. He scowled and looked on.

"I thank you both for your undivided attention. Your contributions to A.I.M. will not go unappreciated. This is a promise."

The woman opens the robe and it drops to the floor. Her perfectly symmetrical breasts, well oiled skin and piercing gaze has severed both young men from the world of rational thought. The humidifier sprays a scent neither of them has smelled before. It is her scent. All aspects of attraction have been imposed upon them. Holden Matthews tries his best to withstand the pressures of desire. They're intense and the sweat on his forehead shows that he is nearing his breaking point. The woman walks out of the room. A butt more perfect than any Jacob Simmons had seen in the vast cornucopia of adult films.

"Awww come on. Mister Happy is ready to be stroked and shot. Come back Elsa, Goddess of Erotic Enchantment!!! "

The visual changes. The woman is now in the bedroom they've both seen her go into several times before, clothed. The woman lays down on the bed, spreads her legs and begins masturbating. Both young men now have erections. Their bodyies commanding them to spew the seed of life and ignore what other logic implores them to save it for a time when procreation is the motive.

She moans in ecstasy. Touching herself. Pelvis jerking upward occasionally. She appears to be beyond containing herself. Jacob has no intention of slowing his pace and talks to himself as he gasps over and over. He has approached his climax. Holden has no intention of looking in that direction and does not notice the small container rise from the floor, fast and silent, to collect all of the sperm Jacob releases.

Still not conscious of anything out of the ordinary Jacob wipes the sweat from his head and looks on.

"Captain Simmons'll be back in action very soon, babe. Five minutes tops."

"Holden, look at me. HOLDEN!!! I want you so bad. Touch it for me. Do it. For me."

Jacob looks at the screen, " I'll do it for you. Who needs that loser?"

"Holden, if you let that blubbering mass of pig fat think it's him I want then I don't know if I can forgive you."

Though at first confused that only he can hear the voice this time around Holden can see an uninterrupted Jacob who is now back at it in his peripheral. It's the ear piece that each lab worker must wear just in case HQ has any direct orders. She's speaking directly to Holden through his ear piece. Though Jacob should be fully aware that the audio is no longer coming through the main speakers he's lost in an exotic fantasy. The logical part of his brain proverbially Frozen. Holden does not want to give in but with her scent still afloat and her voice now penetrating his ear canal he can't help but unzip his pants and give a single tug that prevents the involuntary ejaculation into his pants.

"I knew you wanted me Holden."

Holden stands with his head in his hands full of shame and anger. He feels like he shouldn't have been tempted. He no longer feels worthy of being called a warrior for righteousness. Jacob is nearing exhaustion and begins to stop pleasuring himself, turning to his shamed lab partner and fixing his gaze upon his member.

"Dude, once again, I'm totally not gay but it really is true. Didn't want to look but I kinda had to. Sorry bro."

Holden quickly covers himself and zips his pants. Shaking his at Jacob, looking angrily at the ceiling. She speaks once again.

"Boys, phase one of this operation is complete. What you'll witness now I must warn you isn't for the feint of heart. Let logic and your love of science guide you towards the unveiling of evolution. Look down. What do you see?"

She's so calm. The erotic tone in her voice has disappeared. From seduction to Siri with no effort. Holden's shame and disappointed were now secondary feelings. His suspicion had grown. What was really going on here?

"There's nothing there. What should we see?"

"Spunk dude. There's no spunk. I've done this several times, Holden. There's usually a glob of semen right after you you know..."

"I'm well aware that sexual stimulation produces semen Simmons."

"You are? Well...uh..where's ours buddy? Where oh where has our seeeeeeemen gone? Where oh where could it beeeeee?"

"Precisely Jacob. You both produced good amounts of semen. Which is great because not only does it show that you both are relatively healthy young men. It's also great that I'm currently ovulating. Fasten your pants Jacob. You two should have a seat."

The pressure of the restraints disappears. Both young men have been released. They sit down in their chairs, looking towards the laboratory door which locks itself loudly. Holden and Jacob are however more interested than afraid at this point. They sit down and look at the screen. The woman is now wearing a hospital gown and stands in a room resembling any General Practitioner's office. She seats herself on a chair that forces her legs to raise and knees to bend exposing her vagina. A machine makes its way over to the woman and lowers a mechanical arm containing a syringe. The arm and syringe rest in front of the woman's vagina.

"As you may have guessed Jacob. The semen released by you and the very reluctant Mr. Matthews has been collected and put into syringes. As I've told you I am ovulating. Jacob you're first. I am going to be impregnated with your offspring."

"Potential offspring.(He chuckles nervously) I don't believe life begins at conception. I'm a if it hasn't cried it hasn't died kind of guy. And no ma'am I did not guess this. Not at all."

Jacob chuckles again then looks at Holden who is ignoring the idiotic comment about being pro-choice.

"You'll artificially inseminate yourself. Become pregnant and then what? We're only here for a year then we're leaving for college. How is it evolutionary to have collected our sperm secretly and then used it to make yourself pregnant. I don't understand what you're getting at."

"You Holden, though you at least tried, won't understand what's taking place because at this point you're meant to be a spectator not an analyst. You're under the contemporary impression that it takes around nine months before a healthy delivery is possible. As I said you're here to witness evolution."

To the machine, "Proceed."

The machine inserts the fluid into the woman's vagina.

"90 minutes and you'll be a father(she looks at the tube that contained the sperm) Jacob."

The woman stands and walks to the bathroom. She showers for fifteen minutes. Jacob's demeanor has changed. He's finally elected to put his thinking cap. His thoughts aren't staggeringly profound but he is thinking about the situation.

"Why would A.I.M. select us for this project? Yeah, we're young, "healthy" guys but so what. There are millions of guys meeting that description all around the country. What's their real agenda, Holden? I hope you got a clue because honestly I've got nothin, man"

"That doesn't really matter. In an about fifteen minutes she'll likely be what we would recognize as three months pregnant. After an hour, six months and finally at the ninety minute mark she'll appear full term. How this is happening is beyond our understanding. It's happening though. Why it's happening, I don't know. Let's just watch."

The minutes fly by and like Holden assumed her belly grows as times passes. She walks around, makes a healthy snack, reads magazines and lays down to watch television. Her entire pregnancy has been condensed into the average running time of any given feature length film.

Ninety minutes have passed. The woman walks into a room they've never seen before. She takes off her clothes, revealing a fully pregnant belly and steps into a children's blow up pool. The pool is translucent. She gets down on her knees and begins breathing heavily. Finally she lets out a guttural yell and breathes heavily in,out,in,out,in,out until finally a dark red fluid fills the space around her. She reaches down and pulls out a wailing pale baby. Both Holden and Jacob are on their feet and in awe at what they've witnessed. A woman's artificial insemination and her child's birth taking place with in hours of each other. It was incredibly amazing yet very, very strange. Extremely scary. Why would an over populated planet need women to be able to give birth faster? That was the antithesis of population control. What was A.I.M. trying to do?

"Jacob, this is our offspring. I suppose it would be customary for the father to cut the umbilical cord. As you playfully put it however my dear Jacob...it's cried and now it can die."

She drops the baby to the floor and steps out of the pool. Both Holden and Jacob are screaming at her to pick the baby up. Telling her not to hurt the child. Her face is expressionless.The umbilical cord hangs from her vagina like an insignificant appendage. She lifts her right foot and quickly puts it down with force, crushing the baby's head instantly. She walks to a table behind the pool dragging the corpse of the newborn, painting a streak of crimson now indelible in the minds of Holden and Jacob. She puts her right leg upon the small table, grabs a pair of surgical scissors laying on the table equipped with everything you'd find in an OR and cuts the umbilical cord.

"I can't believe she did that. You killed my baby you...Bitch!!!"

"I've become pregnant, given birth, taken life in a matter of hours. I am the evolution of mankind. Women are trees bearing strange fruit. You are apart of a herd of sperm carriers...


Holden snatches the earpiece from his ear as he stares at the screen in shock and in awe.

"It appears I've said too much. What has just appeared in front of you are two non disclosure agreements. What you've witnessed should give you both proof that science not religion and superstition is the future of the world. Sign this and you'll receive full tuition, room and board at the universities you've chosen and those you may choose afterward to complete a doctorate program in whichever scientific sub field you choose. Choosely wisely. You can both be great additions to our community."

The screen goes black and Jacob is inconsolable. Wailing, sniffling and laying on the lab's floor in the fetal position. He formed an attachment in a matter of moments. Now that attachment has been taken from him. Holden can do nothing but look upon his lab partner in pity. He stares at Jacob then back at the contract on the desk. He's basically fornicated and witnessed murder. Not reporting the latter action goes against everything he believes. He cannot overlook such a heinous act. A baby's skull has been crushed before his eyes. An act commited by the devil; the devil that can surely fill out an extravagant blue dress. Satan is now spelled S-C-I-E-N-C-E.

It's unforgivable before the eyes of the father. This is how he should feel. However, a woman became pregnant and gave birth in a matter of hours. She cut her own umbilical cord and had enough energy to explain to them how men were quickly becoming the expandable members of the human race. She was not at all fatigued or affected by the murder she'd committed. She was nearly emotionless, almost completely rational. She was unlike any human he'd ever seen. Yet her rant was cut short. There was someone else calling the shots. There were too many questions swirling around in his mind. He questioned everything. This would take time and extreme precaution. Though he'd shamed himself before God he felt his God was one of forgiveness. He'd be forgiven in time. Why not get a doctorate on the house. Humanity was changing. He had a chance to be apart of it. No man was like the Jesus he thought he knew. He'd come across and would come across plenty of men who had the same aspirations as the Victor Frankenstein Mary Shelley imagined. She had her pulse on humanity's future when wrote about a man creating a being with no pulse at all.

"Holden, we've gotta tell the police. Holden, Holden!!! What are you thinking, man?"

"I'm thinking you need to dry your eyes. The world isn't as we once knew it. It's going to be different from now on. We've witnessed... evolution. Let's be apart of this... this brave new world."

"You're sick. Damn Jesus freak. I thought you all thought Adam had a pet Stegosaurus. Now you're riding the mad scientist bandwagon. How the mighty have fallen. Sheesh."

He sniffled and dried his eyes.

"I'm going to the police somehow. You can follow me or..."

Holden quickly crept up behind Jacob and put him in the sleeper hold.

"Or I can ki...terminate you and sign this non disclosure agreement. She gave life and she had to right to take it. The tales of Jesus were wondrous but we're on the precipice of greatness. I have to be apart of this. I'm sorry Jacob. I'll be forgiven."

One twist from the huge, athletic hands of Holden was all it took. Jacob's lifeless body crumpled onto the floor and the door to the laboratory was unlocked.

"Your future is a bright one Holden Matthews. Now you too are among the Ascended Incarnations of Mankind."

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