Elemental Undecided

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"What are we gonna do?" Damien asked, distress was evident in his voice. The gravity of our situation had finally sunk in with my brothers and they were all freaking out.

"Do you think I know? Mom wasn't exactly specific what to do!" Declan snapped harsher than necessary.

"Declan! Calm down. He was just asking" Dylan said.

Declan's iris' morphed from their usual blue to a white for his element- air -signifying that he was angry. Suddenly, Declan growled "Don't tell me what to do"

"Looks like someone is a little grumpy today" Damien said as he coasted a long glare at Declan. Declan's response was to pounce off of his chair, Damien following suite. Damien's iris' also changed color to orange, which matched his element.

They stood right in front of each other, staring each other down with their glowing eyes. If someone doesn't stop them soon they'll both be trying to tear each other apart, I thought to myself.

"Will both of you just sit down? You're being completely immature!" Dylan yelled.

Damien's head snapped sideways, his frightening orange eyes shooting daggers at Dylan. "Why don't you just shut up and mind your own business?" He said.

Unsurprisingly, Dylan pushed himself off of his chair, his iris' turning into a dark blue color. Before any of them could do something they'd soon regret, I stood up and yelled "Sit down before I feed you all to the alienati!"

I plopped back down onto my chair and watched as all of their eyes changed back to their regular color. They all stood silently, as if waiting for me to do something.

"Don't look at me," I said, "you know what you need to do next"

None of them made a move to apologize, and so I gave them all one long glare before spitting a quick "apologize to each other". After a few seconds, Declan sighed and mumbled "I'm sorry for being grouchy"

Dylan spoke next. "I'm sorry too"

Damien stood in silence. I gave him a pointed look, to which he replied with a blank stare. He sighed before mumbling an "I'm sorry"

"There, was that so hard?" I asked sarcastically.

They all rolled their eyes and walked back to their seats. But I didn't fail to notice the tiny smiles playing on their lips.


"What about Mars?"

"There's no oxygen there"

"Maybe on Saturn?"

"We'll have to take our chances on Saturn" I heard Declan confirm before the pod started its slow descent. It's about time, I sighed internally, they've been trying to find a suitable planet for over an hour.

"What if there's no oxygen?" Dylan asked. It was silent for a few seconds before Declan answered.

"The ship will run out of oxygen at some point, we can't go to earth and we definitely can't go home" he paused "If there's no oxygen here, we're as good as gone".

I yawned and stretched before hopping up out of my chair.

The ship rattled as we hit the ground. Damien stood up from his chair before announcing "Someone has to check if there's oxygen here. I'll go"

No one tried to stop him as he walked over to the door. As he swung it open and launched himself onto the ground, the three of us rushed over to the window and watched to see his reaction.

Everything was in slow motion, his feet hit the dusty ground and he turned around to face us. He breathed in before giving us the thumbs up. I exhaled a breath I didn't know I was holding and followed my brothers out of the ship.

I looked around, Saturn was just a boring, dirty and dull flat ground with a ring of trash floating around it.

"What are the odds the alienati will find us?" I asked curiously. My brothers all looked at me. Declan and Damien both turned to look at Dylan, as if to say "you can handle this one"

"Well, once they finish with our home, they'll probably search the whole solar system for us before presuming us dead" Dylan said carefully.

Our entire population could be dead and we can't do anything about it... I finally realized. Mom and dad could be dead already....

"Cricket?" Damien snapped me back to reality. As soon as I realized what he called me, I cringed. I've always hated that nickname... It was given to me by them because of my height first off, and second of all because when I was very young I chased a cricket around the front of the castle for hours until I accidentally crushed it with my foot when it failed to move.

"Don't call me that... I'm still mourning the death of the poor little guy..." I mumbled before walking back over to the pod.

"We're gonna run out of food soon too" I told them as they followed me up into the pod "We won't have long until we run out of supplies..." I muttered again before digging through the small fridge in the wall of the pod.

"Looks like we get almonds and... Oranges for supper again..." I cheered sarcastically before pulling out the food and handing them to my hungry hungry brothers.

"Thanks, Cricket" Declan smirked knowing he used the name I hated. I glared at him with the meanest, nastiest glare I could muster.

"Just pass me the almonds" I scowled at him while sticking my hand out. He smirked and passed me a handful of almonds which I happily munched away on till sleep overtook me...

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