Elemental Undecided

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"Tell I us what you know!" Damien snapped angrily after a long period of silence. But even as Damien ignited fire in his hands, the lone alienati kept quiet. Frightened, but undoubtedly quiet.

"Listen here buddy- you are in no position to be silent. In just a matter of seconds we could have you burned alive or frozen to death, so if I were you I'd speak up and give us the answers we want" Declan said threateningly.

We were still getting nowhere. Somehow, this alien must've thought keeping quiet would do him better than speaking.

"I SAID SPEAK YOU WORTHLESS DEVIL!" Declan finally snapped and slammed his fist on the arm of the chair. At this point I kinda felt bad for the poor alien- he looked like he was seconds away from tears from how frightening Declan was.

Declan was an unnatural shade of red, Damien was a natural shade of red from anger and Dylan's palms were turning a shade of icey blue. All of their eyes were there Elemental colours, meaning they were about to go ballistic.

Declan pulled his arm back, his fist in a ball ready to knock the poor red creature out with one blow, and I knew I had to do something about this.

"STOP!" I growled so loud like a dog I swear the entire ship shook. "ALL OF YOU OUTSIDE NOW!"

"Not gonna happ-"

"OUT!" I chucked them each a mask before forcing them out to cool down- literally in Damien's case. As soon as the door was shut behind them, I turned and pulled a chair directly in front of the one the alien was in before giving him a friendly smile.

Hey, just because he's our captive doesn't mean I have to be mean and nasty.

"Hi, I'm Dakota" I smiled, but all he did was stare and stay silent. Although, he seemed to have calmed down from the previous events. "I'm really sorry about my brothers, they're just feeling pressured and on the inside I can tell they're scared"

He tilted his head slightly, as if to tell me he understood what I was saying.

"Do you speak English?" I suddenly thought of the possibility he spoke another language. I couldn't tell if he was going to talk or continue to stare until he broke the silence with a few words from a language I knew very well.


"Salve Dakota, imo etiam non potest intelligi aliquid loqui anglicus" (hello Dakota,no I do not speak English, although I can understand it a bit)

I nodded before engaging more into the conversation. "Quid est nomen tibi?" (What is your name?)

"Aryeh" he said simply. Aryeh was a bit of an odd name to me, but then again I'm not a miniature red alien with extendable claws like the wolverine. Plus, Dakota must seem like an odd name to him too.

Then, I continued to speak to him. He might not like these next questions, but if I can get enough useful information out of him- maybe I could actually be useful to my brothers.

"Aryeh audire, intelligo istam notitia si non potueritis solvere, sed tu non indicasti mihi, et quid nos vultis auferre super nostra tellure?" (Listen Aryeh, I understand if you can not tell me this bit of information, but why do you want to eliminate our planet and all of us that live on it?)

He started at me blankly for a few seconds, as if he was in thought on what to tell me.

"nos quid faciemus ut operemur opera domini, domini et vindictae" (we do whatever the master wants us to do, and the master wants revenge)

My brothers walked in at that minute, calmer than they were before. As soon as they noticed me talking to Aryeh, they stopped in their spots and silently listened to our conversation in awe.

"exspectat ut ducem? ego credebam te esse omnes aequales? Ut omnes unum sit?" (wait, so you have a leader? i thought you were all equals? that you all thought as one?)

"Nihil" (no) he said simply as if it were no big deal.

"ita et vos facite pulchellus ultum aliquis elses iubente? et quod dominus non vult vindicare? nec nos aliquid facere iniuriam?" (so you pretty much do someone elses biddings? and why does the master want revenge? did we do something wrong?)

At this point I was so confused. Who is the master and why does he want revenge on us? Did the Plutonians ever do something wrong? I mean, yeah we've killed many alienati that have stepped on our planet but only because they all had bad intentions.

"et venient" (They're coming)

"Who's coming? cujus adventum, Aryeh?" I asked, suddenly confused and in panic mode. Someone can't be any good.

"Et venient. veniunt, dum adhuc potest ire" (they're coming. Go, go while you still can) he said urgently. Then it clicked- the alienati were coming. He was warning us.

"gratias Aryeh. nescio quomodo tu fuisti nobis prodest" (thank you Aryeh, you don't know how helpful you've been to us) I said with complete honesty.

Quickly, I snatched Declan's pocket knife out of his hand and cut the ropes we tied around his wrists behind Aryehs back so he couldn't harm us and then the ropes around his ankles so he couldn't run. As soon as I cut the ropes, he stood up and stared me dead in the eyes.

"tantum ut qui proximi Domino, intelligit quid sibi vult vindicare. nescio potissimum nos autem sequimur." (Only those closest to the master understands why he wants revenge. Most of us don't know, but we still follow him) he walked over to the door before turning back around to face me again.

"fortuna melioribus velit lucidus utinam ego positiva posterum, Dakota" (I wish you the best of luck and wish a bright and positive future for you, Dakota)

With that he jumped out of the ship and started slowly ascending up to a huge red blob in the dark void around us. They're coming, was all that rung through my brain.

"Declan! G-get us out of here!" I snapped back to reality, as did the three boys.

Declan ran over to the main chair that was at the front of the ship where the control panel and operative systems were. He quickly clipped his buckle before hitting the invisibility button rather harshly and flying us out of there without running into harms way.

I curled up onto my seat and hugged my knees to my chest once we were out of sight of the alienati and closed my eyes. I could tell my brothers were itching to hear everything I got out of Aryeh from the beginning, but they'd just have to wait until tomorrow.

"Maybe not all aliens are bad..." Was all I said before falling into a dark abyss of sleep.

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