The New Plague

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Chapter 6

Arthur and Darcy looked at the beast of a machine that was in front of them. It was formerly a bus but now resembled to a small tank. It was painted black, with sheets of metal covering the windows and the windshield had metal bars running across it. The team was assembled at the door way, and Butch and his boys were staying behind to guard the place. They agreed that Rick was driving because he was the only one with any form of driving skills, and the rest would keep lookout and move any debris. Jack rode up front with Rick and the rest of the kids took a position near a window. The team consisted of Jack, Rick, Kyle, Lewis and skirmishers, Matt and ten others from the brawler group. They were making quick progress but Rick was worried about the masses of grown-ups shuffling after them. Any of the infected that got to close were quickly shot down by Matt who was using a .44 Magnum, he had four packets of ammo next to him and they had more in the gun bag. They had taken plastic food crates to load up with ammo and also several backpacks with some tinned food inside. Half an hour later the army base was in sight, but as they crept closer they saw small figures running around with sticks. As they got closer Rick realised they were carrying guns. As they approached the military checkpoint there was a guard in the guard booth, he was tall and blonde haired with a big nose,

“You guys travelling alone?” he asked in a deep voice, the boy was probably sixteen or seventeen.

Rick nodded, “Yeah, we thought there’d be no one here but looks like we were wrong.”

The guard laughed, “Yeah, we moved into here about two days ago.”

Rick made a pouting face, “Oh, so I guess there won’t be any luck for us getting ammo?” he asked.

The guard shook his head, “Unless you were willing to trade food for the ammo, no there isn’t any luck. Our leader, Ethan, has got everything locked up in the bunker, and only his special bodyguards have open access. The rest of us have gotta get special permission.”

Rick nodded, he could see the guard wanted to help but knew he was powerless to do anything, “Oh well, we’ll just head back to base I guess.”

The guards looked interested, “Where are you guys holed up?” he asked.

Rick lowered his voice, “We’re in the mall, straight down Ticker Street, its fortified and we have round the clock guards so don’t come raiding us.”

The guard laughed again then looked serious, “To tell you the truth I don’t really want to stay here, Ethan only gives us enough food to stop starvation. I haven’t eaten properly since this whole thing started. I’ll try and get you guys as much ammo as I can, but you guys have gotta wait a block or so away, and I’ll catch up to ya after, there’s about four other that want to come too, and two of em are Ethan’s elites.”

Rick smiled, things were turning around for them. “What if I send two of my people in with you to help carry more?” Rick asked.

The guard shook his head, “Everyone here knows each other too well, they’ll ask questions, just hang tight.” The guard turned away.

“What’s your name?” Rick called.

“Justin.” he called back.

Rick quickly explained the situation to the others, and then they left to the rendezvous point.

Three hours of painful waiting later, Jack could see figures running towards them.

“They’re here!” Jack called.

Everyone got up and looked out the window,

“And they’re not alone,” Rick said in a serious voice, “They got grown-ups on their tails, everyone who can fight, get out, and help, skirmishers, stay at a distance as always, we can’t lose you guys.”

And with that everyone ran about. The boys were being chased down by five men, who must have been fitness addicts, they weren’t as affect by the disease and muscles rippled beneath their tattered and filthy sports gear.

“Take them down!” Rick yelled.

The skirmishers pelted them with arrows and rocks but the grown-ups didn’t seem to notice, Jack wondered if they could even feel pain. Jack aimed down his sniper sight, deep breath, and then fire. Just as Earl had taught him, but the bullet only got the grown up in the leg, he stumbled over but quickly recovered. Now it was time the brawlers did their work, the grown-ups were injured but still a threat. The four army camp boys jumped on the bus with the ammo then came out holding a strange assortment of weapons, knives, axes and even a spiked sledgehammer. They bellowed a fearsome war cry and charged the grown-ups, with quick slashes and blows from their weapons they went down fast but more were advancing up the road.

“Quickly,” Rick yelled, “to the bus!”

The group of boys ran to the bus and soon they were thundering down the road to the mall.

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