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Ethan Blake once again faces the horrors he witnessed eighteen years ago. This time however, his son is the one who is marked by cosmic evils. Eighteen years after an event that left General Ethan Blake and his wife Elena scarred mentally and physically, a new nightmare emerges to test the brink of their minds and bodies to their limits. Only this time it's different, their son Leon sits aboard the very ship they command for training and it's not so long before the newly restarted war with the old race of alien creatures named the Sekrid begins to bring back something dark that Ethan had thought was once buried forever. Both in Leon, and Ethan himself. War has begun, hearts and minds will be broken, revelations will be found, and Leon is going to discover the true nature of the heritage he's received.

Scifi / Horror
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Chapter 1


Chapter 1 - Ethan

“Alright Cadets, this is your standard automatic M53-carbine rifle with an optical sight. In the next months we will be learning how to fire and maintain these weapons. Would anyone like to be the first to fire it?” The commanding officer asks, holding the weapon.

A young man around eighteen years old steps forward with a smirk on his face. He’s tall, well built from physical training. His hair is a mixture of his mother’s and father’s and cut short to match Cadet Standard. A small streak of blood red goes from his bangs to the end of his hair line on the back of his head. He’s had it since he was a baby. He has the look of his mother and father.

I know this because he is my son. I’m General Ethan Blake, and my son is Leon. He is a cadet learning on mine and my wife, Elena’s ship.

The commanding officer sighs and continues to look around the room, desperate to find someone else.

“Is there anyone else?”

Leon looks around and gives a smile. “Sorry sir, doesn’t look like anyone else wants to do it,” he says.

The CO gives a disgusted look and reluctantly hand Leon the rifle. He steps up to the range stares down the sight of the gun, the dot on the scope painting the target he’s aiming at.

Okay Cadet Blake, make sure it’s firm against your shoulder, and when you feel comfortable, pull the trigger.

Leon aims down the sight, focusing on nothing but the target in front of him. He pulls the trigger and three rounds hit the center of the target.

“Good job Cadet, seems like we’ve found something you re good at finally. Would anyone else like to give it a try?” The CO asks.

Leon sees a secondary trigger just in front of the primary one. “Hmm...wonder what this does,” he says curiously. He smiles and then aims down the range, pulling the secondary trigger. A grenade flies out of the launcher, goes through the target and explodes after making contact with the wall. A hole ten feet in diameter is left where the wall used to be.

The commanding officer closes his eyes, sighs and grinds his teeth together. He slowly turns around and looks at Leon as if he’s going to kill him.


Leon looks at the ground biting his lip and fidgeting. “Um...yea I know where to go,” he says as he walks out of the firing range.

“God damn it, Leon...it’s a new way of destroying something every month. I don t know what to do with you,”

“Sorry Dad, I just...got curious that’s all,” Leon says to me, looking ashamed.

“Don’t give me that Leon, you know you can control yourself, you just choose not to. One of these days you’re gonna end up blowing this ship -which is mine and your mother’s - completely up. And you won’t get blamed for it, we will,”

“I’m sorry Dad...I...I’ll try to do better from now on,”

“You give me that same sentence every time you screw up, Leon, don t say it unless you mean it,”

“I do mean it this time, Dad,”

I give him an analyzing and stern look, then accept his words. “Alright Leon...but no more screw ups... you’re dismissed,” I say.

Leon shows an act of formality by saluting me, stepping back, and then doing an about face, making his way out my office. The weapons teacher then enters the room moments after him, his face beat red and anger projecting from his face.

“I want that bastard out of here right now!” he screams at me.

I look up at him through my glasses, stopping my work. “First of all, instructor...I am your commanding officer, you will not dare address me that way on my ship, in my office. Second, I am Leon’s father and if you ever call him a bastard again, and scream at me like that, I will have you Court Marshaled for misconduct as an officer, after I’m done fucking you up. So, I suggest you change your tone right quick instructor. Do we have agreement?” I say.

The instructor takes a deep breath and calms down. “Sorry sir, he just constantly misuses everything I teach him,”

“I understand that...but you know our federation cannot afford to lose Cadets due to the war starting back up. He said he would do better, and if he doesn’t, send him back to me so I can deal with him personally. He gets the same treatment as all other Cadets. I give him no quarrel.”

“Yes sir, I apologize for my behavior, sir, it will not happen again,”

“I would assume so instructor. You are dismissed,”

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