Elemental Undecided

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"Should we switch planets?" Damien questioned a shrugging Declan.

"I'm not sure, what if there's alienati already waiting on every other planet with oxygen?".

"We could go to earth..?"

"And put all the humans at risk? The alienati could wipe out their entire existence in the matter of minutes if they wanted to" Declan explained.

"But! The alienati signed a treaty! They're not allowed to step foot on earth" Damien pointed out with hope.

"You really think that's gonna stop them?" I jumped into their conversation. "They signed a treaty with us too, long ago. That didn't stop them from destroying Pluto" I reminded them and Declan nodded.

"I don't think we should be putting earth at risk, and plus it's not necessary for us to fly to earth yet" he reminded Damien. I knew if the time came, Declan would most definitely go to earth for our safety, but why would we put millions of lives at risk when it's not necessary?

"I guess you've got a point" Damien shrugged before focusing back on Declan who was looking at me.

"We should check out another planet, in invisible mode we could go check out Jupiter and see for oxygen..?" Dylan suggested and we all nodded before Declan sped off, leaving the big planet we'd only been on for a few days.

Jupiter here we come..!


We approached the big brown and orange planet that we'd hopefully be staying on for the next little bit- or as long as we could.

"I'll go this time, don't need any of you dying on me from lack of oxygen" Damien declared.

Declan landed the spaceship after flying around the planet to make sure there was no

alienati waiting for our arrival. He stood up and began his walk to the door. After the big metal door was opened, he launched himself onto the plain red sand and inhaled what we hoped was oxygen.

"We're good!" He shouted and we all exhaled in relief- we had nowhere else to go if Jupiter failed- well, except for Mars... And Uranus... And Mercury... And Venus... And Neptune... But that's beyond the point!

Mercury and Venus were both dangerously close to the sun- to the point where only Damien would be able to even approach them... Mars was fairly close to the sun so there was no telling how hot it could really be. Neptune was the closest to Pluto, meaning a huge danger zone for the four of us and we had no excuse for Uranus... Maybe just because the name of it was a bit odd...

We all hopped out of the ship and started walking around the large planet, scoping out the area to make sure no alienati's were waiting for us around the corner.

"Hopefully the alienati will leave us alone for long enough" Dylan grumbled.

"Wouldn't want you getting hurt on our watch again, now would we?" I said sarcastically with an added bonus of an eye roll.

"You sound lugubrious that he didn't die" Damien smiled proudly at the word he used.

"Woah! Big boy words Damien used... Where's the pocket dictionary?"

He snickered and whacked the back of my head, earning him a nice hard kick to the shins. "Ouch! That hurt!"

"Suck it up" I rolled my eyes

"Your being exasperating" he smiled triumphantly at his use of complicated words- I was almost one hundred percent sure he had no idea what he was saying... Just luck they're all right.

"Seriously... Where's the dictionary?"

"Stop being a pain in the ass" he grumbled. I swear, if looks could kill, Damien would already be six feet under.

"Dude, you better hope she doesn't get some awesome power to kill people by looking at them... Cause if she does I'm pretty sure your number one on her hit list" Dylan commented.

"My plan is to hit him hard when he least expects it... I could push him outside when he's sleeping and run him over thousands of times with the spaceship... Or I could push him outside and fly away. Either one works for me" I shrugged innocently.

"Declan! Dakotas threatening me!" Damien whined. Declan stopped walking and turned around.

"I'd be on board, I could use a break from your constant whining" he said simply before turning back around and walking off with us three trailing behind.

"Dylan? You'd help me right?" Damien whined.

"Yeah... Sure... Whatever helps you sleep at night" Dylan stated sarcastically.

"You guys are mean..." He pouted while crossing his arms.

A few seconds later, Damien collapsed on the ground dramatically while complaining he was to tired to continue. Declan sighed as did Dylan and I before we all sat down on the dirty orange ground, simply enjoying each others company in silence.

As I looked out into the dark void we call space, my mind drifted into a state of worry about Pluto and everything on it. I can just imagine the immense amount of destruction the alienati caused to the castle, the beautiful environment, the playgrounds for the grand amount of children, the training arena and last of all, the family's.

Ruining our home is one thing, but tearing family's apart is what really ruins a home. For me, it doesn't matter where I am, where I live or the environment- my family is what makes a house, even the crappiest house possible- a home.

As I stared at the horizon, I zoned out, not noticing my brothers trying to talk to me.





My head snapped back to my brothers who had used every name possible they'd ever called me before I finally realized they were talking. I offered them a small smile. "Sorry I was just thinking"

"About what?" Dylan asked. "Don't say it's nothing, I can tell your unhappy" he gave me a pointed look. And now I had the attention of all three of my brothers. My mouth opened as I was about to unleash my train of thoughts, but I quickly closed it.


I looked up at my brothers. "What... What do you guys think happened to Pluto? What about everyone that lived there? Familys.... Friends.... They could all be gone now and we wouldn't even know... For all we know we could be the last four remaining Plutonians! What if-" I ranted until a force shut my mouth and I could no longer open it.

I glared at Declan, telling him I was done ranting and he nodded.

The force had disappeared and I sighed a breath of relief. I despised it when he used that special ability on me....

"Cricket, I need you to close your eyes and take deep breaths" Declan said with a calm aura. After a bit of hesitation, I decided to listen and I closed my eyes.

"Now breathe in" I took a deep breath in through my nose. "Now breathe out" I exhaled as he told me to. Although I trusted my brothers with my life, I couldn't help but feel kinda untrusting with this method of calming me down.

"Good," he smiled at me and took my hands in his. "Cricket, the thing is we don't know the whereabouts of our friends and family, as much as I hate to admit. But you need to know that we will never leave you and even if we are the last Plutonians, it'll be okay".

With a small nod I pulled my hands out of his grasp and looked down at the ground.

"I-I just feel...." I sighed. "So useless! Everyone could be dying and there's nothing I can do about it!"

Once again I felt a force shut my mouth forcefully.

"You aren't useless!" Damien practically glared at me. "You're going to get your Elementals someday. Just not today."

No matter how many times they'd tell me that, some part of me would always say that I'm just a waste of space and when it came to it, I'd probably end up like the rest. I was completely and utterly useless.

I rolled my eyes. "That's not what dad seems to think"

They seemed to have known what I was talking about right away and they all looked equally as sad. Well, more like pity for me as always.

"Dad has no faith. But we do Kota" Dylan looked at me through his thick rimmed glassed perched on his nose. His eyes held sincerity as did my other brothers.

We sat there in silence once again, enjoying each other's company before Declan broke the silence. "You look tired, Kota. You guys ready to go to bed?" The boys all nodded.

"You mean go to chair?”

My brothers all looked at me as if saying to shut up. I smiled and Declan grabbed my hands to pull me up off the ground. We all walked back over to the pod and everything from there became a blur but the last thing I remember was being placed on someone's lap and falling asleep.

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