Elemental Undecided

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"Oh my god"

"Dakota, stay over there"

There was no way I could make myself sit still without curiosity eating at my insides. So, I got up from my chair, walking over to the window my brothers were huddled around. I peeked my head in between two of my brothers, curiosity obviously getting the better of me. There was no way I would let my brothers control what I looked at.

"Dakota don't-" Declan tried blocking my view before I could see, but he was too late.

On the window, was yet another note from the alienati written in a crimson red liquid I assumed was most likely blood. I stared at it, wide eyed as I read it in my head repeatedly. I could understand why my brothers tried to stop me from reading it now.

No more games, now it's war. If you want to survive give up your Elementals and hand over the girl.

"Why do they want me?" I asked, suddenly curious.

Declan sighed. "The alienati must also believe you'll get your Elementals. If we were to give up our powers, they'd need to kill you too so they wouldn't be faced with any threats in the future" he explained.

"But I'm not even supposed to get any, why would I be a threat?" I asked, still staring at the note written in blood, trying to hide the obvious fear nipping at me inside.

"Again, they believe you will"

I nodded, understanding, when suddenly I felt a painful sting run up along my left arm. As I pulled my arm up into my view, I screamed. From the inside of my wrist all the way to my elbow, was a long cut most likely made from an aliens claw.

On my other wrist, was writing from a black marker.

I screamed again, even louder than before. My brothers all rushed to my side, moving me to the largest chair to clean my arm and wipe off the writing on the other.

"The war starts now" Dylan muttered, reading the writing off of my arm as he rubbed it with a wet cloth. Damien was on my other side, cleaning my arm so it wouldn't get infected or anything. Dylan kept on rubbing my arm until it was a raw red colour and numb, and even then I could still see faint traces of the black markings.

"Declan, I think it's time to move again" Dylan sighed, tossing the dampened cloth into a corner of the pod. I already knew that Dylan was talking about the unsettling words that had been written on my wrist as he started whispering to Declan on the opposite side of the pod. I silently stared at them for the next few moments, despite not being able to hear a word they were saying.

"Hold tight cricket, I'm almost done" Damien said, snapping me out of my trance.

Once he finished bandaging my arm, he pulled me in for a hug, surprising me. We sat on the floor, in each others embrace while the other two tried getting the ship to start. "We won't let anything happen to you, Dakota. I promise"

I smiled, hugging him closer until Dylan started freaking out, flailing his arms frantically while running around in circles.

"No no no no no..... Cmon start!" Dylan shouted, running up to the nearest window, his face stricken with fear. Declan kept on jabbing different buttons with his fingers, obviously hoping he'd get a miracle.

In an instant I realized what was happening.

"Dakota, you try to get this thing working. We'll be back, okay?" Damien said.

I nodded, and watched as they all pulled a superman, ripping off their clothes to reveal their slightly different fighting suits. Then, they hopped out of the ship slamming the door behind them. I instantly locked it tight, following the usual precautions before dashing over to the control panels.

If the alienati can get in the ship and slash my wrist without any of us noticing, they must've been able to do something to the ship to stop it from working.

Ripping open the first panel, I noticed nothing wrong and quickly moved to the next one. The second one was also intact, seeming to have not one scratch or dent. Finally, I pulled open the last one, searching the small box of red, green and blue wires for any signs of destruction. I almost, almost didn't notice the wire that was easily snipped in half towards the back of the box.

"What do I do.... What do I do!" I muttered to myself angrily.

It wasn't like I could duct tape it back together and voilà!

Maybe if I tried rubbing them together... I thought to myself, remembering a show I watched years ago when the main characters did that same technique and got their submarine working- don't question.

I started frantically rubbing the frayed ends together, hoping for a positive result when I was thrown backwards. The ship shook back and forth, up and down extremely harshly.

Pulling myself back over to the box, I tried to continue to rub the ends together without falling back. I continued, and in about ten seconds I saw what looked like a green spark? The rocking only got worse and worse and I was still nowhere close to fixing the ship.

Then it stopped.

The rocking ceased and everything went silent.

Until I heard a cry of pain.

Completely ditching the biggest safety precaution my brothers ever told me, I ran outside of the ship to see the alienati fleeing and two of my brothers running to something on the ground.

Or somebody.

I squinted my eyes to see what they were kneeled next to, and found myself running twice the speed they were when I suddenly realized there were only two people kneeling. Which meant one of my brothers were injured.

Or dead.

"Oh my god! Damien!" I screeched. "We've gotta stop the bleeding" I said, my eyes welling up with tears. I watched as Declan pulled the giant claw two times the size of a 30cm ruler out of Damien's chest before I quickly jammed my hands onto the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Damien seethed with pain. "It's not- gonna work"

"Yes it will, we're not going to let you die Damien" Declan said, his voice wavering.

I could already tell Damien was slowly falling unconscious. "Damien, please stay with us! Don't leave me" I cried, applying more pressure to his wound. But my attempts were futile. His head fell to the side and the small movements of his chest pumping up and down ceased.

"No..." Dylan whispered, covering his mouth with his hand.

I closed my eyes, yet the tears still spilled. I keep my hands on his chest, yet I knew he was gone. And then I slowly slipped into a world of memories.

Some were from long ago...

"Cmon Damien!" A five year old replica of me laughed, pulling him outside with me to play a game we played a lot as children. Wall Ball. It was a game we invented where one person threw a bouncy ball at the wall, and if the other person caught it they got a point. "You promised me you'd play with me today!"

"I know I did, but I also told Mason and my other friends I'd play today" he said, handing me the bouncy ball. "Maybe next week?"

"Please Damie!! Pretty pretty please!" I pouted to the eight year old boy. It only took a few moments for him to snatch the ball and pull me over to the wall by my hand to play. We played until it began to get darker and it was almost lights out.

Some were recent...

Damien stopped directly in front of me and extended his arm out towards me, palm facing me with his fingers pointed to the air. "Punch me"

I looked up and looked at him like he was crazy. He rolled his eyes playfully and smiled from pure amusement before speaking up to clear my confusion. "Remember? I'm the strong one, it won't hurt me as much. And plus your punches are weak"

I glared at him before caving in and agreeing.

Some were good...

"You sound lugubrious that he didn't die" Damien smiled proudly at the word he used.

"Woah! Big boy words Damien used... Where's the pocket dictionary?" He snickered and whacked the back of my head, earning him a nice hard kick to the shins. "Ouch! That hurt!"

"Suck it up" I rolled my eyes.

"Your being exasperating" he smiled triumphantly at his use of complicated words- I was almost one hundred percent sure he had no idea what he was saying... Just luck they're all right. "Seriously... Where's the dictionary?"

"Stop being a pain in the ass" he grumbled.

And some were bad...

"Mommy, what if it hurts?" A six year old me cried while sitting on her lap as we waited in the waiting room to the castle doctors office.

"Don't worry Kotie, it doesn't hurt that much once it's done" a nine year old Damien spoke up from the chair next to us, flashing us a missing tooth. "See, I got one pulled a while ago and it doesn't hurt anymore!"

"But... But... What if it hurts me!" I was still crying pools of tears while my mother rubbed my back, not knowing what to say. But as usual Damien knew exactly what to say.

"When I got my tooth pulled out, I got ice cream and it made it all better, right mommy?" He said, turning to our mother who simply nodded and smiled down at her children.

"I'll even hold your hand when you get it pulled if you want"

When I opened my eyes after taking a trip down memory lane, my cheeks felt stif from the layers of tears that stuck and my eyes were without a doubt red, puffy and bloodshot. But before I removed my hands that were not covered in blood from Damien's chest, I felt something shifting.

"Whoa... What's going on?" Declan didn't say it... Neither did Dylan and my voice isn't that deep, plus I'd know if I was speaking... So that meant...

My head snapped down to Damien and his now practically healed chest. "Damien!" I cried, attacking him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around me questioningly and soon enough, Dylan and Declan had joined this family group hug.

"How is he- how are you- how are you not dead!" Declan inspected his chest that was now nothing but a giant scar. Everyone's eyes snapped to me, questioning my every move for an unknown reason.

"What?" I raised an eyebrow.

They all looked at me until Dylan spoke up for everyone. "N-nothing." He stammered. "It's been a long day... I say we all get some rest..."

The boys agreed with Dylan and we all retreated to our beds, but the boys never dropped their curious looks.

I had no idea what happened or how Damien's suddenly fine... But I had the sudden nagging feeling that my brothers thought it was me that somehow resurrected Damien from the dead, bringing him back to life somehow.

And maybe I did, but I had no idea how.

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