More Than Just a Clanker

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Chapter 3 - Into The Breach

In Hyperspace

Destination: Planet Krant, Krant System of Bothan Sector

21st Fleet of The Confederate Navy

Fleet Makeup:

- 8 Munificent-class Star Frigates

- 2 Recusant-class Light Destroyers

- 6 Diamond-class Cruisers

- 1 Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship

- 1 Providence-class Cruiser/Carrier (Flagship)

- Multiple squadrons of Vulture Droids and Hyena-class Bombers

- Multiple C-9979 Landing Craft

Flagship: General ST-ED’s Modified Providence-class Cruiser/Carrier “Illusionist”

After having been assigned his own fleet, ST-ED had immediately gotten to work on several modifications that would be implemented to the cruiser working as his flagship. Firstly the bridge was removed completely as a structural weakness and its purpose was taken over by a Command & Control Center built deep within the ship’s superstructure.

This modification ensured that the ship couldn’t be easily taken out of action by simply having its bridge bombed into oblivion like his own bombers had done to one of the Republic’s own cruisers in the previous battle when they were able to cripple the entire ship with just two bombers that took out the bridge towers.

Other modifications included more energy-efficient engines that could last longer without a refueling, secondary shield generators were added to provide an additional layer of shielding in case the primary one was taken out. Finally the ship had its primary life support system functions removed because they were found to be unnecessary on a ship crewed entirely by droids.

Additional modifications to the ship’s armament had been under planning but the droids were unable to get them started due to being called back to action by Count Dooku himself to assist General Tann who was being hunted down by the Jedi.

And that was why they were currently heading towards a forest-covered planet known as Krant that was located in the Krant system of Bothan Sector.

“Contact with General Tann’s forces was lost almost four hours ago, since then we’ve heard nothing coming in or out of the system.” OOM-29’s hologram explained to the projections of the other droid officers assembled around the holographic table displaying the map of the star system they were heading in.

“Do we have any intelligence on the enemy numbers?” ST-ED asked as he stood in the middle of his ships CCC, observing the projection of the map through the holo-comm projector.

“The enemy only seems to have a small fleet there, but they have most likely landed most of their troops by now. Unless the enemy has gotten reinforcements we should be able to overpower their space forces.”

“Excellent, after we sweep the Republic fleet from the face of the galaxy we must immediately begin landing troops, we don’t have much time to waste if we are to ensure General Tann’s survival.”

“Rules of engagement?” One of the other command droids OOM-35, asked.

“Take no survivors…”

“Roger, roger.”

“General, we are about to enter the system.” One of the pilot droids operating the navigation consoles reported to the group.

“Affirmative, everyone prepare for battle, you are dismissed.” ST-ED said with a nod as the rest of his fleet’s officers exited the conversation.

With his hands clasped behind his back, he leaned over one of the pilot droids who was operating the navigational console at a speed only a droid could to observe as his ship came out of hyperspace and into the Krant system where a Republic fleet was already waiting for them.

“Raise shields, and prepare our weapons for battle.” The droid general ordered calmly as the blue pilot droids frantically got to work.

Through the droid network he began issuing orders once more to rapidly coordinate his fleet’s movements.

‘Launch all fighters and bombers.’

‘When within minimum effective range, concentrate fire on the base of the lead destroyer’s bridge towers.’

‘Vultures, protect the bombers while they destroy the enemy frigates and assault ships’ engines.’

‘Gather all diamond-class vessels around the flagship and droid control ship to protect them from enemy bombers.’

As he got the replies through the network, he simply opted to observe as the two fleets clashed with each other.

Through the video feed coming from the various sensors spread around the ships, he could see the Munificents closing in on the single Venator of the enemy’s fleet with their guns blazing, quickly depleting the hostile vessel’s shields before starting to pound its hull to pieces. Blowing up gun emplacements on both starboard and port side and destroying the crew areas with guided proton torpedoes in addition to collapsing the two bridge towers and removing any control the crew had of the ship’s movements.

Meanwhile hundreds of fighters and bombers were keeping the rest of the enemy fleet busy so the droid fleet’s frigates could easily overwhelm the single destroyer with their sheer numbers.

Only a half an hour into the battle and already the Republic had lost three of their ships including the Venator, which after having lost all control of its movements had briefly become a new star in the sky as an explosion in the engine department tore the large ship in half.

And all of it was achieved with no casualties on the droid side outside of the destroyed fighters and bombers, but ST-ED considered those casualties acceptable since they were more easily replaceable than entire ships.

‘Finish off the remaining Acclamators and begin landing our troops on the ground.’ The droid general ordered and as the Recusants and the Illusionist joined up with the frigates to take care of the remaining assault ships, the single Lucrehulk and the all of the Diamond-class ships moved past them to land their ground forces on to the planet below.

OOM-29 who was commanding the droid control ship also got on board the C-9979 landing craft as it took off from the hangar bay to head groundside on Krant.

Their landing site was the fortress that General Tann was using as her base of operations on the planet, from there they would be able to launch a counter-attack against the Republic forces.

Mustafar, Mustafar System of Atravis Sector

Detention Center Z941 “Paradise Island”

In addition to housing criminals and people who paid their debts with prison time, the Clone Wars had given the quite ironically named Z941 “Paradise Island” detention center a new job of housing prisoners of war, whether they were clone troopers that had been captured in the midst of fighting or the natural-born men and women of various species that had been commanding and fighting alongside those clones before their capture.

Amongst the new arrivals to the already quite cramped prison were Kess and Funn alongside other clone troopers from the battle of Raxus Prime that had only ended about a week prior to their arrival to the prison.

After going through a full check-up for any hidden items each of the clones were given a prison uniform and escorted to the detention area where they were given a place to stay in cells already filled to the brim with their brethren from previous battles, the clones were treated almost like cattle as they were forced inside the cramped space that had the beds already filled and some were forced to sleep on the floor.

Kess and Funn were both one of the unlucky ones who had to sleep side-to-side with their brethren on the floor that barely had any free space for movement due to being so cramped.

“This is ridiculous, I can’t believe they treat us like this.” Kess mumbled in frustration as he stood and watched from behind the ray shield as the remaining natural-borns were being escorted to the next area, which was reserved almost exclusively for them.

“You and me both, I even heard rumors from some of the long-time inmates about screams coming from the medical wing. They say the guys who go there always come up all shivering and quiet like they’ve seen the face of the devil himself.” Funn said as he tried to sit comfortably on the cold metal floor.

“You think they’re torturing them? Doing some sort of sick kriffin’ medical experiments on them?”

“I don’t know, not for certain.”

“Hey shut up down there we’re trying to catch some sleep before the next work shift starts.”

“Work shift?” Kess asked.

The clone who was sleeping on the top bed of the two-deck next to the ray shield got up and sat on the edge of the bed.

“You new guys haven’t heard yet? Each day the Seps put everyone inside the prison to work in the local mines, you are given food according to how much work you do, which is measured in how much mineral you can mine from the soil. If you don’t work, you won’t eat. That’s how the deal goes here.” The un-shaved trooper said as he looked at the two newcomers with dark bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep.

“Oh yeah, name’s “Rig” by the way, because I like rigging things to blow. What about you?”

“I’m Kess.”

“And I’m Funn.”

“Nice to meet you both. Now, I’d recommend you get some sleep too because you’re gonna need all the energy you can muster when the shift begins.” Rig says as he lies back on his bed and closes his eyes.

Kess and Funn looked at each other for a while before they nodded and lied down on the floor themselves to catch some well-needed shut-eye.

Surface of Krant

Edge of The Wookie Encampment Used By The Republic

OOM-29 had a hard time coordinating all of the troops that were on the ground with his limited processing power as the Republic was constantly pushing back against them with their Jedi General Echuu-Shen-Jon leading the charge, he was determined to free his padawan from the captivity of the CIS forces at all costs.

General ST-ED had told the command droid to hold the line at all costs while he attempted to convince the Chiss General of the foolishness of her plan to duel with the Jedi master one-on-one.

“General Tann, I strongly advice you to seize your suicidal actions before you get you and all of your forces killed.” The tactical droid explained his opinion calmly to the Sith lady who was unconvinced.

“No, I don’t need your help droid, I don’t even know why you are here to begin with…”

“…I was sent here by the orders of Count Dooku to ensure your continued survival against the Republic forces.”

“I…have…the situation…under…control.” Tann said in a threateningly low voice.

“If you are not willing to see the benefit of my suggestion then I suppose I must make you see it. General Tann, as of this moment I am relieving you of command of all Droid Army forces on planet Krant.” The droid stated in his almost characteristically calm and neutral voice.

That caused something to snap in the normally calm Chiss lady’s mind as her eye began to twitch and the expression on her face turned into one of utter rage.

“I WILL NOT BE USURPED BY A MERE DROID!” She shouted as she began producing what would normally be lethal amounts of force lightning from her fingertips and aimed it towards ST-ED who simply stood unimpressed as he raised his energy shield to protect himself.

A large dust cloud formed between the two as the amount of lightning began increasing until Sev’rance couldn’t sustain it anymore and collapsed on her knees in exhaustion.

As the dust settled she looked to see the form of ST-ED who was still standing, fully active and no visible damage on his droid body.

The droid simply shook his head in disappointment before he used the boosters in his legs charge towards his opponent and after a series of quick and powerful punches, knock her to the ground.

After she got off the dusty floor, she activated her deep red lightsaber and charged at the droid in a moment of rage-filled bloodlust.

But she was shocked beyond belief as she saw her lightsaber short out as soon as it hit the droid’s body, who turned to look at her straight in the eye and shake his head again.

“I am most unimpressed by your simplistic tactics, you should have realized that a droid as informed and intelligent as me would take precautions when facing against force users after the incident on Geonosis. Which is why I covered every bit and part of my durasteel body with cortosis and EMP-protective materials.” The droid officer said as he rose the Sith lady up into the air by her throat with nothing but his right hand.

“It is unfortunate I still have a battle to win on this planet so I’ll have to leave you to the company of my troops until the fight with the Republic is over.” The droid said in a creepily calm tone as he continued choking the weakened dark acolyte. “Good night, General Tann.” He said as he struck his left fist hard on her head, knocking her out cold.

“Put a force-supression collar on her and take her to somewhere… safe.” He ordered a pair of super battle droids who had been guarding the doorway to the room the two had been conversing in.

The two battle droids complied their orders and began dragging the unconscious chiss away while ST-ED contacted his second-in-command.

‘OOM-29, status report.’

‘We’re pulling back, sir. The enemy’s Jedi commander is cutting through our lines like nothing, we need support or a better plan.’ The command droid reported while his AAT was being fired upon by the Republic’s Saber tanks.

‘It’s a good thing I have a plan then, retreat back towards the fortress and be ready when I require you.’

‘Roger, roger.’

After the exchange, he went to see where the Jedi master’s Padawan that the General Tann had captured, finding her in a cage with her hands tied behind her back by handcuffs and a force-supression collar locked tightly around her neck.

She showed clear signs of beating on her face in form of swelling, a bloodied nose and a black eye as she turned to look at the tactical droid with an empty look in her eyes.

“What do you want with me…?”

ST-ED didn’t answer he simply ordered the two super battle droids guarding the cage to open it and escort the prisoner with him to the small medical center used mainly by the Geonosian warriors present in the fortress alongside the droid forces.

After arriving there, he once again used the network to order the 2-1B surgical droid to sedate the Jedi, who didn’t really have the power left to struggle as the needle was stuck into her neck.

‘I need you to perform a quick surgical procedure on her to implant something inside her body, how fast can you do that?’

‘It depends, where do you want to implant and how big is the object being implanted.’

‘I need a grenade-sized explosive to be implanted somewhere in the stomach area alongside her other organs.’

‘That shouldn’t take too long, it should be done in approximately ten to fifteen minutes whether you want me to save time or her immune system from infections.’

‘I’ll take the quicker option, hold on a minute.’ ST-ED said as he ran towards the armory to retrieve a powerful Class-A thermal detonator, which he then quickly modified by removing the timer and replacing it with a remote detonation trigger, linked to his own systems.

Coming back, he handed the detonator to the surgical droid who quickly got to work on his sedated victim, cutting open a large section of the Jedi’s skin around the stomach area and opening up the organ in question with a scalpel and placing the highly volatile and deadly explosive device inside it and securing it there.

After making sure the explosive wouldn’t slip out or detonate prematurely, the surgical droid began to quickly sew the stomach shut again, and after that the section of the skin that had been cut open.

All was said and done in about twelve minutes.

‘I’m finished.’ The medical droid reported.

‘I can see that, good work.’

After all was ready, ST-ED ordered the two super battle droids accompanying him to carry the Jedi alongside him to the frontlines of the ongoing battle, removing her binds and force-supression collar on the way there.

‘OOM-29 I am approaching the frontlines, is the Jedi master somewhere near you?’

‘Yes, sir. He’s approaching my position rapidly and I hope whatever your planning works because the GAR forces will soon outnumber our own.

‘Affirmitive, keep heading my way and I can assure you he will be eliminated in the most cruel twist of irony imaginable.’

‘Roger, roger.’

As the droid trio kept walking, the sounds of battle became louder and soon they could see OOM-29’s tank in the distance as he and the forces around him were being chased by the Republic.

They stopped to observe as the main droid force got closer to them, and when they finally reached them, they pretended like they were also running scared from the Republic forces and the Jedi.

That’s when it was time for ST-ED to lay the final piece of his trap.

‘Drop her to the ground as if you were organics dropping some heavy burden to get away faster.’ He ordered the two B2s whom complied by hastily dropping the body of the stirring Jedi padawan onto the ground behind them as they kept running.

After judging they were a good distance away from the nearest Republic troops, ST-ED ordered the droid force to halt and begin returning fire with the clones who were giving chase to them.

The white-armored soldiers of GAR quickly dove for cover and as the droid general had expected, the Jedi master went to help his padawan who from the outside seemed to be in a pretty bad condition.

As his troops provided covering fire, the man picked her up from the ground and began carrying her back in one hand and using the light saber in his other to block the incoming blaster bolts.

ST-ED would have grinned if it had been possible for a droid like him as he observed all of it take place.

‘And all the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place.’ He thought as he sent the command that would trigger the explosion to the detonator.

As Echuu-Shen-Jon ran with his padawan in his hands, a muffled beeping sounded from the padawan’s stomach. He received a warning through the force but wasn’t able to decipher what it meant in time as the beeping rapidly increased and in the next second… the detonator exploded…taking both of the Jedi and several clones near them along with it in the resulting explosion.

That was the moment ST-ED had been waiting for as he ordered his troops to advance again, and since the battle in space had already finished a long time ago, he was able to call in a bombing run to smash the Republic lines to pieces.

Without their Jedi commander to provide support and with more enemy bombers and even several gunships rapidly approaching their position, the remaining clone officers ordered a full retreat of all Republic forces from the field of battle and back towards the Wookie camp where their parked Acclamator was located at.

It was another glorious day of victory for the Droid Army and ST-ED.

Three Days Later


Count Dooku’s Palace

Throne Room

ST-ED alongside OOM-29 waited outside of the large throne room double doors for Dooku to finish with his scolding session to his dark apprentice, the droid general was waiting patiently for the doors to open so he could receive his next assignment in person.

“General Tann… I am most disappointed with your reckless actions on Krant…”

“Lord Dooku, I can explain…”

“I don’t want your pitiful explanations…” Dooku said in anger as he shot a burst of lightning from his fingertips, causing his apprentice to scream in anguish. “Your insistence on dueling someone as powerful as master Shen-Jon on your own almost cost us both the planet of Krant and the decimator prototypes.” Dooku said with a disappointed tone, shaking his head before firing another arc of artificial electricity from his hand causing Tann to once more spasm and cry her vocal cords out as painful amounts of electricity coursed through her, which finally caused her to black out. “Be thankful that I sent General ST-ED there to save your sorry hide.” Dooku said in his usual deep, calm tone as he gestured for the two super battle droids guarding the doorway to pick up the smoking body of his apprentice and carry it out of the room.

“I wonder what they are talking about in there, all I can hear are just muffled sounds akin to bantha mating calls.” OOM-29 commented.

“Well… that’s organics for you, they like their speeches.” ST-ED responded mockingly.

“Do you know anything about our next assignment yet?”

“No clue, that’s what we are here to find out after Lord Dooku is finished chewing up his apprentice, which should be any moment now…”

And just as those words left ST-ED’s vocabulator, the double doors flew wide open and out marched a pair of super battle droids who were carrying the still smoking and unconscious body of General Tann.

After waiting for the Chiss General to get carried a good distance away from them, the two droids decided to step inside the throne room where their leader was already waiting for them.

“Ahh… ST-ED, I assume this is OOM-29.” Dooku asked in a soft tone while nodding towards the command battle droid.

“Yes, my lord. Do you have a new assignment for us?” ST-ED replied.

“As a matter of fact I do, I need your fleet to accompany me and General Grievous on a testing run of one of our new secret weapons against the Republic. Within one week, you will receive coordinates to the system we’re testing it in, be there as soon as possible. Until then, you are free to do as you please.”

“I understand, my lord. We will be there when you require us.”

“See to it that you do, you are dismissed.” The count said, waving his hand as a gesture for the two droids to leave his presence.

As the two droids left the palace they were both silently contemplating what this secret weapon could possibly be.

To ST-ED though, the week before the test would take place would be a good time to improve his flagship’s functions even further.

Back on Mustafar

Near “Paradise Island”

B910 Mining Facility

Mining inside the caves that were more like swiss cheese than anything else had proved to be just as if not more hazardous than most battlefields Kess and Funn had fought on, exploding gas pockets, collapses, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were just a few of the many health hazards that the prisoners faced when digging for the precious materials inside the cave system.

Fortunately Rig had been there to teach them the ropes and basic rules of the system all the way in addition to helping them with their own workload due to his increased muscle mass courtesy to a long time of hard work inside the mine.

He knew that helping the others with their work would mean less food for him at the end of the workday, but he knew that the clones had to stick together to survive.

“Man… I don’t think I’ve worked this hard since the war began…” Kess said out loud as he stopped cutting through the rocky soil with his sonic drill to wipe a bead of sweat running down his forehead.

“Well, get used to it. There’s a lot more where that came from before any of us are getting out of here.” Rig said to him while loading a large chunk of rock with various valuable minerals sticking out from it onto the mine cart.

“This stuff is heavy…” Funn said as he carried a container full of rocks filled with various metal types onto the very same cart.

“They aren’t called heavy metals for no reason.” Rig explained while he picked up his drill again and started cutting through the hard rock again.

Suddenly the loud horn located at the mouth of the cave system sounded off, signaling the end of another workday.

The three clones started up the small propulsion engine of the mine cart that would help them get it to the surface faster before releasing the handbrake as the trio started pushing the heavy cart with all their might.

But the volcanic surface was somewhat slippery and quite steep so it felt like only a matter of time before one of them lost their footing and fell back down into the cave below.

They had already seen it happen to another group once, and those men had all died after the heavy cart had come crashing back down and crushed all of them under its weight.

But by some miracle none of them lost their footing during the whole trip and they were able to get the cart full of minerals back to the surface level to be processed.

In the end the total weight of their two loads that day was measured as 63.8 Kilograms and they were all given full meals to compensate for it and as an extra they were given one of the empty cells that had two double-deckers to sleep on so they would all be able to sleep better that night.

That day, they had been one of the lucky ones...

…Unlike so many others, who had to go to bed hungry that night… that is if they even had a bed to sleep on to begin with.

Six Days Later

21st Fleet of The Confederate Navy

Abregado System

The Raxus Prime had become somewhat of an unofficial base of operations for ST-ED after the battle that had taken place there, he used the planet’s capital, Central Station, as a place to dock his flagship while it the modifications for it were under construction.

After getting back into the system from the meeting with the Confederacy’s head of state, the droid general had immediately began work on the installation of additional weapons to the ship’s top and bottom.

After almost a week of hard work, the ship was now dotted with weapons emplacements in all places but the engines and hangar bay, and with the successful conquest of Bespin by the CIS naval forces a few days prior; there was no shortage of refined tibanna gas to be used for the new turbolaser batteries that surrounded most of the ship.

Right after finishing the last touch to the already heavily armed cruiser, an encrypted message had come in from Count Dooku with coordinates to the system. It had only a single sentence, but the message was clear enough.

“The time has come.”

Now ST-ED was onboard the bridge of the massive Subjugator-class heavy cruiser Malevolence alongside both Count Dooku and the menacing cyborg General Grievous. At the moment the whole system seemed quiet with only the 21st fleet alongside the Confederate super weapon being the only ships in the whole system as they orbited the system’s star.

ST-ED personally didn’t like being in the presence of the Kaleesh cyborg, the way he treated droids like him could be considered nothing short of bigoted. It was apparently normal for him to destroy battle droids under his command when angry, either cutting them apart with his impressive collection of lightsabers or just simply punching the heads off their shoulders.

He had brought this up with Count Dooku in private, but the man had insisted that Grievous was to remain in command, due to him being a valuable asset to the Separatist cause as a great tactician and a fierce warrior who could challenge even the best of the Jedi order.

So ST-ED opted to simply put his personal differences with the cyborg aside and focus his attention to coordinating his fleet’s actions if they were needed to secure the heavy cruiser’s continued safety and secrecy from the Republic.

“Sir, a Republic fleet has just arrived into the system, looks like three cruisers.” A pilot droid operating the consoles informed Grievous.

“Jam their communications, we mustn’t let them give away our position.” Grievous ordered with a synthesized voice courtesy to the vocabulator that worked as his mouth.

As the droids on the consoles worked their magic, Count Dooku decided it was time to begin the experiment.

“This would be a good time to test our new weapon, Generals.” Dooku said referring to both the cyborg and the droid general. “You may fire when ready.”

“Yes, my lord.” Grievous said while ST-ED remained silent and observing to the incoming Republic fleet.

“Charge up the main cannon and prepare to attack.” ST-ED ordered the droids operating the consoles as they entered targeting solutions for the main weapon.

Soon after, the weapon was fully charged and Grievous yelled a single word that sealed the fate of the Republic fleet.


As the cannon released its charge, it came out as a large wave of ionized energy that simply washed over the Republic fleet, shutting of power from all the ships and frying both their systems and equipment.

“Their shields are down.”

“All turbolaser batteries, open fire! Blow them to pieces!” Grievous commanded as he struck down his hand, illustrating a slashing motion.

ST-ED Observed in silent amazement as all power was drained from the Republic vessels before the large arsenal of guns of varying size the heavy cruiser was carrying opened fire and one by one the Republic ships were destroyed.

“They’ve launched escape pods.”

“We must leave no witnesses if we wish to keep both our position and this vessel a secret.” Dooku mused.

“I wholeheartedly agree, send in the hunters. Leave no survivors.” Grievous ordered with almost sadistic glee sounding in his voice.

“Roger, roger.”

“ST-ED.” Count Dooku said to the tactical droid.

“Yes, my lord?”

“Move your ships in and form a protective circle around the debris field. Don’t let anyone get in or out.”

“It will be done, my lord.” The tactical droid acknowledged with a bow as he left the bridge to head back to his ship.


‘Yes, general?’

‘We have received orders to make sure no intruders get into the system while Grievous is finishing off the survivors, tell all ships except the Illusionist to move out into position and be on their guard. I will be back there shortly.’

‘Roger, roger.’

Taking off with his Sheathipede-class shuttle from the Malevolence’s hangar bay, observing from the cockpit window how his ships moved into position around the debris field.

The flight back to the 21st fleet’s flagship didn’t take too long and after arriving back on board he headed straight for the CCC.

‘Did our sensors pick up any outgoing communications?’

‘None that we know of, sir.’

‘Excellent, that way even if some of the survivors do manage to evade the pod hunters, we’ll still be there to finish them off.’

He soon arrived to the heart of the vessel, where he got to work in coordinating the fleet’s movements in sniffing out any possible intruders and helping the podhunters find where the remaining escape pods are located at by sending in the MAFs and squadrons of vultures to look for them.

Jedi Master Plo Koon’s Escape Pod

“We’ve lost power to all systems including life support recharge, if the droids won’t get us, the lack of oxygen eventually will.” CC-3636 “Wolffe” explained to the Jedi master and the other clones inside the pod.

“What, so we just sit here and wait to die?” Sergeant Sinker asked with frustration.

“We must work together if we are to survive this ordeal, someone is bound to come look for us eventually. But firstly we must get the power restored so we will at least be able to last until rescue arrives.” The Kel Dor Jedi master calmly said as the clones got to work.

“With respect, sir. Do you really believe anyone will come looking for us? They don’t have any reason to do so, we’re just clones after all…” Sinker asked pessimistically.

“I value all life, yours included.”

“Look, there’s one of the pods!” Wolffe said, pointing towards one of the pods floating in the distance.

“If only we could get a look at the other side…” Boost mumbled as Plo Koon stretched out with the force to rotate the pod clockwise.

“Damn… they got busted.” Wolffe said in shock as he watched a clone trooper’s corpse float outside from the broken observation window of the pod.

“We’re not alone out here… be wary for they may be coming for us next.”

As Boost and Sinker were working on fixing the power cords, the Jedi master was on the lookout alongside Wolffe.

Soon enough they saw yet another pod.

“Over there! Another one!” Wolffe yelled, pointing out into space.

“I see them, it seems those droids are closing in on them.” Master Koon said as he observed the Droch-class boarding ship close in on the helpless escape pod with its clawed arms extended out.

Meanwhile the other pair was already close to getting the power back online.

“No, that one goes there…” Sinker explained to his friend as he connected the fixed cord to its other end, causing the power to come back online.

Immediately there was a message heard from the emergency radio transmitter.

“This is Pod-1977, the droids are attempting to crack our pod open we need help!” The clone at the other end shouted through a distorted and crackled voice.

“The signal is very weak.” Wolffe said as he attempted to fix the signal so it could be heard clearer.

“I repeat, the droids are hunting escape pods for survivors!” The signal could be heard much better.

The four-man group inside the pod could only helplessly look and observe the last moments of the two crewmembers, as the droids took out their fusion cutters to crack the pod open.

“Oh no, they are cutting through…!” The radio operator inside the other pod shouted his last words before the glass window was broken and the two survivors were jettisoned out into space where they quickly suffocated.

The whole group was silent for a moment.

“Well… looks like our situation just got a whole lot worse…”

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