Elemental Undecided

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Have you ever been swept off the ground, burned and soaked with water all in one hour? Welcome to my life!

"Fire freaking hurts Damien!" I pounced back to dodge an incoming blast of fire.

"Does it? I wouldn't know since I'm immune to the heat" he smirked. I gave him the middle finger in return.

"What about water?" Dylan smirked before spraying water all over me, from his hands! As much as I hate it when I'm his target, you can't tell me that isn't freaking awesome!I gave him the middle finger like I did to Damien.

"Hey Dakota! Think fast!" Declan yelled, I looked over at him before being swept off my feet. By the time I hit the ground- painfully may I add- I was about fifty feet away from my brothers, laying helplessly on the ground.

"Cricket?" I heard one of my brothers ask faintly in the distance. Let's have some fun with this... I smirked mentally. "Cricket!" Declan yelled worriedly, I stayed in my original position sprawled out on the ground and didn't make a sound.

"Dakota!" Damien yelled before I heard them all running over. "Quick! Get her into the spaceship!" Dylan yelled frantically as I felt myself being lifted off the ground. I was placed on a chair sideways moments later "What do we do?" Damien asked worriedly.

"Some ice cream would be great, don't ya think?" I opened my eyes.

"Dakota! Are you okay, I'm sorry! Really sorry!" Declan began rambling on while I held back a laugh. "Your face is red... And your eyes are tearing up..." Dylan said confused.

"Are you okay?" He asked. I burst out laughing and fell off the chair in the process.

"You weren't hurt... Were you..?" Dylan sighed, I slapped my knee and attempted to stop laughing "No... But you guys were all like 'ah! Cricket! Quick carry her to safety!'"

I wiped away any tears off of my face from crying and looked up at my brothers who all looked angry and confused at the same time.

"Please, I've lived with you three for how long? I can take a hit" I rolled my eyes "A lifetime of my ass literally being burned, my room becoming a swimming pool and me being swept off my feet- not in a good way either- makes all this seem normal".

"I'll be outside" I said simply while skipping down the steps to the dusty ground. I walked a little ways away from the spaceship before laying down on my back and looking up at the big ring of trash that floated around the planet, it was definitely a view to see- just not one you'd see on Pluto...

My thoughts instantly shifted from the space trash to my parents.

What if they're dead? Surely my brothers can't win this war alone, and I'm of no help whatsoever. What about the castle? Is that destroyed too? And how about every Plutonian on Pluto, they all lived in that castle...

"Cricket?" Declan lied down next to me "Your not mad are you?" He asked hesitantly. He seemed shocked at first when I rested my head on his chest but snapped out of it before he pulled me into him for a hug.

"Even if I was I couldn't stay mad that long" I mumbled, he chuckled softly.

"So what were you thinking about?" He whispered "Everything" I sighed while running a hand through my dirty hair.

"What if everyone's dead Dee?" My voice was shaky, he sighed and pulled me in tighter.

"I don't know Cricket..." He sighed.

"Well, we should probably go back to the pod soon- now" he cut himself off while jumping off the ground and grabbing me by the wrist "QUICK!!" He yelled. My gaze shifted to a familiar red blob approaching us at a quick speed.

Damien and Dylan emerged from the door "RUN!!" They both yelled in unison.

Me and Declan ran for our lives- well, I ran for my life while Declan ran next to me to keep me safe. But at the moment I could tell we wouldn't make it in time. The alienati were a lot faster, particularly because less than half of them were already here on the ground. I'm assuming they sent groups to search for us and they came a lot sooner than appreciated.

Dylan started spraying water out of his hands- super awesome!- and Damien started shooting balls of fire out of his hands- equally as awesome!- to spare us time which came in handy. I bolted up the steps and shut the door while all my brothers fought off the alienati, before running over to the closest window to watch the fight take place.

Damien shot an alienati in the face, making his face an even darker shade of red before the fire completely killed it.

Dylan froze like three of them at once before smashing the ice and their now crumpled up bodies.

Declan blew them up in the air before creating a force that smashed them back into the ground and repeated the process until the creatures died. It wasn't the best sight to see, but what was I supposed to do to pass the time? Count my toes?

I was watching as Declan finished off with his last target before a scream echoed around the pod. Fear shot through me as I looked around frantically, trying to see where the scream came from until I spotted Dylan lying on the ground with blood oozing out of his arm. Damien killed the last alienati and the boys rushed over to Dylan.

I wasted no time swinging the door open and darting towards my injured brother.

"DYLAN!!" I fell to my knees at his side. He had his eyes shut tightly while clutching his bloody arm in on of his hands, rocking back and forth slightly as he cradled his arm in his chest. "We've gotta stop the bleeding" I muttered while dashing back into the pod to find something to wrap around his arm. Soon enough I settled on one of Declan's shirts, and dashed back outside.

Dylan had already lost a lot of blood, but not enough to kill him as I reached him again. I quickly wrapped the shirt around his arm and tied it tightly so it wouldn't come undone.

He opened his eyes and looked at me with a small yet grateful smile before Damien and Declan stood up, pulling Dylan up with them. I jumped up and we all walked back to the pod silently.

As soon as we stepped into the pod, we all instantly said goodnight to each other before moving to our separate chairs to sleep. I curled up into the uncomfortable chair before closing my eyes.

"Make sure to move the spaceship and hit the invisible button" Damien reminded Declan.

"Wouldn't want any alienati creepin on us" he looked at me wide eyed at his comment. I chuckled and curled up into a chair farther before closing my eyes and falling into a dark abyss that we call sleep.

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