Elemental Undecided

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It's already been two days since the incident that happened with Damien. The entire two days, the only things my brothers did was stare at me curiously and occasionally debate what planet we should fly to next.

Nothing productive was done. To put it easily, at this point in time, I was completely and utterly frustrated as to why my brothers wouldn't quit staring at me. So, I did what any normal, calm teenage girl would do to handle the situation like a mature adult.

"WOULD YOU ALL STOP STARING AT ME" I shouted with a mouth full of almonds, accidentally spitting more than a few almond bits at them. Dylan cringed, wiping his face with his hand seeing as he faced the most almond bits.

But they still didn't stop staring.

"If you don't stop staring in the next ten seconds, I am going to throw myself out of this ship and run until my legs fall off" I seethed the last part, holding back my anger. If I was in a children's cartoon right now, I would have cartoon puffs of steam coming out of my ears and a red face.

Suddenly, Declan's head shook slightly and he apologized before thwacking the backs of Dylan and Damien's head to snap them out of whatever trance they were in. "Sorry" they both apologized in unison.

"Finally..." I muttered. "Why have you guys been staring at me the past two days? It's really annoying" I asked them, turning my back to them to throw out my garbage.

"No reason!" Damien suddenly jumped, wincing from the sudden movement. He was still healing and needed as much rest as he could get to finish healing.

"Sit down you idiot before you hurt yourself more" I rolled my eyes, and he obliged. "And obviously it's something if your that jumpy about the topic. Plus, it seems to me all of you know about it except me"

All of their heads went down, and before I could ask more questions, Declan's head swung up and quickly interfered. "So what planet should we fly to next? You've come up with quite a few good plans so maybe you can help us decide"

I rolled my eyes and sighed at his weak attempt to change the subject but played along anyway for his sake. "Why do we have to go to a planet right away? Damien's obviously not ready to engage into another fight so why don't we just fly the ship into space and turn on invisibility mode? That way were at least a little bit undetectable"

His face suddenly changed to a shocked expression. "Why didn't I think of that! Your a genius Cricket!"

"Well duh" was my short response. This cracked Dylan and Damien up, but hey, at least I was finally getting a reaction out of them after two days of complete silence- speaking of which, I wasn't letting them off the hook that easily.

"So, now that that's out of the way would you care to continue off with the first unanswered question I asked? Or are you all just going to pretend to ignore me again?" I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow.

They all looked hesitant, almost as if they were afraid to tell me? Their eyes flickered back and forth from each other as if they were telling each other that one of the other two should tell me. They obviously didn't want to tell me themselves.

After a minute or so of this, Dylan turned to me and opened his mount to tell me. But he was instantly cut off by a blaring beeping noise.

Declan hit a button, and seconds later two holographic images popped up in the middle of us, facing the boys. It was a hologram message from mom and dad.

"Kids! Oh my goodness I thought we'd never reach you!" Our mother cried out. Dad hugged mom as she started tearing up.

I sat behind them in my chair in shock, debating whether this was a cruel trick from the alienati or if mom and dad were still alive out there and had actually found a way to contact us via hologram.

"Mom! Dad! I can't believe your still alive! Where are you?" Declan rapidly asked.

"We're being held captive by the alienati, along with most of the Plutonian population on their home planet, Planet X. The one behind our home planet that has yet to be discovered by humans- wait a second.... Where's Dakota?" Mother asked hesitantly, as if she was afraid I had already died.

As I was about to stand up, dad sighed and held my mother closer to him. "Honey we knew this was gonna happen, the boys tried but there's just no protecting someone as helpless as Dakota..." He said, not realizing how insulting that actually was to me. Man these people have no faith in me.

All of the boys eyes shifted over to me while I glared at the back of dads head. "Actually, I'm behind you. But your love and faith in me is certainly refreshing"

I walked over and sat on the arm of Declan's chair.

"Oh... Dakota I'm sorry, I just didn't think-" he tried apologizing.

"I know what you thought dad. You don't need to explain it to me. Mom, can you continue?" I changed the subject instantly.

Mom hesitantly continued. "Anyways... We don't have much time left to talk until they figure out what we're doing. Planet X has been yet to be discovered by humans so it's the best hideout for them. They have us all locked up in cells. But you just not try to save us, kids. They're only keeping us as bait to lure you four in and kill you. You guys are all they want, because once you are dead, there is nothing that stands in their way from destroying our solar system"

"But mom we can't just leave you guys there-" Dylan started.

"Yes you can, and you will. I cannot bear to lose you kids, you will continue to do what you are doing and survive on your own. From here on out, we do not exist to you anymore. I need you all to promise that you will not try to save us" she said sternly.

No one said anything.

The boys didn't want to make a promise they couldn't keep.

"Kids!" She yelled.

"I promise" Dylan sighed after a short pause.

"I promise" Declan's head dipped, so he was looking at the ground.

"I promise, but I won't like it" Damien sighed after another minute of silence.

Then my mother looked to me expectantly. "And you Dakota?"

I eyed her weirdly. "What could I possibly do?"

I could tell she was about to argue for me to also make the promise, when I heard feet slamming against the ground and a string of Latin curse words being shouted. "I'm sorry kids, but we have to go now. Remember what I said and just know that your father and I love you very much. Goodbye children"

And then they disappeared.

Apparently the disappointment was evident on my face, or maybe he was equally as sad as I and needed a hug, because in the next second I was pulled into Declan's strong embrace.

"Is that it? Do we just... Forget about them for good?" My voice cracked as I spoke after a few minutes of silence.

"We don't forget about them, but we don't have any other choice than to leave them" Dylan spoke softly. I nodded, burying myself deeper into Declan's embrace until I felt myself slipping into a dark abyss of sleep.

I could never forget about them.

But I guess Dylan's right, we can't save them either.

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