Children of Lesser Gods or Cocone Den Tetepontic Teteoh

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I have only just begun to live...

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1. Tlaloc Goes to the Zoo

Cocone Den Tetepontic Teteoh

Children of Lesser Gods

1 Tlaloc goes to the Zoo

I sat there at the Santa Ana Zoo thinking…what did she mean when she said she wanted to be Mrs. Gibbons. Is this a reference to her belief I’m a racist and she going to marry a black dude because I go around referring to dark-skinned men as apes without someone telling me…have you ever noticed that black dudes act like apes…

I studied anthropology…I am an Ape. Human beings are members of the Great Ape family. I would love to explain how I wished society could be more just and kind to everyone.

It never made sense that anyone would be jealous of me because a woman wanted me. Like did the neighbors in Southern California just want to make sure my life was shit so they could feel better, about their shit lives? Like when you go visit mentally handicap people because it makes you think…At least I’m able to understand the concept of money…and the schizophrenic among us say: that’s incredibly mean, that is a human being with feelings and you only befriended this person because you feel better about not being retarded. You didn’t go to the home of the man who suffers from cystic fibrosis seeking genuine friendship you went there to think to yourself at least ‘I can walk’…

It has come to my attention that some of the other Ghosts are trying to create progeny. These children, if you will, are not exactly like their Ghost parents. They are formless…shifting shapes in a blob and taking the animals, aliens or sentient beings like a ghost possessing its host. They try to physically bond but just like the Ghosts they feed on the life force of animal and sentient beings. The Ghosts feed in order to travel through Space/Time while these children feed to sustain their life. These parasites or symbiotes inhabit the planet at the end of Space/Time. I plan to ask Quetzalcoatl to take me to the extremely distant past where the other Ghosts are placed these symbiotes to care for them as one might keep animals in a zoo or children in a school. I fear these creatures may become a plague on the universe.

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