Elemental Undecided

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I only had one thing on my mind as I sprinted around trees to the source of the scream, and that was to help my brothers.

I have some sort of a... connection... with nature, and if I can control it, perhaps I can use that to my advantage to help my brothers.

I have to get to them, I chanted in my head.

But minutes later when my breathing was ragged from running for so long, I realize that I have no clue where I'm going, or if I'm even headed in the right direction.

I stop, a plan formulating in my head, and I touch the tree to my right; waiting until it's completely re-grown.

Then I start climbing and climbing until I reach a height where the branches are too thin for me to stand on. I survey my surroundings, trying to find the location of my brothers.

Just as I spot a group of red in the distance, my foot slips and I began falling.

I let out a piercing scream as I shot down the side of the tree, barely missing branches that somehow moved, creating a very open path to the ground.

My arms were flailing everywhere until suddenly my falling to my death comes to a halt, and I feel a painful tug on my right arm.

I look up and notice that I'm holding onto a long vine that attached itself around a branch towards the top of the tree.

When did I grab onto a vine?

That's the moment I realize the vine is coming from the heel of my hand, and I yet again let out an ear piercing screech.

I reach out and grab the nearest branch with my left arm and I secure a spot on a thick branch. Then I focus on the vine in my arm, and getting rid of it.

I was aiming more for it to fall out of my arm and stay out, but as I focused on getting rid of it, it quickly retracted into my arm, the hole in my hand from the vine sealing up without a scar.

This is so weird....

But kinda cool at the same time..

I climb down the rest of the way slowly. A wave of relief washes over me once my feet are placed safely back on the ground.

Funnily enough, as I look back up at the tree, the branches were no longer opened up like a pathway like when I was falling.

"Hey... can you move?" I say jokingly, poking the tree with a smile. It seemed odd of me to ask, as it was nearly impossible that the trees could move that much on their own, but I just had vines shooting out of my hands and from now on will never neglect the idea that nothing is impossible.

A branch flies and smacks me right in the centre of my face. I turn my head, gaping at the tree.

"Hey! That was mean!" I yell, dodging another flying branch swung at my head.

Then as another scream echos in the distance, I remember what it was I needed to do. With my newfound abilities, I charge through the woods in the direction that I saw the red herd in.

Eventually I come across a clearing. Off to the side, my brothers are tied up to trees- all except for one.

Even from where I stand on the opposite side of the large clearing, I can see Dylan lying on the ground in a pool of blood. The screams had come from him.

I run towards them. No one notices me, not even my brothers as they are both busy worrying about Dylan.

"When Master sent us on mission to ambush Elementals, we thought it would be hard" says an alien with bad English "but this was too easy"

He walks up to Damien, who's eyes are glowing a bright orange "this ends now"

The alien pulls his arms behind his head, his long claws on full show. He was going to slash Damien's throat.

"No!" I scream, flinging my arm in his direction. I flex my hand, my palm facing the sky and a vine shoots out of the heel of my hand, wrapping itself around the aliens arm, just like I wanted it too.

Before it could react, I grab onto the vine and pull back as hard as possible. The alien is airborne, flying towards me when I retract the vine. Once he's right in front of me, I launch my fist into his face, effectively knocking him out.

Everything stands still for the next few moments, my brothers staring at me in shock and the group of five or six aliens frozen in their spots.

So I experiment some more.

Focusing on the two trees that my brothers were tied to, I imagine them growing back, just like the first one had when I touched it. Branches grow back and so do leaves, then I imagine them attacking any aliens that come near my brothers.

I shoot vines at the aliens one by one, flinging them as far away as possible. Any aliens that I hadn't dealt with were beaten mercilessly by the trees.

Once they were all death with, I sprinted the rest of the way to my brothers and collapsed next to Dylan.

"What happened?" I ask worriedly as he lets out a pained groan.

"They ambushed us, stabbed Dylan and tied us up before we could do any damage" Declan responded quickly "now can you tell us what the hell was that?!"

"Unfortunately no, because I'm not entirely sure what happened myself" I rush before telling him to shut up so I can focus on healing Dylan.

I honestly wasn't sure what had happened, although I had a few theories.

One, I could have some pretty wicked Plutonian abilities.

Two, I could just have an odd connection with nature.

Or three, I could have just gotten my Elementals.

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