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2120: Altered Society.

By MrUnlikely All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

Chapter 1

The year 2120 has brought many changes to the world called earth. A major conflict from the outsiders known as the Jin'de had created a major war with being from space. Which started in 2080, leading to a massacre of about 80 percent of the human race. Despite the losses, the humans had adapted to the war and learned to control the Jin'de technology.

Taking back their claim of the world, in the year 2090 the war had been called off with the Jin'de calling for peace. Allowing them to enter the universe trade system, meeting with the other races that populated the vast galaxy that they lived in.

Leaving the earth to repopulate, the other aliens that went by, other names had come to settle on the earth. Bringing trade, advancement and mingling with the human race creating new breeds.

By the year 2120, the human race had blossomed into the grand scale civilization that was allowed to be apart of the intergalactic council of elders, but sadly the race was only about 20% of earth, while the rest were intergalactic species from space.

Laws, standards and growth was the main focus. Despite how far they have come with the new order, only those with strong genes would be allowed to be at a higher level of society.

Others would be sent to the middle class and below unless they can prove themselves able to leave to survive. Money and children that were high above the crop in evolution, were a form of currency in this time and age.


Author Note- Elo, this is just one of my side stories, I might attempt to write. Currently I am also working on a novel, but which I might share later on. I usually write in third person, but making an attempt at first in my recent stories. So if you can give me what you liked and didn't like, I would be really happy, just a get a few simple words of feedback if there is any. I will have more coming up soon, so cheers and enjoy the read. Just saying this now, I'm not the best at grammar. So I usually try to find beta's if I can get one to help me out.

Chapter 1: The future is just the past, repeated.

Today was just another one of those days, hustling on a corner to make some profit with Gukka. A very well off smoker brand made off world, that many would pay for since it is only offered in the higher distracts.

I ditched roll call at the school, it didn't really matter to me as it was only a waste of time. I didn't have parents, a random stray human with no future....despite the hype of improvement. If one wanted to improve, they would do so on the spot that was my way of seeing the world.

Getting into the wrong crowd wasn't my best decision, but it was better than starving. Local gangs that get their products from the upper distracts, I was marked down at a Scythe. One of the few around the sector, but the others knew not to come into this area.

"Hey Grimm, you got the goods?"

I turned my head towards one of my usual buyers, an elderly man that told story's of the old days. He had survived the Jen'de conflict of 2080, fighting on the front line and was a scientist within the war. After the war, he had chosen to live down here instead of dealing with politics up above.

"Old man Karma, didn't I tell you that smoking is bad for your health."

"Says the boy selling the smokes, just take your money and shut up."

"Grumpy today it seems, here is your usual amount. So what's the news around the sector."

"The usual, my boy, fights down here by the local gangs. Yet, a little trip just for you.... The apple sector of Loiene might be coming to crack down on this sector soon."

"...So the big wigs are going to be unleashing the dogs down here, it's been done before."

"I suppose your right, just don't get caught boy. You're one of my favorite supplier."

"Yeah, Yeah. I should be fine, it's not like it will be easy, maybe you can hook me up with a blaster?"

"In your dreams, you're still too young to get one. If you're caught with one of those, it will be put to death on the spot."

I only nodded to his claim as he leaned against the wall lighting his smoke. We were in an alley, not wanting to leave our backs open to someone wanting a quick score. It was a do or die type of world down here in the slums, nothing was gained without consequences.

It has been usually this way, because this wasn't an easy sector to get off scotch free from problems. Someone was walking down the street, this time it was someone of the Jen'de race, he was a youngling of their race.

He was a tall blue guy with a crystal in the center of his forehead that wore flashy red clothing, he had spiky hair black hair and walked slowly like he owned the place. His eyes were rather wider compared to a human's and they were a dark shade of yellow for his iris's. They were nearly human except for a few organs and physical features being apparent from my kind.

I knew the Jen'de, he went by the name of Kagrel, he was also a part of the scythe.

"Kagrel don't you have to sling joke in your section?" I asked questionably about his odd actions.

"There were some dogs down in that section, they caught some of our members down there, along with the yellow rockets trying to get in our way." He said with a frown on his face.

"No kidding? How you get out of there."

"Had to take the hyper sewers, but so far they are coming this way."

"....So you didn't decide to tell me about it, just stroll here lightly?"


Sirens echoed through the alleyway, it would seem that they were almost here. Kagrel started to run away without a word to me, as I dropped the product down into a nearby sewer hole.

Sliding down the wall, covering my head with my hoodie and trying to look like a homeless guy. The old man had already left the area, he was rather quick for someone his age.

They didn't even care about me, as they rushed by with their sirens blazing the bright neon lights that dazed anyone that looked into it.

I waited till the sound was far away from me, yet why did they go by so fast? Like it mattered right now, I quickly got up from the wall. Deciding to get back to the school, when someone bumped into me, when I turned into the street.

"What the hell?"

I backed up in that instant and looked down at the girl who was rather short. She didn't even look up at me, just moving forward like some sort of toy.

I didn't move out of the way, where she just walked into me again. This was rather strange, taking a closer look at her.... she had blue hair that came down to her waist. She was only, what, 5.4? She was really small compared to me, being that I was 6,1.

She looked human, but she had a cat like ears.... so she was mixed with a Minxco?

She looked human, but she had a cat like ears.... so she was mixed with a Minxco? Why was she here in the first place? They were usually in the upper city, maybe she was sent here for some reason or something was wrong with her. She shouldn't be here in the slums with the lower class, or else they might take advantage of her......but she wasn't my problem.

I decided on leaving her where she stood, walking past her trying not even daring to look back. It was then that I noticed that a few people were coming this way. Two Jin'de that wore all black armor, three humans right behind them with ragged black clothing and they carried some blunt weapons on their person.

What the hell was going on? The overlords were on the scythe turf during the dogs searching for activity? Something was wrong with this picture, turning back to avoid them.... The girl was still standing there.

“I found her, quickly take her before the dogs find us. Get rid of the other one.” One of the humans spoke, as they took notice of me now.

“Get out of here you overlord pricks, this is scythe Territo... SHIT!!” I said, trying to force them back, but instead they swung with their pipes.

I only dodged back, leaving my back open to the girl as they didn't stop there march. This was something serious, and I couldn't stop them by myself without some other members. I got into a fighting stance, as the Jin'de in front of me had ready another swing of his pipe. The other four had circled around, trying to get to the girl... Like I wasn't even there to do anything.

So I decided on doing something stupid, grabbing the girl and throwing her over my shoulder. I took off running back into the alleyway as the overlord members decided to chase me down. I was rather lucky that she was light, or this might be very bad for me to get away from them.

The five chased after me, while I tried to look for a way out. This was going to be the death of me, when I reached the end of the alley. A large wall blocked my way, leaving me stranded with a girl on my shoulders. Turning back to the five, they only smirked evilly as they approached closer. It would only be a matter of time before they would pry her from my cold dead body.

I knew my way around this section, there was a manhole that would get me out of here. I just needed someone to give me a chance to get her out of here.

“Little scythe, you can't believe you wanted to be the hero today. It only leads to your death, you know? So let's show you the reason you choose the wrong choice.” The leader spoke from the back of the group.

I waited for them to knock me down, when the sound of sirens had started to blare through the alleyway. They all turned around to see some of the dogs with their weapons ready, while I took the chance to open the hole and climb down with the girl. Closing up the hole up, I took a swift turn and rushed into the hyper sewers, I needed to find a safe house or they would surely catch up to me. Looking back at the girl on my shoulder, she was still in some sort of daze was it drugs? That was when I noticed that this was my problem now, but it was the right decision....wasn't it?

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