Elemental Undecided

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The alien swung his terrifyingly long claws, aiming for my head. I could almost feel the sharp talons scratch my forehead before a force stronger than a Greek God slammed into the alien. The unknown source was about a centimetre off from hitting me too.

The alien who tried to chop my head to bits smashed into our spaceship and dropped to the ground, unmoving. It was silent the next few seconds. My brothers and I knew if we were to move, the aliens would pounce on us like a cat and a mouse and the alienati were all standing. Waiting. Waiting in silence, staring at the now dead alien.

And then they snapped out of it, and attacked the "force" that killed him.

That force was Declan.

My brothers began fighting again, holding up as best as they could against the alienati. Knowing they couldn't protect me anymore, and the spaceship would be of absolute zero assistance, I ran over to the dead alien and ripped out two of his unusual oversized claws.

It's claws are longer than the rest, I thought.

And it seemed to be taking the lead on this whole attack, I thought again, coming to a realization.

Which means Declan killed their captain, and they're not going to stop at anything until they get their revenge on Declan, I concluded.

They're going to kill Declan!

Clutching the claws in my hands, I began fighting off any aliens that came anywhere close to my personal bubble. I was trying to get to the centre of the fight, where Declan was fighting solo in the middle of everything.

I continued stabbing or slashing any alien that was in range, slowly getting closer and closer to Declan. The alienati already had Declan surrounded, and he was easily getting tired. They started closing in on him, and even though he was blasting them one by one with wind, the others just kept on coming.

"Damien! Dylan!" I screeched, pointing at Declan to my other brothers who were only fighting off a group of three or four aliens. As soon as they saw Declan's situation, they nodded and started running over to help.

But they were too far and too late. The aliens closed in on Declan and one of them stabbed him from behind. The claw slid right through him and blood began dripping to the ground.

"NO!" I screamed, running towards Declan and the aliens who hurt him. The aliens flew away before the boys or I could do anything, but Declan stayed still on the ground, a pool of blood forming under and on top of him.

"Declan!" I collapsed at his side, tears sliding down my face.

The boys kneeled down next to him as he struggled to speak "it's okay... I would prefer it to be me dying rather than one of you"

Before anything could be said or done, Declan fell unconscious. Dylan's hand instantly shot down to his neck to check for a pulse. He nodded, signalling he still had a pulse. He was still alive- for now.

"Dakota" Damien said, grabbing my shoulders "you have to try to heal him"

I couldn't stop sobbing as I cried "but I don't know how Damien! I don't know how or if I healed you and I don't know if I can do it again! I don't know what to do"

Damien nodded understandingly "I know it scares you Dakota, but right now the only thing that can bring him back to life is for you to try"

I nodded, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"What did you do last time right before Damien was healed?" Dylan asked.

"I-I was putting pressure on his wound" I said shakily.

Before they had to tell me, I placed my hands on Declan's wound and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, Declan was still in the same state as before.

"It's not working!" I cried.

"Shhh... Calm down Dakota, you must be missing something. Try to think really hard to what was happening while he was being healed" Damien said.

I nodded, closing my eyes again and placing my hands on Declan's wound again. I calmed my breathing and tried clearing my mind of everything but healing Declan's wounds. I once again opened my eyes, but Declan still hadn't changed.

Then it came to me "when I was putting pressure on Damien's wounds, I had been remembering things that had happened in the past... Memories! That must be what triggers it!"

"Try it!" Dylan said, fear evident on his face as he knew Declan's pulse was slowing down as we spoke. I nodded, quickly placing my hands on his wound and closing my eyes, but this time I would think of memories I had made with Declan.

I faded into a world of memories....

"Declan!" A five year old me cried "I'm scared!"

Declan sighed. "Did Damien or Dylan tell you another one of those scary monster stories?" He asked, wrapping an arm around my waist as I cowered on my bed, not letting my legs dangle over the side.

"Yes! This one was about a monster that lives under my bed. They said that it comes out at night and grabs you from your bed to eat you!" I said as I shook ferociously.

"It's okay Kota... It was just a mean made up story. There's no monster under your bed- here, I'll even check for you!" He said, sliding off the bed and crouching next to it.

"No Dee! It might eat you!" I sobbed even harder than before.

Suddenly, Declan came up with an idea. "Did the boys say the monster lived under only your bed?"

I nodded.

"Alright, well you can come sleep in my bed with me for tonight" he said, picking me up. Five year old me smiled and hugged Declan as he carried me to his room.

My memory then faded, and changed to a different setting. A more recent memory.

I glared at him, trying my hardest to hold back my tears, although I couldn't stop them from filling the rims of my eyes. "You and I both know mom and dad never planned to have me. I was an accident"

"Well you know what Dakota?" Declan said, staring at me dead in the eye with a take-no-shit kind of look on his face that made me bow my head in shame. "Sometimes the best things in life are the ones that come unexpectedly"

I looked up at him through my hair, and now he wore a soft expression and held his arms out to me. Slowly, I made my way over to him and cuddled into his large embrace. "Maybe to mom and dad you were a small hiccup in their plan, but to us, you were the best thing that ever happened, even if it was unplanned"

And then, I forced myself to open my eyes. And the sight I was seeing was absolutely terrifying.

"MY HANDS ARE GREEN!" I screamed, making sure not to move my hands.

Both of the boys nodded as if nothing was wrong and continued to stare at Declan, waiting for something to happen. His wounds were slowly healing, but I didn't know if it would be fast enough. He was dying, and fast.

My hands faded back to their usual color, so I removed them. His wound was healed, nothing left but a scar. But he still didn't wake up. I reached down to check his pulse, but there was nothing.

"No pulse..." I muttered.

I was too late.

Damien stood up, pulling me with him and tugged me into a tight embrace. I cried into his chest and soon enough Dylan was hugging me from behind.

"He can't be gone..." I whispered, crouching back down next to him.

I placed my hand on his cheek before leaning down to give him a hug. I almost shrieked when two arms wrapped around me at an angle that neither Damien or Dylan could hug me at. I pulled away.

"Declan!" I cried out with a smile on my face. I fell back into his embrace.

"You can't get rid of me that easily"

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