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Winter works at a hospital and has a normal life until she meets a man who tried to kill a baby years ago. Soon she finds out the reason behind it. Winter had a completely normal life until she met Hayden Ebony, the man who tried to kill a baby five years ago. Winter's not sure what to think of him. Driven insane by a voice in his head sometimes, he seems truly crazy to her. But soon she discovers that there is more to Hayden than she first thought. She finds herself getting pulled into a dark web of secrets... including why Hayden tried to kill the baby that night. Winter and Hayden journey through three different time periods to try and save America and heal Hayden's broken mind. But there's a traitor among them that will do anything to save their own skin... including betraying everyone. Will Hayden, Winter, and their friends succeed? Or is Hayden destined to be crazy forever, and is America destined to crumble?

Scifi / Romance
J. N. Reed
4.5 2 reviews
Age Rating:

Untitled chapter


Written and Illustrated By:

Jolene Reed





mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.

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