Sabina’s Quest to Open the Portal in the Sun Pyramid.

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Having secured the Zeto Crystal, Sabina must choose between love and duty. Sabina’s Quest to Open the Portal in The Sun Pyramid takes place straight after the ending of Sabina’s Pursuit of the Holy Grail. Mentally and physically scarred from her ordeal in Israel, Sabina finds solace in the handsome and empathetic Alexander McNeill, and she experiences romantic love for the first time. With the Zeto Crystal de-energised Sabina focuses on her relationship with Alex and raising funds for charity. Life is good for Sabina until one day when a new enemy emerges, which forces her to go to Mexico on the brink of civil war and face the difficult choice between love and duty.

Scifi / Adventure
Martin Lundqvist
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Chapter 0: Preface (Summary of Sabina’s pursuit for the Holy Grail)

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My name is Sabina Hines, and I am an 18-year-old woman, living in Sydney in the year 2037. I was born in the year 2019, and this is my second life. In my first life, in the 29th century, I was Sabina Eisenstein, The Chosen One, destined to prevent the vile Xeno Empress Rangda Kaliankan from enslaving and destroying the Milky Way Galaxy. I failed, and as I died, the True Maker allowed me to be reborn in the past, in the year 2019, to give me a second chance to set things right. The True Maker turned back the timeline so I could come back with a mission: To stop Rangda and save the future of humankind.

Being a reincarnation of The Chosen One, I have special abilities. Primarily, I am an empath, capable of reading and influencing the minds of others. I also have heightened intelligence and senses. Finally, The True Maker protects me, and I know my date of death: I will die on the 20th October 2131, 84 years from now.

A couple of months ago, just after I had turned 18, I narrowly escaped a rape attempt by the spoiled teenage brat Joshua Harkins, a self-entitled rich kid from my high school. I protected myself using my empath powers to turn Josh’s lust and arrogance into self-hatred and self-harm. While I escaped the rape ordeal unharmed, I was saddened over the physical and mental damage that I caused Joshua, who ended up in a psychiatric ward.

The ordeal made me realise that I had to pursue my purpose in life, the very reason I was born again. I needed to find the primordial Zeto Crystal and use it to limit humankind’s will to do evil deeds. I didn’t know where to start looking, but my intuition told me to go to Jerusalem, The Holy City. To prepare for the trip, I raised money by trading online shares and the financial markets, using my intuitive power of forecasting and heightened intelligence. Once I had enough money, I convinced my “dad” John to sponsor my visa application to Israel. I call John my “dad”, because he was not my biological father. My mother, Ellen Hines, had a short impromptu with Marvin Orchard, being under the influence of the True Maker, which resulted in my conception.

When I arrived in Israel, I realised that this was a dangerous location for an 18-year-old girl, fresh out of high school. Tensions and terrorism threats were high, and the border officer treated me with suspicion. Eventually, after a lengthy interrogation, I could enter the country, and I went to my hotel to get some sleep.

The day after, I visited the Western Wall, as my intuition told me to go there. At the Western Wall, I met the distressed and frustrated Yussuf, a 17-year old Palestinian man. I intuitively knew that he was a suicide bomber. I tried to influence him with my empath abilities to stop his desperate plan, but it was too late. Yussuf’s bomb-belt detonated, killing and maiming people around me. My connection with the True Maker saved me, as the bombs facing me did not explode, but the ones facing other directions did. Amid all this bloodshed and horrifying calamity, I ran back to the hotel to hide, and slowly made sense of everything. I took a shower to calm myself down.

Suddenly, police officers and Mossad agents stormed into my hotel room and arrested me. They accused me of being involved with the suicide bomber Yussuf. When I was interrogated at the police station, I used my empath powers to convince the Mossad agent Dov Dorevitch of my innocence, and he did something unexpected. Dov kidnapped me at gunpoint and drove me to a desolate location.

I thought I was safe, when Dov’s colleague Jakub Kluger found our hiding spot and killed Dov. Instead, Jakub exposed that Dov had tried to uncover a conspiracy within the Mossad. The conspiracy was looking for someone to blame for the terrorist attacks, as the Mossad themselves were secretly financing terrorism in Israel. Now that Jakub had killed Dov, he would frame me for Dov’s murder and the suicide bombing attack. I told Jakub to put his gun down, but he laughed it off and shot at me. I managed to avoid the shot due to my supernatural senses. Jakub prepared to shoot again, and this time I was saved when Jakub was hit by lightning from the raging thunderstorm. Jakub’s pistol had acted as a lightning rod and caused him to be hit by a lightning strike. I stole Dov’s car and drove away from the scene, leaving Jakub to die.

Having lost my possessions, I used Dov’s phone to connect to the Dark Net. I ordered a fake passport, a hiding spot, and other supplies. I entered a self-driving cab and arrived at the safehouse. The following day, a hacker girl around my age, delivered my secret shipment, without saying a word. Having secured my fake ID and devices, I resumed my search for the Zeto Crystal. A police officer intercepted me, but fortunately, my fake ID with the name of my mother in the 29th century, Keila Eisenstein, worked its magic and the police officer let me go.

While I was drinking tea at a coffee shop, three strange-looking men in robes arrived. The men turned out to be Templars, ancient knights of the Middle East. Their leader, Martin Al-Sham, showed me a mysterious glowing tattoo on his arm, and said that he had been searching for me for many years, believing that I was Keila Eisenstein. Did this man come from the future? How would he know about my mother’s name? There was a sudden raid on the coffee shop. I quickly took the chimney steps and hid in the ventilation shaft area. From my hiding spot, I saw the mysterious Mossad agent, Ben Yehuda, shooting Martin Al-Sham and the other Templars.

I escaped back to the safehouse and stayed hidden for the rest of the day. The following day, I returned to the coffee shop and I found out that the building had been demolished overnight. I spoke to the reluctant neighbour, and she revealed that the Templars had left with Ben Yehuda and that the murders were staged. The neighbour also gave me an ID card, which Ben Yehuda had dropped on the street. This confused me, but I remembered something. That Martin and Ben Yehuda spoke about the Templar Tunnels at the Solomon Temple, before Ben Yehuda shot Martin. I returned to the safehouse, and I contacted the mysterious hacker girl that delivered the items from the Dark Net, as I needed her help to investigate further.

The hacker girl arrived and revealed that her name was Simona Fischbein. She tried to seduce me, as she was a lesbian, but it just made me uncomfortable, as I am heterosexual. Simona’s seduction attempt made me think of my attraction to my classmate Alexander O’Neill, back in Sydney. I realised that I should pursue his smooth moves if I got out of this predicament alive.

I showed Simona, Ben Yehuda’s ID card, and she recognised him as the Mossad agent who had murdered her friend. She vowed to help me with my quest to foil the conspiracy that Ben Yehuda was part of: The Mossad was secretly terrorising Israel while pretending to be their protectors at the same time. I felt bitter-sweet in accepting Simona’s help as I sensed that she wouldn’t get out of this ordeal alive. However, I was following the True Maker’s plan.

We arrived at the Solomon Temple, and we realised that there was only one guard at the entrance. I couldn’t convince him to let us in, so I knocked him unconscious with a psionic blast.

Once we were in the tunnels, I realised that Ben Yehuda, Martin Al-Sham, and the other two Templars were also there. We snuck past them and reached a room full of strange alien symbols. I tried to decipher the code, but I failed, and I started haemorrhaging from overexerting my brain. Once I stopped thinking too hard, I let the True Maker and my intuition get hold of me. I closed my eyes and saw my future mother, Keila Eisenstein, decipher the alien code, in a glowing vision. The answer to unlocking the code was written on Martin Al-Sham’s tattoo on his forearm, and with my photographic memory, I was able to retrieve the secret code. Following the premonition, I revealed a secret passageway, and we entered a hidden chamber with the glowing primordial Zeto Crystal, beautiful elevated on a pedestal in the middle of the dark room. I walked towards the crystal, but before I reached it, I heard Ben Yehuda’s voice, and I turned around to see that the Templars and Ben Yehuda held Simona at gunpoint.

Confident of his victory, Ben Yehuda revealed his plan, to use the power of the Zeto Crystal to ethnically cleanse the Holy Land. Ben Yehuda was given the knowledge of this hidden artefact through Martin Al-Sham, who had the revelation from “Gods”, when he visited to the Cheops Pyramid, 19 years earlier. I realised that I had to stop him, so I leapt towards the pedestal, and grabbed the crystal mid-air, landing behind the pedestal. Seeing this, Ben Yehuda murdered Simona and ran up to me to shoot me. I clutched the Zeto Crystal to my chest, and the powers of the Zeto Crystal saved me from immediate death, leaving me with only superficial injuries.

I was saved when Martin Al-Sham switched sides. Martin shot Ben Yehuda and the other two Templars to save me. Martin revealed that he had never liked the Templars or Ben, but he had joined them as the Zetan “Gods” had told him, to find Keila Eisenstein, and to show her the tattoo on his arm. Martin was also tasked with protecting Keila. Joining the Templars was Martin’s best option to fulfil his pre-ordained destiny. He took me to a nearby safehouse, where he stitched up my wounds.

I explained to Martin, that my real name was Sabina Hines, not Keila Eisenstein. Martin Al-Sham revealed that he had seen my records at the Mossad. Apparently, my passport and personal belongings were kept at Ben Yehuda’s house. Martin helped me reclaim my possessions and clear my records. Unfortunately, Martin was shot during a shootout with Mossad operatives. I escaped the Mossad agents, and made my way to the airport. I left Israel, using my passport that I had found at Ben’s house.

As I came back to Sydney, I studied the transcendent power of the Zeto Crystal, and I realised that it was now dull. The crystal had lost its iridescent power, and it had become an unremarkable gemstone. I realised that my adventure had ended, and that I should pursue my teenage attraction for Alexander. This is where this part of my story will begin.

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