The Pied Piper Trilogy 1

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A retold from the classics; The Pied Piper. But scare twist near end

Scifi / Fantasy
D. F. Tomes
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Chapter 1

Ticktock. Ticktock. Ticktock. Sound of a clock, ticking. In a quiet and empty town, the sun slowly rises while it’s people remain a sleep.

Everyone, but one.

Outside the walls, a small cottage with a tree blooming with purple flowers. Lovely flowers. The smell of mild sweet honey, flesh and relaxing. And, blue flowers beneath the shade of a tree.

From outside the cottage, a young maiden appear. Luxuriant golden hair tied in a loose braid, blue eyes that sparkle as the sea when shine upon the waves that move. Fair skin so pure like pearls, paled-pink heart-shaped lips that matches to her heart-shaped face. Dresses in white puffer undershirt with a paled-blue dress and a purple apron around her waist.

“Such a breathtaking view.” She enjoys the scenic view.

While she gazes, someone came. “Not as breathtaking for someone who’s beauty matches it. Ain’t I’m right, Gloria?”

“Jasper,” she sound disgusted and annoyed. “Tries to win my hand of marriage again?”

“As usual, you know what I’m thinking.” Jasper smirked.

“Go home, Jasper.” Gloria sound annoyed. “My answer is still no.”

Jasper was surprises. “What!?”

“You keep doing the same thing,” she explained. “With fine jewelries that fit for a queen.”

“Cruel, but surprising.” Jasper was remarked by her response. “However, this will be different.”

Too caught up by his determination, he was unaware what already happen.

“Goodbye, Jasper.” Gloria walk back to her house. “Enjoy your work. And, tried not to keep your customers waiting too long. It’ll be a bad business for you.”

Before Jasper had a chance to replied, she immediately slams and lock her door.

“Beautiful as you are difficult, my dear.” Jasper sighed. “But your right. It’s almost time for work. Until the next time, I’ll make you will be mine.”

The town’s clock chime, morning roses. The people showed up as they continue to their lives.

The blacksmith forges. Workers pick, carry and build. Carpenters saw, chop, and nail as they make wooden objects. Such as a table, chair, and furnishes for households. Seamstresses spin wool from spindles, weaving the threads and sewing them into cloth.

At the bank, workers clacking their hammer on coins. With its imprints at each side.

Town square, where a woman was purchases delicious fruits as she tries pursue the owner by lower his price. Same does the woman with eggs. And, from the bakery store. While they couldn’t agree, things get messes.

By purchasing a flour and satisfied the amount, she gives him her bucket with a lid. He lifts the cover and begin to pour, then places the lid back. And, give it back to her. Unaware she was tricked. After he pours the flour in her bucket, another contain next to it as he poured the flour there, instead of the bucket.

The jewelry store, where Jasper’s work.

“Good evening, my lord and ladyship,” he greets them with great respect as he bowed. “What can I do for you today?”

“Something new and expensive, my good man.” she replied. “You know, fit for a queen.”

“I understand, my dear.” Jasper bowed as he left. But come back with a large chest. There open and lay his finest work in display. “I hope these are to your liking, miss.”

Her glance full with lust and desire as Jasper held a golden-emerald necklace in his hand.

“Care to try it?”

“I will indeed.”

She walks to the full-size mirror. While she stands, Jasper places the necklace around her neck.

“Exquisite, isn’t it?”

“I agreed.”

“Want to try the matches earring?” He requested. “I’m sure they look lovely on you.”

“Let me see, then.”

And, he did. Jasper places the earrings on her ears. She looks pleases.

“Still no luck with Gloria yet?” Her husband demanded aware.

“Still nothing.” He grunted as he held a bracelet to her as she nodded in approve. And, places it on her waist.

“In other words, she turns you down.” Jasper gritted.

“The nerve of that girl.” Her laughed got their attention. “She should be marry about now.”

“Not much, my dear.” Her husband replied. “She’s a difficult woman.”

“Point taken.” She admitted. “Gloria probably never find a husband, she’ll grow old and died alone.”

“Poor girl.” he snicked. “I feel sorry for her.”

“Not if I keep pursuing her.” Jasper implied as he refused to let her go.

“You still refuse?”

“Of course not!” he sound determine. “It won’t be long until I have her as my wife.”

“I wish you the best.” he added. “And, pray no man Gloria be interested.”

Jasper gulped as he never thought of it. “Yes, pray she hasn’t.”

As the following day goes, evening was getting closes. Including, the meeting of the five wealth people. The Banker, the Carpenter, the Blacksmith, the Seamstress, and Jasper, the Jeweler. As they entered and seated, they started their meeting.

“The amount of money we gather isn’t enough.” The mayor implied as he explained. “If we want our town, to be the richest land, we must gather more wealth than possible. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” they unison said.

“Glad we’re in agreement.” The mayor smirked. “Any result later?”

The meeting continue until midnight. The town’s butcher held his axes above his head as one of his employee steady the ox. So, the butcher can chop its neck.

While the servants cooked and served drinks to them. Roasted chicken, fried pork, and delicious tray of food worthy of a king with the finest wine in the land. Unaware of the pest they attract while they drop their food and spill their wine in the floor.

But the wealthiest aren’t the only one having fun tonight. The bar is full with heavy drinkers. Ladies waited outside as they charmed the men for their money.

Back once to the meeting, the wealthiest grow tire and full but too lazy return home. Though some townspeople already at home, sleeping.

As the entire rested, they were unaware what’s beneath their town.

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