Elemental Undecided

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As soon as I woke up I could hear the hushed voices of my brothers talking outside the small pod. As quickly and quietly as possible, I slid on a pair of beat up white converse that weren't so white anymore and changed into a plain pair of grey tights and a black sweater I assumed belonged to one of the boys.

I slid over to the door of the pod and tried listening in to their hushed conversation, only to realize they had just finished it. The last and only thing I heard was, "So it's settled? We'll let her decide."

The sound of footprints commenced and I then realized they were approaching the same door I was standing by- if they caught me here they would for sure know I was trying to eavesdrop on their supposedly secret conversation.

I quickly yet somehow quietly jogged over to the fridge and opened the fridge door the moment the boys walked in. They looked over and smiled before sitting down in their separate uncomfortable plastic chairs. I made my way over to my chair with a yoghurt at hand and started eating.

My brothers all shared a glance with each other before slightly nodding at Declan. Declan looked over at me with a small smile before speaking up, clearing up my confusion. "We were all thinking about what you said yesterday"

Instantly I knew this would most likely be a long conversation.

"And we decided- if you want- that we'd teach you how to fight and defend yourself. We want you to know that even if by any, slim chance that you don't get your Elementals anytime soon, you won't be useless. Ever. I'm sure your a good little fighter" he smiled lightly at the end of his speech. And I put this offer under serious consideration for minutes before making my decision.

"Really?" I smiled at them.

They all smiled back hugely. "Of course, Cricket"

We all stood up once I finished off the last little bit of my yoghurt and made our ways out onto the dirty orange surface of Jupiter. We walked out away from the pod far enough that we'd have room to move and most likely ruin the ground.

Damien stopped directly in front of me and extended his arm out towards me, palm facing me with his fingers pointed to the air. "Punch me"

I looked up and looked at him like he was crazy. He rolled his eyes playfully and smiled from pure amusement before speaking up to clear my confusion. "Remember? I'm the strong one, it won't hurt me as much. And plus your punches are weak"

I glared at him before caving in and agreeing.

"Now. Punch me" he said, and I weakly slammed my fist into his palm which I'm pretty sure hurt me more than him. All of my brothers looked at me with a raised eyebrow as I smiled at them sheepishly. "Come on. You can do better than that!"

I tried again, this time putting a bit more force behind my punch, and slammed my fist into his palm once again, me still feeling more pain than Damien. Dylan sighed before coming behind me to reposition my arm. He pulled my arm back by my head and in slow motion showed me how to punch 'properly'.

Then with all my strength, I pulled my arm back like he instructed me to, and sent my fist flying forward right into Damien's palm.

I swear I heard at least two cracks from my fingers but the boys didn't seem to notice as they were already instructing me to do their next exercise.

What felt like a few hours later, the boys had already taught me a whole bunch of strategic defensive and offensive moves that would help me win a fight or at least delay it enough for my brothers to help.

"Jump!" Declan yelled as a blast of fire shot at my feet. I jumped up and tucked my knees as close to my chest as I could, the fire nipping at my feet.

Dylan put the fire out in a split second and as soon as my feet touched the ground, I bent over and placed my hands on my knees while panting heavily. "Why do I get- *pant* -the feeling- *pant* - that you guys are- *pant* -just doing this for your own- *pant* -amusement now?" I could barely muster a sentence.

The triumphant smiles on their faces were seen clearly.

"Gotta have a little fun with this now don't we?" Damien sent me a smug smile.

I glared at him right before a pool of water sprayed directly at my face. An excruciatingly long ten seconds later, I could officially glare at Dylan without water filling my eyes or nostrils.

"Hate you all!" I yelled while walking over to the pod.

I could hear them talking and laughing a little bit behind me as I made my long journey to the pod, but I knew they were following behind me as distant the voices seemed to sound the farther I walked and soon enough, I reached the pod.

My first move was to pull my wet clothes off my body and change into dry comfy ones so I could go to sleep. I easily pulled on a pair of black yoga pants and a blue tank top and I walked over to my small plastic chair while my brothers made their way to the pod.

As I sat down, I looked at the glass window and the huge empty black space on the other side, but oddly, there were three ripples in the sky. I just continued to stare directly at the ripples before the cruel harsh reality dawned on me.

Those weren't three ripples in the dark sky.

They're three symmetrical claw marks from the alienati.

And they certainly weren't there this morning.

My heart dropped and face paled as I got closer to the window and noticed the fresh drops of blood on the sil which were luckily on the outside of the pod. In that instant, I couldn't hold my cool anymore. So, I did what any normal Plutonian would do in this situation.

I screamed.

And literally a mere second or two later, my brothers swing the door open and barge in, their eyes immediately turning the colour of the specs in their eyes.

Another unordinary weird thing about Elementals. Their eyes change to the colour of the specs in their eyes when they feel threatened, scared, angry or in battle.

"Kota! What's wrong?!" Declan yelled, instantly pulling me towards him.

I only pointed to the window and waited until they figured it out themselves. They sigh a breath of relief when they see I'm alright and their eyes change back as they inspect the window. "I think we should just go to bed and talk about it in the morning. It's obvious now the alienati are keeping track of where we are and there's not much we can do about it" Declan sighed.

I nodded and moved to my chair until Damien spoke up.

"Guys.... Look at this" he holds up a note at the front of the pod and my heart drops as he reads it. "You can run, but you can't hide. Remember, we're always watching..."

Well damn.

Looks like the alienati were smarter than we contemplated.

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