Elemental Undecided

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“ without my elementals, the universe is as good as gone; just like myself. “

Scifi / Adventure
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All my life I've been judged badly because I lacked special abilities. My parents never intended to have me, since there has never been more than three Elementals. And since I was the fourth child in the royal family, I never inherited a cool ability like my brothers.

I've always lived in my brothers shadows. I know it will only get worse when they are old enough to become the kings of Pluto, and I'll be stuck in their shadows permanently.

My life's nothing but a joke to everyone.

Something to laugh at.

But I have come to terms with the face that life is not fair, or else I'd already had my Elemental abilities and be fighting for justice alongside my older brothers. Not sitting on the sidelines completely and utterly useless to all.

"Just take him down already!" My father yelled at the big screen in front of us. Currently, the whole Plutonian Council was watching my brothers out on a small mission. An alien from the alienati- a heartless race of aliens- had wandered onto our planet and my brothers had been sent out to eliminate it, before it tried to harm one of us.

The alienati have a build that resembles a human, but with a bigger head. They don't need oxygen to live like us and they swim around in space with ease as if it were water. They have three fingers and retractable claws that elongate to the size of the average school ruler, they're extremely fast and are about five feet in height.

The title "alienati" is Latin. Here on Pluto a long time ago, everyone used to speak Latin. But as of today, only my family and some of the Plutonian Council members understand and can speak it.

"Come on Dylan! Just freeze it already!" My father, yet again screamed at the giant T.V screen. Sometimes I wonder if he knows they can't hear him.

"YES! That's my boy! Now Damien, use your fire! Yes! Those are my boys!" He yelled in victory as my brothers successfully defeated the single alienati. I looked over at my father who was wearing a proud expression.

I've always dreamed my parents would look at me like that someday. But considering I was just their little mistake, and there's basically no chance I'll actually get my Elementals, my dream is absolutely delusional. I know my mom has the slightest bit of faith that I'll get my Elementals one day, but my dad has already given up. He's already got all the successful children he needs.

About ten minutes later, my brothers walked into the council room. They were instantly surrounded by the council, receiving either a "congrats!" Or a "nice work!". The entire council congratulated them before my mother and father walked over to them and hugged them proudly.

"You boys improve everyday" my mother smiled.

They all looked over at me expectantly and raised an eyebrow. "Where's our hugs little sis?"

Declan laughed as I hopped up off my chair and hugged them all one by one. "You guys where great" I said.

Declan- my oldest brother- ruffled my hair and sat down at a table with dad, engaging in a conversation.

Declan was the oldest out of the four of us, he has black hair like my dads and my moms dazzling bright blue eyes with his unique small white specs. Yes, depending on which Elemental we have, our eyes will show it. The white specs in his dazzling blue eyes signify his Elemental power- Air. Declan has one main Plutonian ability that being able to force someone's mouth shut if they're bothering him too much with their non stop talking.

"Did I look awesome fighting off that bad guy, little sis?" Damien asked teasingly while flexing his biceps.

"Extremely" I rolled my eyes and smiled. He chuckled before making his way over to Declan and dad.

Damien is the second oldest out of us four, he has moms dark brown hair, with an added tint of red hair and bright blue eyes. Although, I'm pretty sure the only reason his hair has a tint of red is because of his Elemental. Fire. His bright blue eyes hold red, closer to orange specs and Damien's Plutonian ability is that he is extremely strong.

"And then there were two..." I mumbled and Dylan chuckled.

"And then there was one..." He said in the same tone as he followed behind Damien to where dad and Declan were sitting.

Then, last on the list of my brothers, there's Dylan. The second youngest. Dylan has moms actual hair colour which was a plain dark brown color and her bright blue eyes. Personally, I find Dylan's eyes are the most stunning ones out of the three. Since his Elemental is Water and Ice, his bright blue eyes are flooded with a darker blue colour specs. Dylan is undoubtedly the smartest one of the trio, and his plutonian ability is emotion reading. One glance at your eyes and he knows the exact emotion you're feeling.

I shook my head slightly and smiled while walking over to my mom who had just finished talking to one of the council members.

"Hey mom" I smiled.

"Hey sweetie, what's up?" She asked while we walked over to a small table in the corner of the room. "Nothing much..." I muttered. She obviously didn't buy it and lifted up my chin to look into my eyes.

"I may have lost my Elemental abilities, Dakota but I didn't lose my Plutonian ability" she raised an eyebrow. My mother has the same Plutonian ability as Dylan, which would be who Dylan had inherited it from.

"Mom... Will I ever get my elemental ability..?" I asked with a sigh.

"Declan, Damien and Dylan all got theirs at ten and here I am four years later!" I threw my hands up out of distress.

"I know sweetie... It's hard, but I'm sure you'll get them soon..." She tried to reassure me. "Patience is key"

"I have been patient. For four years! I hate sitting on the sidelines mom" I confessed. She nodded understandingly.

"Don't worry sweetie... They'll come when you need them most..." She told me before walking off to dad. Thanks mom... Maybe, just maybe someday you'll be very helpful... I thought sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

And lastly.... At the bottom of the social food chain.... We have, drum roll please....

Me! I have my dads Jett black hair, but instead of having my moms dazzling blue eyes like all of my brothers or my dads hazel eyes, I have neither. Instead I have emerald green eyes. I have neither my Elementals or any plutonian ability. Usually Plutonians receive their Plutonian ability at the age of 7-10. Yep, I'm fourteen and I don't even have my Plutonian ability yet.

I decided I had enough. The mission was over, so I was no longer obligated to stay in this stuffy council room. I started walking towards the exit when a member of the council began screaming incoherent sentences.

Once he realized no one could understand what he was saying, he pointed to the screen and waited for another council member to do the talking.

"The alienati!" One of the council members yelled from the giant screen in the middle of the room. I looked over as everyone piled in front of the screen, my brothers in the front.

"That huge red blob!" He paused to point at the enormous red blob on the screen of our solar system "Is an army of the alienati". I walked closer to the crowd curiously to hear what he had to say.

"And they're heading here, to Pluto" everyone gasped.

"An entire army..." My mother said her thoughts out loud.

She turned quickly, ushering my brothers to the back of the room before running over and grabbing me by the arm. She pushed an orange button on the wall to reveal an escape ship.

"We can't win this yet, children" she started calmly.

"You four are going to get in, and fly as far away from here as you can. Don't worry about us, we'll be fine. You all need to survive, because in the end, you are all our last hopes" she said before looking down at me.

"You keep them in line" she said, giving me a quick hug.

"And you keep her safe" she finished, pointing at all my brothers before embracing them too.

We all jumped in after saying our final goodbyes

Declan rushed to the head seat with all the controls and flew us away from the only home we've ever known. I stared out the small circular window at my side as we gradually got farther and farther away from Pluto. I saw the army of alienati finally reach Pluto. Before I could turn in my seat and get comfortable for the long ride ahead of us, I noticed a single alien step out of line and head straight for our ship.

What started out as one alien coming directly at us turned into hundreds of aliens coming at us.

"Declan!" I yelled and my brothers all looked in my direction worriedly.

"They saw us, hundreds are coming this way!" I told them while staring out at the human like red figures swimming towards us quickly.

"I'll set the ship to invisibility mode" he said calmly while clicking the small blue button, the pod was supposed to look transparent but it never changed.

"Hurry Declan!" I yelled and his expression became more frightened. He repeatedly poked the blue button that obviously wasn't working. The alienati were getting closer.

"DECLAN!!" We all yelled in unison and his poking became more frantic.

I looked back out at the window and screamed when I saw one of the alienati staring in at me, it had already reached the pod. All of my brothers looked at me before the pod began to shake from the alienati attempting to get in.

"DECLAN!!" I screeched which caused him to snap out of his daze. He smashed his fist on the blue button- and surprisingly, it worked. The pod became transparent and Declan zoomed off, leaving the alienati behind.

What about mom and dad? The council? Every Plutonian left? Won't they all die if they stay... I worried inside my head.

"Where are we going..?" I finally asked, almost in a whisper. Declan looked back at me "No idea sis..." He replied before looking back at the empty black space in front of us.

"You three get some rest... You're all gonna need it" Declan told us.

I had no problem with that idea. I pulled my knees up to my chest and placed my head on the wall next to me before I finally succumbed to fatigue and slipped into oblivion.

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