Elemental Undecided

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"Wait! Do that again, but pretend you're shooting it at an alienati" the boys were outside training. They were creating special attacks where they put all of their powers together in case they need to eliminate a huge group of alienati at once.

I threw on a pair of black leggings and a neon pink cool gear shirt. Jupiter was hot.

As soon as I finished my yoghurt and threw on my white converse that were now stained orange from the gross dusty ground, I hopped out of the pod and walked over to where my brothers were shooting the ground all at the same time, creating a large spiral of the three elements.

"Hey Cricket" Declan greeted without even looking my way.

"Morning baby"

"Sleeping beauty has been awoken"

All of my brothers greeted me, none of them glancing my way. I sat down and watched them throw together many different techniques, creating many awesome special attacks. Maybe if they continue creating these, we could have the upper hand for a while.

"So, what planet are we changing to now?" I asked curiously as Damien and Dylan both shot fire and ice together while Declan blew the huge chunk of icey fire where their target would be.

"We were thinking Venus. It's very close to the sun, meaning were taking a big risk, but if there is oxygen the alienati would never guess" Declan explained his theory. I nodded, understandingly.

"So when are we going?" I asked.

Declan shrugged. "Most likely when we're done training"

Maybe twenty minutes later of them grunting and shooting the ground, they all decided to take a break and came and sat next to me. "That last one was pretty cool- the one where you all struck the ground at the same time"

"Thanks baby, although I've gotta say my favourite is where Declan and I combine our powers" Damien announced before staring directly at my left wrist. "What'd you write on your arm?"

I regarded him curiously. "What do you mean? I didn't write on my arm..."

Grabbing my arm, Damien read out loud what was written on my arm in red ink. "See how easy it is to get my hands on your neck..."

"Oh my god. Is that written with blood!" I screeched, ripping my arm out of his grasp. I stared at my red stained arm, contemplating whether it was blood or red ink from a pen.

"Forget about that! What do they mean by get their hands around your neck!" Dylan yelled while pushing my hair aside to reveal a large slash on the side of my neck, most likely done with one of their large knives for claws.

"That wasn't there last night..." I said, a sentiment of uneasiness settling in the pit of my stomach. Instantly, I knew what this meant. The alienati could get in and out of our ship unnoticed, wrap their hands around my neck, and to put it easily- kill me.

"That's it. Were leaving now" Declan announced, pulling me to my feet. He dragged me behind him quickly seeing as i was still in shock from the whole hands around my neck thing while I was sleeping.

Declan pushed me into my chair and pulled a buckle around my waist before jumping over into his chair as my brothers also buckled up. As soon as Declan was ready, he turned the ship invisible and sped off in the opposite direction of where we wanted to go. I knew that his plan was to start by going that way to lose any aliens that were following us, if there were any following us, before changing directions.

"Is that...?" I trailed off, pointing to a small red blob back on Jupiter as we flew away.

"Yes it is Kota. They've been watching us closely this whole time" Dylan muttered, realization dawning on now just him. "They've been waiting for the prefect moment to strike, when we're all at our weakest"

"I didn't think the alienati even thought about a plan! I though they just decided when they wanted to attack and where! Not wait until you three were in a vulnerable state!" I sighed, realizing this meant more than one petty battle. No, this was war.

"We're all shocked, baby. But I promise it'll get better" Declan tried comforting me.

It was silent for the next half an hour until we reached Venus. Declan- using his head- did a quick lap of the area with the ship before landing the ship on the small planet compared to Jupiter. I unbuckled and walked over to the window closest to the door as did my two other brothers while Damien quickly swung open the door and pounced onto the ground.

He inhaled what I hope was oxygen, and for a split second he seemed okay, signalling the planet had oxygen. Dylan and Declan went back to their seats, discussing what our next move would be while I stayed by the window and waited for Damien to come back in.

But the only thing I could see him doing was struggling to get back to the pod. At first, I thought nothing of it. But then his face started turning into an unsettling blue, and I knew Venus had no oxygen.

"DAMIEN!" I yelled while swinging the door open.

Dylan and Declan hopped up as I jumped out of the pod, holding my breath. I grabbed Damien's arms and pushed him over to Dylan and Declan who threw him into the pod and as soon as I started moving, I tripped on a rather large red rock resting on the ground and had the wind knocked out of me as I landed roughly on the ground.

Declan motioned for me to get up and hurry, and almost looked pained as I took a large breath of what he thought was nothing. But I wasn't at a lack of oxygen. I could breathe, even without oxygen.


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