Elemental Undecided

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I yawned, opening my eyes after a long sleep. Rubbing my eyes, I pushed myself off the rocky and dirty ground and surveyed my surroundings. Why am I outside? I shouldn't be outside.

Everywhere around me was rubble, blood and many innocent people dead on the ground. I screamed- these people were my fellow Plutonians. The large castle I once grew up in was no more, only small sections of the castle still remained in unstable areas and the once beautiful environment around it was destroyed and shredded to bits by what I'd have to guess would be the alienati.

As I looked down at myself, I saw I had no scars or blood on me from possible injuries, indicating I was most likely the only person here still breathing. But, I was also wearing and unfamiliar long sleeve flowy white dress with a neckline made of white lace and my long black hair cascaded down my back in large perfect curls.

I started maneuvering around all the innocent people who lay helpless and bloody on the ground, stepping in many pools of blood with nothing but my bare feet. Soon enough, I made it through the entire population of Plutonians and slowly walked towards the one most supported spot left of the castle.

I crawled under unstable parts of the hallway and climbed over large rocks that fell during the attack until I reached a large stone. The one last thing in my path from seeing what was left of the room I spent the most time in.

I grabbed onto the top of the large dirty rock and heaved myself on top of it. After pulling myself over it, I slowly lowered myself through the small opening on the other side and dropped to the ground. I closed my eyes, mentally preparing myself for what I'd see next in the council room.

But I couldn't have ever prepared myself for what I saw next.

The entire Plutonian council. Dead. All dead.

I saw many familiar Plutonian council members as I walked around the room that seemed to have been through hell. Then, in the corner of the room, I saw my parents. But they weren't standing with smiles on their faces, hugging each other as they noticed my arrival.

They were also among the group of helpless bloody Plutonians. My parents were laying on the ground, side by side in a pool of their own blood.

My face got hot, and tears streamed down my cheeks as I let a strangled cry out of my mouth. I ran over to my parents and collapsed in between them, crouching over to check for any signs of life.

"No no no no!!" I screamed, checking for a pulse. This can't be happening. They can't be gone!

But there was no pulse. I first bent over, to hug my mothers limp pale body. I cried relentlessly as I hugged her small frame to mine. She was the only person other than my brothers that ever believed in me. That ever believed I'd get my Elementals. That ever believed I'd finally receive my special abilities. And she wasn't here to believe in me anymore.

I then turned to my father and sobbed into his chest. He might not have shown it, but I knew he loved me. And no matter what, I always loved him too. He was my father, and everyone needs a father figure in their life. I guess I was just lucky mine was him. But I didn't have that figure anymore. He was gone. And so was my mother.

Quickly, I pushed my quivering body off the ground to my feet before turning away from my parents. I couldn't look at their bloody corpses any longer.

As I looked down, I noticed the once beautiful white dress I was wearing before was now stained with crimson red blood and my perfectly curled hair was now frizzy beyond recognition and also soaked in blood.

"It's all your fault" an unfamiliar voice echoed around the room.

"This is all your fault"

I studied the room, trying not to set eyes on any of the bodies scattered around on the floor until I suddenly spotted a door in the far end of the room. A door that had never been in this room while I lived here.

"Your the reason this all happened" the voice whispered again.

I walked closer and closer until my hand made contact with the cold metal handle. After a few seconds of contemplating whether or not I wanted to see what was on the other side of this door, I twisted the handle and slowly pushed open the door. The door creaked loudly, sending chills up my spine and then I saw what the room was.

This room had never existed before. It was an empty room with nothing but a few shelves with books that were scattered all over the floor and the room was lit with nothing but one lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.

And in the middle of the room lay my brothers.

"They're all dead because of you"

I screamed, falling to my knees beside them, once again losing all control. I cried and sobbed into my hands as I stared at their lifeless bodies. They were gone. And it was all my fault. I couldn't help them. I'm just a useless burden to everyone, and it's because of that that everyone I cared about is dead.

Everyone. Everyone was dead. Gone. Never to see their family again. Children, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends. They would never see their family again. Never get to read their children stories. Never get to laugh over a really stupid cheesy joke one of their friends made. Never get to tease their best friends for liking a girl or a guy. Never get to appreciate the small things that seem like nothing. Some will never get the chance to experience the feeling of finding their special ability. And some weren't even old enough to remember their names.

It's horrible what we take for granted. We think that we'll always have the chance to experience the little things, and we never stop just to appreciate those little things.

Watching my brothers stuff almonds in their faces. Training with them, even though it's never fun for me. Those small cuddles and hugs I get from them every now and then. I take that all for granted. And now? I'll never experience them again.

"This is all your fault. This all happened because you couldn't protect the ones you loved. They're all dead because of you" the voice got louder and louder until I was clutching my head in pain.

"This is all your fault!"

I screamed. "Please stop!"

I kept on crying as the voice got louder and louder, yelling at me for being a useless person. Until I jolted awake.

Dylan sprayed my face with an ungodly amount of water just as Damien stopped shaking me. I started coughing up the water I breathed in, and all three boys around me exhaled a breath of relief.

Oh thank god. It was all a dream. It was all just one nasty dream...

"Thank goodness your alright. You were having a nightmare" Declan informed me in a soft and caring tone as he crouched down next to me. "Do you want to talk about it?"

I instantly shook my head. There was no way I was telling them about this nightmare. They'd only worry about me more than they usually do. And at the rate the alienati are attempting to attack, no one can afford that.

"Where are we?" I asked, swallowing the lump in my throat.

Declan sighed, knowing I wasn't going to cave and tell them what was wrong anytime soon. "We're on Neptune. It's the farthest place from the alienati at the moment"

I nodded, curling back up on my chair.

Hopefully this time I'll actually get some sleep.

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