Armored Heroes Volume 1

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This story is about a teenage boy, who is trapped inside a alien robot war on planet Bascarver. A large spaceship exited the atmosphere of the seventh planet, known as Robotica. The ship was larger than any mountain. The vessel travels across the solar system towards Bascarver. The planet had nothing in the form of defensive capabilities. Endless warriors were dropped down across the world's surface and the hell truly has begun.

Scifi / Adventure
Zach Hughart
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Chapter 1

On the first planet of the main system of the Singlarr Galaxy, was an advanced race of people who named planet Bascarver. People were in a utopia for over one-thousand years. But one day that all changed that.

A large spaceship excited the atmosphere of the seventh planet, known as Robotica. The ship was larger than any mountain. The vessel travels across the solar system towards Bascarver. The planet had nothing in the form of defensive capabilities. Endless warriors were dropped down across the world’s surface and the hell truly has begun.

One day in a small farming community, several space pods could be seen falling from the sky. The peaceful people went into a panic and raced away into the countryside.

One family had no such opportunity as they were away on a road trip, so they were in the dark about what was going on. Yet they soon found out all too late.

A space pod hit the long hovercraft in the middle and the whole front of the vehicle was destroyed.

One bloodied boy comes running out of the craft in the vain attempt to get at his family in front of the vehicle. He is lost in his anger as he climbs towards the pod and it opens up to a damaged robot that is around seven feet tall. Its internal machinery was damaged and metal cables were trying to fix itself. Something strange happened.

The machine cables grab up the teenage boy up into the air and forced the boy inside it. The boy blacks out and he sees nothing in a dark void. He can’t feel his own body anymore.

He sees a large robot warrior that had the main color of red with some shades of blue and white on it as well. The machine was more humanoid in shape that the one who had attacked him. He leaves

the void to see the world through some other person’s eyes. The boy starts to get up and he finds that his body isn’t the same as before.

He speaks, “What’s wrong my body isn’t the same as before?”

It was like a young girl wearing her mother’s high heels. He stumbled around until he looks down on a storefront.

He spoke, “How I am up so high up in the air? This is crazy!”

The teenager tripped over something and fell through the roof of the general store. He was horrified by what he saw.

He was looking directly at a long mirror and he saw a reflection of the robot that he has seen within the void. He was the same robot that he had just saw.

The teen spoke, “What’s going on? Why am I looking like this?”

A machine-like voice spoke, “Droid, get your gears over here so that we can go to the next human town.”

He sees that it was an android that was three feet taller than him and a couple of hundred pounds heavier. The machine killer has an open speaker mouth that’s speaking all sorts of obscenities.

The two blue colored androids grab up the robotic boy and throw him into the back of a large air carrier. The rest of the bots get in, as the hovercraft takes off.

Fifteen minutes go by and the group remained in silence standing still in the airship’s hanger.

The teen thought, “What am I going to do? I am not going to do the killing that they are going to ask of me! I just won’t do it! But how am I going to do? I can’t beat over twenty-something killers!”

The hatch opened up and the androids ran out of the hanger with the teen in tow. Everybody, but

the lad landed as a cat lands with grace because he landed as he landed with a thud.

The purple droid spoke, “Big Red, get up and kill all the humans!”

The newly name boy droid remained frozen in time as he didn’t know what to do.

Something in him snapped and rushed towards the purple robot. But he was immediately stopped by the two blue droids from before.

The purple bot spoke, “This bot needs reprogramming badly, delete him immediately!”

Big Red spoke, “No!”

A yellow orb appeared from the leader robot’s chest.

Big Red and all the other three bots remain stationary as if they had all been turned off. The orb was made of some sort of energy that entered the body of the teenage robot. The power from the orb powered Big Red up so much that it destroyed the two robots beside him. They were just shells of the former selves.

The leader bot turned Grey as the life had left him behind. Big Red had been covered in yellow energy. The remaining robots left all the killing and raced over to the teen to see what was going on.

The droids were rumbling about the sight.

One bot spoke, “Its the glowing one!”

Another bot spoke, “We’ve got to delete before it can become complete!”

The remaining warriors all charge the boy and all have weapons loaded. Some kind of code comes from Big Red, “11100011001011001!”

The light shines from the teenage bot and the robot fighters were turned to ash. The light turned dark and Big Red stood silently.

A half a day goes by and the remaining villagers go on to check to see if the invaders had left for good.

A young preteen girl that was around four-feet tall and ninety pounds. She was a bright blonde hair that halfway down her back. She was wearing a sundress with only sandals on her feet.

Big red was motionless as the little girl climb him up. She was up by the android’s head when the boy came to.

The eyes of the robot light bright yellow and caused the girl to fall off his shoulder. Big Red acts in time and catches the girl in his arms.

He yells, “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you!”

Big Red was speaking in a mechanical version of his normal thirteen-year-old self.

The girl spoke while being held in his arms like a baby in its mother’s arms.

The girl spoke, “I am fine. Who are you?”

The boy spoke, “I don’t remember my real name but I know that I had been called Big Red.”

She spoke, My name is Venna! I hope that you aren’t like other bad robots.”

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