Elemental Undecided

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"You three will grow up and when y'all hit twenty three I bet you'll be fat. Very, very fat and giant hippos!" I scolded the three boys with almonds stuffed into their mouths like a chipmunk would with acorns.

"Shorry Dakotsha" Dylan said with a mouth full of almonds, an almond or two falling out of his mouth in the process.

I shook my head, but couldn't help the smile forming on my lips- my brothers had such a big responsibility on Pluto, but the moment we land on another planet their inner children come out....

"Go draw a picture or something" I rolled my eyes and sat down.

My brothers where all trying to chew the almonds but where failing miserably because of the huge amount they managed to fit in. They all looked over at me like I was gonna help them.

"Y'all got yourself into this mess, now I'm gonna sit back and laugh at you" I smirked and they all sighed.

"Shcrew shis" Damien attempted to say 'screw this' before closing his eyes. The pod got hot and Damien's skin became a glowing orange colour before we heard a sizzling noise. After a minute or two of complete torture, Damien's skin returned to its normal colour and the pod was no longer scorching hot. He smiled triumphantly as he swallowed the paste he created in his mouth from the almonds he melted before skipping over to the chair next to me to join my amusing view.

"Thash ith" Dylan and Declan muttered before sputtering out all the almonds in their mouths onto the floor of the spaceship.

"Idiots!" I yelled before sighing and standing up to find something to clean it all up with. Lucky for me there was a broom on the other side of the spaceship, packed away gently. I pulled it out and proceeded to sweeping up all the disgusting almonds into a dustpan while my brothers watched amusingly. I scowled at them and threw all the almonds out onto poor Saturn.

"Amused?" I scowled at my brothers who laughed at my now permanent scowl "Very amused, dearest sister" Declan smiled and I shook my head before sitting down onto a chair across from my brothers.

"You guys should go out and train sometime" I told them. "If that stupid alienati invade Saturn too you'll need to be prepared".

"How do we know they'll even invade any other planet? Maybe they'll just go back to their spaceships and give up" Damien shrugged hopefully. Yes, I'm sure they'll just give up after realizing the people they came for to eliminate escaped.

"But what if they don't?" I started my long explanation. "The main reason to invade Pluto was to kill the Elementals- you three. They aren't just gonna let you get away with- getting away!" I paused to let it sink in.

"You could sit in here, get old and fat in hopes they won't attack us- or you could do the smart thing and go train so your all prepared for WHEN they attack" I told them with an eyebrow raised.

"Still not convinced, Cricket" Damien slouched into his chair. I sighed, time to pull out the bug guns.

"I guess when the time comes you'll all have to watch your poor little defenceless sister die in your arms because you didn't train for the worst" I sighed with a small shrug while walking over to the fridge. I knew that'd get them moving, and when I turned around my thoughts were correct. When I turned back around they were all already outside training- guess all they needed was a little realization...

I loved my brothers so much, and I know they'd do anything to protect me- but in all honesty there's about a 99.9 percent chance that I won't make it if the alienati invade...

Without any elemental powers, I'm about as tough as a pillow.

And me up against the alienati? Please! Those things run at an inhuman speed, they're as sly as a fox and they have retractable claws the size of freaking wolverines. The worst I could do is give them a paper cut.

"Cricket?" Declan asked while poking his head through the entrance of the ship. "Come out with us" he smiled, I returned the smile as fakely as I could.

"Yes, because after training I want to walk back into the ship beaten, battered and bruised" I said sarcastically with a small smirk formed on my lips.

He let out a deep chuckle before walking in and taking my hand "Won't let that happen, Cricket" he told me softly with a smirk, I narrowed my eyes at him and slapped his chest with my free hand "You idiot! Your crossing your fingers behind your back!!"

I raised an eyebrow and he burst out into a fit of laughter whilst I rolled my eyes.

"Seriously though... I won't let anything bad happen to you" he told me while looking straight into my eyes, no trace of humour or teasing in his eyes.

"Fine" I muttered, breaking eye contact. He smiled and dragged me out to the boys and I sat on the spaceships stairs as I watched them train.

Their training consisted mostly of aim, speed and battling against each other.

One of them would mark a circle in the dirt on the ground and then they'd all aim at it and shoot- but of course moving back farther every time they hit it perfectly. I watched and watched until I felt my eyes beginning to close because of tiredness.

I yawned and walked back into the ship before curling up onto an uncomfortable chair and closing my eyes- although the constant grunts from one of my brothers either being burned, swept of the ground and falling back down roughly or getting struck or splashed with ice or water kept me up. Soon enough they stopped and walked back into the spaceship to sleep as well, I was hoping I wouldn't be woken roughly because I was on the verge of falling asleep- but my brothers being my brothers.... That hope wasn't fulfilled.

"Watch where your putting your big feet!" One of my brothers whispered harshly- very loudly to another. "My feet are big? Look at yours!" Another one of my brothers yelled in a hushed tone.

"Would you both just shut up?" I grunted while looking over at my brothers- more specifically Damien and Dylan "Sorry!" They both yelled in a hushed tone before skipping over to their chairs.

I chuckled and rolled my eyes before Declan scooped me up bridal style into his arms and placed me on his lap "So how did we do, oh great wise one? Are we worthy of your judgement your majesty?" He asked with a smile, I chuckled softly.

"Yes, you'll all be my knights in shining armour..." I said so all of them could hear before curling up against Declan's chest and falling asleep.

The last thing I remember before falling into a dreamless sleep was one of my brothers muttering "I hope we are..." To my other two brothers.

I sure hope they can protect me too.... I sure hope...

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