Elemental Undecided

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"There's really no point in just sitting here. Why don't we pick up where we left off on your training Cricket?" Declan offered out of the blue. The boys had went from whispering from each other one minute to offering to train me the next, although I didn't make much of it.

"I guess your not really gonna give me a choice, are you?" I said, standing up to follow them outside. We still haven't left the planet yet, since Damien is still healing, but we intend to fly out later tonight.

Damien stood up with a lot of effort and started shuffling over to the door, slower than a turtle. "Maybe you should sit this one out, Damien" I said, he shook his head before gesturing for me to bring him out a chair. Apparently he saw it as a suggestion instead of a demand. Maybe I should've phrased it differently?

Although, I obliged and dragged the chair out after him.

"Okay Cricket. Give it your best shot" Declan said, holding out his hand for me to punch. I was a bit hesitant at first, since I had always punched Damien's hand due to his strength which eased his pain a little bit, but then I realized there wasn't much damage I could do.

I plunged my fist into the direction of Declan's palm. As soon as my fist made contact with his hand, a pain shot up my arm, but disappeared just as quickly. Declan didn't even flinch.

"That's not hard enough. A kitten could punch harder than that" he teased.

I tried again, but this time putting more effort into my punch. An even bigger pain shot up my arm, but went away quickly just like the first time. But at least this time Declan's fingers scrunched up from the small tinge of pain, most likely from bruising.

"Better, but try one more time" he said. This time I slammed my fist into his palm and this seemed to suffice enough. I ignored the decreasing pain in my arm while Declan nodded with satisfaction.

"Okay, that was good. Now let's work on some more self defence moves"

For the next hour or so, Dylan and Declan taught me some more moves while Damien watched. But the entire time I couldn't help but feel as if they were all studying me, just watching or waiting for something to happen. I couldn't understand why, but I just let it go like I did he night before.

"Okay, I think that's enough for today. Dakota, do you wanna sit with Damien and watch while Dylan and I train?" Declan asked. I shrugged, walking over to where Damien was sitting before plopping down on the ground beside him.

"Nice Cricket. To bad I wasn't injured or else i would've been able to join in on the kick baby's butt game" he grinned teasingly.

I sent him a teasing glare, followed by a smirk. "I could push your chair over any time and watch you struggle to stand up, or punch and run because you can't chase me. So you might wanna chill on the teasing, brother"

He rolled his eyes with a smile before we heard a screech and a thump. I whipped my head around, seeing Dylan crumpled to the ground and Declan jogging over to him. I ran over, following Declan before collapsing on my knees at Dylan's side.

"Are you okay Dylan?" I asked, scanning for any injuries.

"I'm- I seem to have no broken bones... But my arm is bleeding" he said, pointing to a scratch that was indeed bleeding. Even though the cut was the size of my palm, I jogged over to the ship and scavenged for a band-aid. Once I found one I ran back out.

"This certainly doesn't compare to Damien's injury, but I'll patch you up anyway" I said, ripping the paper off the band-aid. I stuck the band-aid on his arm before smoothing it down with my hand. Literally as soon as I stopped rubbing the band-aid, Dylan ripped it off and both boys studied his bloody cut.

"Are you serious! I'm not getting you another band-aid. Get it yourself" I scoffed, turning in the other direction and making my way towards Damien who seemed to be the only bearable brother today.

Throughout the course of the day, the boys kept on getting more and more injured, excluding Damien. By the end of the day, Dylan had at least thirteen band-aids all over his body and Declan had multiple bruises and cuts from flying ice. I had given up on them once I had realized they weren't even getting badly injured.

"Ugh" Declan moaned, plopping into a chair.

"I don't understand" Dylan muttered to himself, doing the same as Declan. "Why didn't anything happen?" He muttered again.

Dylan didn't seem to notice I had heard him say either of those sentences, but somehow I had a feeling they were linked to me. The boys had been very secretive the past few days and I was determined to find out why.

"What was supposed to happen, Dylan?" I raised an eyebrow, placing my hands on my hips for an extra sassy effect. His head snapped in my direction before saying a quick "nothing!". I looked at him with my eyebrow raised as far as it could go, and Dylan sighed. "You tell her Declan"

Declan looked up at him. "Uh, no way. You were the idiot that had to speak so you can tell her"

"Well, you’re older. So you should be the mature one and tell her" Dylan said, suddenly plugging his ears with his fingers to block out any of Declan's further attempts to force Dylan to talk. Declan sighed, turning his attention over to me.

Finally, I was gonna get some answers around here!

He looked me right in the eyes and took a deep breath before finally spilling what has been on their minds the past few days.

"Dakota, we think you healed Damien"

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