Elemental Undecided

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"You absolute asshole!" I suddenly screeched, slapping Declan's shoulder lightly. "I thought you were dead! You scared the hell out of all of us! I forbid you from doing that again!"

The boys all started laughing. They helped Declan up and both gave him a bro-hug, then Declan turned to me.

"Sorry, Cricket. I'll try not to die again" he laughed slightly, ruffling my hair. He seemed surprisingly calm for someone who just died, and was basically resurrected from the dead.

"How are you so calm Declan?" I said as he began walking away.

He turned, giving me a confused expression. "What do you mean?"

"Declan, you were just resurrected from the dead. You were dead. Does this not startle you at least a little bit?" I exclaimed. He took a couple of steps toward me while dumb and dumber stood a few steps away from us.

"I'm being calm because even after trying to get you to heal Dylan and I for hours, I knew you would figure it out. You're smart, and I had faith" he looked down at me, speaking slowly.

"But what if I didn't, Declan. What if I didn't figure out how to heal you. You would be dead right now. And it would've been my fault" I said, nearly on the verge of tears. But I held them in.

He looked a bit surprised "how would any of that be your fault? The aliens came after me. You didn't tell them to attack me"

I rolled my eyes "you killed their commander to save me. If you hadn't killed him, they wouldn't have all grouped up on you"

"If I hadn't killed him he would've killed you"

"Maybe that would've been for the best! If he had killed me you guys wouldn't have to worry about constantly monitoring and protecting a weak little girl. You could focus on what you guys should be doing- saving everyone from the alienati" I began to shed tears as I screeched what was on my mind.

"Stop it Dakota!" Declan yelled, making me shut up instantly. "You are not some weak little girl. You are my smart, strong, independent little sister. We don't monitor and protect you because we think you can't handle yourself. We do it because we're your older brothers, and we love you"

He paused, before continuing "but you are right, we do need to focus some more on the Plutonians stuck in captivity on Planet-X. That's why you're going to help us come up with a plan to save everyone"

"How could I possibly help?" I sighed.

"Your smarter than you give yourself credit for, Cricket"

I snorted and rolled my eyes as a way of telling him I thought he was talking stupid.

"I'm not joking, Dakota. How did you know the one I killed was the commander of that fleet?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

I shrugged "it's claws were longer than the others"

"And who figured out how to heal me?" He said smugly.

I didn't respond.

"Exactly" he smirked.

"Is it finally time to come up with insanely awesome battle plans?" Damien beamed.

"Almost" Declan said, pulling me into a hug before whispering into my ear "I meant every word I just said, Cricket"

I smiled, hugging him tighter until I heard two very obnoxious and loud battle cries followed by an attack on both of my sides. I was now stuck in the middle of a giant bear hug, my head squished in between all of their chests. Damn being short....

"Oh no! I'm under the worst kind of attack!" I suddenly screeched, causing all three boys to flinch and back up. I place the back of my hand on my forehead and gasp, mocking dramatic.

"What's wrong?" Damien asked a bit confused.

"The worst attack know to Plutonians..... Brother hugs!" I gasp and pretend to faint, falling into Declan's arms. They all start to laugh, making a smile appear on my face; as I start to stand up, I feel my body being thrown over a shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I lift my head and see Dylan and Damien grinning at me.

"Hey! Put me down!" I yell, banging my fists on Declan's back.

He stops in his tracks, vibrating with laughter "and why would I do that?"

Then, as if a lightbulb suddenly turned on, I got an idea. This will go one of two ways, way one being I fall and smash my head on the ground, or two I land on my feet and look like a boss.

I wrap my arms around his torso, feeling him laugh as he says "what are you-"

Before he can finish, I deliver a hard bite to his side; making him drop my legs as he moves to clutch his side. With the force no longer holding my legs down, my legs fly over Declan's shoulder and over my head. I push off of Declan, swinging my legs farther in the process, and land directly on my feet.

The other two boys who look incredibly flabbergasted stare at me, so I bow.

Dylan and Damien start clapping and laughing while Declan holds his side where I bit him. "Was that really necessary?" Declan asks, a hint of a smile present on his face.

"Yes, yes it was" I smiled "and you gotta admit, that was pretty freaking cool!"

All of my brothers looked and smiled at me, filling me with warmth.

"Yes, yes it was"

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