Hugs Before Toast

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Chapter 8


“I do have fun in my life. “Enjolras says over breakfast to an amused Grantaire and Feuilly, after Feuilly had asked him the question of, ‘do you have plans for the holidays?’ It soon led to a debate about what Enjolras did for fun compared to what a normal person does if they want to have a good time. “Last week I organised bookshelves with Courfeyrac and Combeferre.”

“Combeferre called that a ’party.” Feuilly says shaking his head. “And you were all completely sober.”

“It was still a blast,” Enjolras says folding his arms across his chest. “You just don’t know how to have real fun that it is.”

“From what I got from Courfeyrac, you spent ten minutes deciding if Poe’s poetry should go under the categories of , ‘Gothic,’ or ‘A probably lonely guy when he was alive.’” Grantaire interjects.

“Well what you would put it under?” Enjolras asked.

“Poetry.” Feuilly said. “It is not that difficult or if I wanted to be clever I would put it under birds.”

“Never more.” Grantaire crackles.

“You are not that funny.” Enjolras says rolling his eyes, but Feuilly is positive that he sees a bit of a smile forming on Enjolras’s lips, maybe when Enjolras turns his head into the light a certain way but he is positive that he sees it. “A dead slug has more wit that you.”

“I am positive that I am more attractive than the dead slug, am I Enjolras ?” Grantaire asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Only slightly.” Enjolras says.

“Can you two stop flirting? You two are the most annoying people that I have ever met.” Feuilly sighs as he fiddles around with the radio, changing it to the most cheesy song that he can find, that is a surprisingly easy task to do because it is almost Christmas day and the radio is filled with those cheesy songs about love. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is on the radio and Grantaire has already got into the spirit of things and he is singing along as he puts food on plates.

“Don’t go bacon my heart.” Grantaire sings as he places several pieces of meat on Enjolras’s plate. He nudges Enjolras with his elbow to continue with the song.

“I couldn’t if I fried.” Enjolras says reluctantly as he pokes the fried egg on his plate with his fork.

“Oh honey if I want breakfast.” Feuilly sings into the syrup bottle. “Then I want pancakes for mine.”

Once Feuilly has finished his lyric he looks up at his roommates and they just look at each other for a few seconds in silence before Grantaire breaks their silence and he bursts out laughing over the fact that they had a mini karaoke session in their pyjamas over breakfast food. Feuilly didn’t expect this to happen when he switched rooms this year. He was expecting to have roommates that he was going to have to tolerate, but he decides that he loves having the ones that he has, despite the fact that they shout and argue all the time, but a breakfast karaoke session works out all of the bad, Feuilly likes to believe.

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