Elemental Undecided

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I can breathe! I don't need oxygen to survive... Holy crap Ive discovered one of my special abilities!

I looked over at Declan, Dylan and Damien who were still in the pod, regarding me with absolute worry. I laughed and grinned like the grinch before jogging up the stairs to the ship. I swung the door open and closed it just as fast behind me. Just because I could breathe out there doesn't mean they can.

"Jesus Christ Dakota! You scared us! You can't stay out there that long, you'll run out of air" Declan pulled me into his embrace and soon, I was in Damien's grasp.

"I love you more than anything for saving me and all, but put yourself at risk again like that and I'll kill you" Damien said, exhaling a sigh of relief that I was okay.

I couldn't help but wonder if they thought I was smiling and laughing because I was on the verge of death or if they knew I found one of my special abilities.

By the look on Dylan's face, I could tell he understood. Then again, Dylan is the smart one of us siblings.

"Congratulations!" He laughed as I jumped on him and gave him a hug. We both continued laughing and I couldn't help the huge smile that formed on my face from excitement. Declan and Damien looked at me like I was celebrating my near death experience until Dylan spoke and realization dawned on them.

"See! We told you you'd find your special ability soon! You just had to be patient!" He smiled largely. I looked up at him, my eyes sparkling from my excitement. Then, in that moment was when Declan and Damien clued in.

"You found your special ability!" Damien smiled.

I nodded happily. "I don't need oxygen to breathe"

"That's awesome! So if I were to ask you to retrieve the pen I accidentally kicked out of the ship during all of this chaos..." Declan rubbed the back of his neck with a smile. I shook my head with a large smile before walking to the door to retrieve Declan's favourite pen.

After I retrieved the pen, I walk back into the ship to see the boys already in discussion of whether or not it would be safer here or on Uranus or Mars. Since I was the only one that could actually last on this planet, they weren't sure. And we only had a limited amount of oxygen left in the tank.

"Well, if we were to stay on another planet, we could fill up the tank, right? But if we stay here and run out we're screwed" Dylan paused. "If we run out of oxygen, we'd need to fly to the closest planet as fast as possible which would be earth. If we tried to land on earth who knows how many people would see us"

"Agreed, but with the amount of oxygen we have left, we could most likely last close to a week. A week of safety and security sounds nice to me" Damien tried to reason with Dylan.

"That is correct, but what happens if the alienati checks this planet and busts the tank. Then we'd for sure be screwed" Dylan argued. I could tell if this argument went on any longer, someone would either end up burned or soaked.

"Oh I see. You think because you were gifted with super intelligence you're the one who's always right-" I cut Damien off before he could bicker with Dylan further.

"Okay, how about this, we stay here for a few days, don't go out and keep your oxygen masks unused for emergency that meaning if we get attacked by the alienati you'll have a source of oxygen to last until we get to the nearest planet that isn't earth. After a few days- meaning three or four if possible- we'll head to Mars and fill the tank with oxygen before finding our next planet. Good enough plan for you geniuses?" They both grumbled a quiet 'whatever' and started talking about random crap.

"Nice plan, but I found a few extra masks shoved in this panel here, so that should give us a few hours in total for training" Declan told me. I nodded, proud of my plan before Declan stood up and handed each of them a mask to go train.

"You coming Cricket? We could pick back up on the self defence?" He offered.

I contemplated the idea in my head for a few seconds before following them out onto the light brownish terrain of Venus. "Okay, so we're gonna pick up where we left off" Declan announced.

I nodded, getting in my fighting stance. Declan pulled his arm back and swung his fist forward gently, making sure he wouldn't actually hit me and I stepped to the side, grabbed his arm and gently twisted it behind his back before making the motion of pushing his hand towards his back.

They made the last step of that move up, seeing as since the alienati have long claws, if you were to twist their wrist inward, you could stab and kill them with their own claws before they can retract them.

He made me practice that move a few more times on each side before moving on to teach the next one. This one was similar to the first, but it was if something was trying to kick me. He swung his leg up close to my head where someone would land a blow to knock me out, slow enough for me to grab his leg and knock him on his back.

After another ten of those, he finally decided to move on to the next move where he had to teach me how to punch properly again since I had already forgotten. I kept on putting my thumb in the palm of my hand when I'd try to punch, and apparently that's a good way to break or fracture your thumb so.

He took both of my hands in his and started talking, teaching me everything I needed to know. "So when you punch you can't hit them like this or else you'll most likely break your hand-"

He kept on talking, but I wasn't listening. I was zoned out, starting at something moving closer and closer behind him. The other two boys didn't see since their backs were also to him.

"Declan!" I yelled before gripping his hands and pulling him to my side. Once he was out of the way, I swung my leg up and smashed my foot into an aliens face- a face that was way to close to Declan for my liking.

It fell to the ground unconscious, it's claws retracting until they were no more.

I had no idea what my brothers were thinking as we circled the body that resembled the form of a dead corpse, but all I could think about was how we might've just found ourselves some answers.

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