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[The sequel to Titans] "Tell me, have you ever kept a secret with the power to destroy a world? Because I have." Atara, Merc, Cal and Lilith thought that getting home would be the end of it — all the mystery and the fear. But they've stepped into a world teeming with secrets and lies, one where Atara's secret is probably the most dangerous of them all. And if you think you know it, you can think again. Bonds will be tested, trust will be broken, and everything will be questioned. And when the truth finally does come out, they'll find that nowhere — and no one — is safe.

Scifi / Action
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DATE: 27/06/2122

Reply to attn. of CDR ERIK GAREN
ID: #3097666

Dear Commander,

It is incumbent upon me to bring to your attention the recent anomaly in the electrical charge on Earth. After a noticeable deviance in the data of a routine atmospheric electricity measure, we have found through thorough experimentation that the saturation of electrically charged particles in Earth's troposphere has increased beyond the maximum of the Carnegie curve.

Further experiments are currently being conducted to rule out alternative explanations for the unusual data, but at this time I can confirm that the anomaly is real. We have also begun experimentation on the composition of electrical charge in the stratosphere and mesosphere, and fully intend to test the upper atmosphere once results are received in a fortnight.

I urge you to consider the implications of such a change to Earth's atmosphere, and the danger if such anomalous saturation continues to increase.

Please advise how you would like to proceed.

Dr Markus Valdwick
ID: #2177843
USO Head Anomalistic Researcher

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