Elemental Undecided

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"Are you sure about this?" Dylan asked as we stare down at our plans "don't you remember what mom made us promise?"

Damien sighed out of frustration "should we keep a silly promise or save our entire race?"

We were currently arguing about what our next move should be. Damien and Declan strongly believed that we should come up with a battle tactic and attack Planet-X (the home to the alienati) head on. Dylan on the other hand was arguing that we should listen to what our parents said in the hologram and focus on our own survival - as we are the only people standing in the alienati's path of taking over the universe.

I, on the other hand, am undecided.

I want more than anything to be reunited with my mother. To live among the rest of the Plutonians on our home planet. For things to just go back to normal.

But I also know that attacking the alienati's home planet (which would be packed with the red devils themselves) is a suicide mission. Three Elementals and one girl who's only defence is sarcasm can't take on an entire army of red clawed aliens.

Therefor, I am undecided.

"We can't just leave everyone there to suffer!" Declan argues with Dylan while I quietly munch on a pack of almonds.

"But mother made a very good point! We are the only people in the alienati's way of world domination- or, well, universe domination" Dylan argues.

"So we're just supposed to forget about everyone? Our parents? Our family? Our friends?" Damien yells, absolutely outraged.

"We don't even know if the hologram was our parents" I pipped up from my comfy spot, still happily munching on almonds "It could've been a sick trick pulled by the alienati to lure us into their trap"

"Thank you!" Dylan stresses "someone who gets what I'm trying to say!"

Declan sighs, dropping his head into his hands. He tugs at the ends of his hair, obviously stressed.

Declan is the oldest, so obviously his day is the final say. But with half of his siblings disagreeing with his ideas, he's forced into a tough position.

I shove my almonds aside and shuffle over to Declan, pulling him in for a hug. He releases his hair from his grip and wraps his arms around me.

"Look, try not to stress to much" I say gently, pulling away from the hug "we're gonna figure this out. Together"

He takes a deep breath and nods.

"Dakota is right. We don't know for sure if it was our parents or not. So how are we going to prove that they're alive?" Declan asks, regaining his confidence.

"We could fly to Pluto. Take a look at what's left. We should be able to determine if mom and dad are alive by the state of our home" I say "if it looks like a massacre took place, we know it was fake"

My brothers all nodded, accepting my plan.

"Alright. We'll all get some sleep and fly to Pluto when we wake" Declan decides.

He grabs a blanket and tries to get comfy in his hardly cushioned chair "everyone try and get as much rest as possible, we don't know what lies for us at home"

I grab a blanket for myself at the back of the pod and settle into my chair. It was a little easier for me to get comfortable, as I had more room to move around in my chair since I was smaller. The boys on the other hand took up more room, and I wished them good luck at getting sleep.

Before I knew it, I was dozing off into a world of absolute darkness.


When I woke up after a long rest, all three of my brothers were still sleeping. Dylan and Declan managed to find a comfortable position, but Damien wasn't as lucky.

He was moving around in his seat, fidgeting every now and then or stretching his limbs. I could tell that when he woke up he was going to be in a lot of pain.

I took my blanket and placed it on the floor before grabbing another blanket from the back and placing it on the blanket as a pillow.

"Damien... wake up" I whispered, shaking him awake. He slowly sits up, looking extremely exhausted.

"What?" He says loudly, rubbing a sore spot on the back of his neck.

I place my pointer finger over my mouth - the universal sign to be quiet, before pointing to the makeshift bed I made on the floor.

Damien understands instantly what I meant, and sent me a gracious smile before shuffling over and lying down. I hear his soft snores almost instantly.

I debated trying to get some more sleep, but now that I was awake I couldn't fall back asleep. Instead, I began making breakfast with the minimal supplies we had.

They all get yoghurt with a side of almonds and peanuts. Voila, I should be a chef.

"Cricket?" Declan asked groggily "what are you doing up?"

I handed him a bowl of yoghurt and a bag of almonds "I woke up awhile ago, thought I'd make breakfast - or at least try and make something..." I paused "we don't really have much of a variety anymore"

"Thank you" he responded, turning his chair to the control panels while he eats.

Then Dylan wakes up, and I repeat my actions "here you go. This is as good as breakfast is gonna get"

Eventually, Declan finished his yoghurt and then we were off to Pluto. Our home.

Our home that could very well be reduced to nothing but rubble.

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