The Structural Silence (Book 1 of The Transition of Pinn)

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The ways of the goddess (Chapter 26)


It seems like I have graduated from one grumpy guard to another.

Sean and I walk along the tree-lined boulevards of the downtown district of Haringshude. He says nothing. I’ve mostly stopped trying.

I’ve come to the realization that Pinns are terribly unsocial people.

But that’s not really true. I remember the men I saw talking in the streets, Pinns walking through the market, the busy sidewalk cafes with men enjoying drinks-laughing, talking, joking, discussing- they do it all with each other. It’s me they all seem to have a problem with.

Hot wind blows dust off the street and into my face. It’s another sunny day, but honestly when isn’t it? I don’t think it has rained since I arrived. Maybe it never does, I wouldn’t know.

“Sean, does it ever rain here?”

Yesterday I cornered James in his office and asked him to explain to me how to address Sean, in an effort to save myself from further embarrassment. James had kindly explained that while yes Sean was technically Giddean’s half-brother, Sean wasn’t really family; he was a paid servant of his father’s household which explained why he addressed me so formally. I can’t imagine if Giddean were to bring home a son from another relationship. I mean we aren’t intimate, but I’m not sure I wouldn’t feel threatened. Then again, maybe that is normal here.

Sean looks up at the bright noon sky as if squinting into the sun light would provide the answer.

“Of course”

I look at Sean. That was all I was going to get out of him. Small talk is not his thing. I should really stop trying.

A couple of days have passed since my argument with Giddean and so much still feels unresolved. He is avoiding me, I am sure. I have only caught glimpses of him. The Captain had said over breakfast this morning that it was for the best as Giddean was in a terrible mood. He said it with a smile on his face like it was some kind of inside joke. James just mumbled a reply, something about a priest.

I wonder if I put him in that terrible mood. It may not have been my smartest move to corner Giddean and make demands. I have to remember the long game. Angering him is a risk I cannot make again.

We are walking to the Female Center, which is somewhere near the middle of town. I have a lunch date that James set up for me. I hope we won’t be late since I was the one who insisted we walk instead of taking the carriage. I wanted to see a bit of the city, to stretch my legs.

Sean walks behind me even though I have no idea where we are going. It makes for awkward moments when I have to ask him for directions at what feels like every other street corner. Even though he is behind me I can feel him rolling his eyes at the fact that we didn’t take the carriage.

Of course he could walk ahead and I could easily follow him. But no no no, it was explained to me in the paternalistic way that ‘that’s not done.’

Pinn is a terribly impractical planet.

As we round a corner, I can see a small crowd gathered and hear the shouts of a speech and responses from the crowd. The crowd is too small to spill from on the road, but the sidewalk is firmly blocked.

Sean finally speaks, “Let’s cross here”

“Let’s just get a little closer” I say looking back to see him in a deep frown. I’m sure I’m making his job harder, but oh well. I’ll just stand near the edge of the crowd for a quick moment.

I press towards the crowd and I notice Sean is so close now that I can feel his chest pressed against my back. I glance at him- his eyes are scanning the crowd, wary, watchful.

I turn back to the speaker and try to make out what he is saying over the noise of the small crowd.

“…have betrayed the goddess! Hear me now! We are all doomed unless we change our ways to the ways of the goddess!“ A middle-aged man booms standing above the crowd on the steps of a plain stone building.

A young man jumps up next to him, jerks down his gray pants grabs his limp cock and yells: “I know the ways of the goddess!” He then proceeds to laugh as he begins to masturbate in front the crowd. Rubbing his hand up and down his dick for the audience to see, his hips rolling.

The speaker just stares at him open mouth for a moment before turning back to the crows, “We must examine our hearts-“

Another young man jumps up next to the first and begins dry humping the back of first. He reaches around and grabs is breasts exaggerating the motions like he was touching the enlarged breast of a woman.

The first young man, dick still in hand begins to moan in a false high voice, “Oh goddess! Oh goddess!” He continues to masturbate as some of the men in the crowd laugh. At this point he is hard and jerking at himself roughly.

The speaker tries to continue of the performance. Frustration clear on his face as it is clear the small audience is paying more attention to the spectacle of stimulated sex than to him.

I look at the crowd. Maybe 20 men watch the spectacle, making crude jokes, laughing, hollering vulgarities. The something catches my eye; a man on the far side is watching me. I am shorter than everyone else so it’s hard to get a good look, I stand on my tippy toes. The man turns away, but I get the smallest of glimpses.

The man had green glowing eyes.

I feel a grip on my elbow and I crane my neck around to look up at the much taller Sean. He wears a frown.

“Have you seen enough?”

I nod and blush. I certainly wasn’t expecting that.

Suddenly I hear hooting, I turn back to the front just in time to see the young man flicking his cum as into the nearby crowd. The man dry humping him had paused only to pull out his own dick, spitting in his hand and begin rubbing himself.

Yeah it’s time to go.

I feel Sean tugging on my elbow and I let him lead me away from the crowd and across the street.

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