The Structural Silence (Book 1 of The Transition of Pinn)

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The Drunk (Chapter 46)

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Ivy is here sitting across from me. Watching me. Ivy is amazing. Amazing. I should say something nice, Girls like that.

“….you’re so pretty…”

My eyes move from her to the bottle on the table. This liquor is amazing.

“…you’re so pretty…” I say to the bottle too. I laugh. And Luke says I have no sense of humor.

I turn back to Ivy, she’s frowning. She didn’t get my joke.

“Why don’t I take you back to your room?” She asks firmly.

That makes sense. So much sense.

So up I stand. I have to grab onto the chair as my fucking legs decide not to cooperate. Ivy suddenly grabs my other arm.

She wants me to escort her. Kind of formal, but I could play the gentleman if that is what my lady wants.

I see the carafe out of the corner of my eye, “let’s take the bottle”

“Let’s not” She says shortly, grabbing my arm and pulling me away.

She smells nice, like flowers, roses, and all things feminine. Her arm tucked in mine; I can feel her soft curves pressing against my arm. I focus on that sensation.

I nearly slip on the stone. Fucking legs. Ivy grips me tighter, bringing her scent closer.

As we walk towards the door back into the house, I turn again a looking at the courtyard appropriately drenched with the tears falling from the sky. I see the pale smooth stone of the goddess’ statue poking out from behind the wet leaves.

“Fucking bitch…”

“Excuse me?” Ivy pulls away and I want to go after her but I have to lean my arm on the wall to maintain my balance.

She is glaring at me. I can even hear her toe taping on the stone above the sound of the rain.

“No no, not you…” I swing my arm out to point towards the center of the courtyard, “the statue”

“Right” she mutters and grabs my arm again.

I grab the door to swing it open, but she gets in the way of the door. Strange female.

“Ivy, I need to open-“

“No. Just let me” She grabs it and flings it open. Holding it open for me to go through. She is so thoughtful…

I’m startled when she grabs my arm again and begins leading me down the hallway.

“What made you drink?”

“I always drink” and I throw her a lopsided smile, she has to get this one…

She laughs lightly. I did it. Suck it Luke.

“But no really, is there something wrong?”

I frown. Yes, fuck it, everything is wrong. My mind flashed back to the events earlier in the day. The priestess’ scars, Apothen’s indifference, the cool attitude of the fucking Master Priest. Fuck, everything is wrong with this situation. I am worried about the priestesses. I am worried about the High Priest will do once he feels threatened. I worried he will come after my family, come after Ivy.

I stop in the middle of the hallway and turn to her, I lift my hard a tuck a piece of her hair behind her ear, and solemnly promise her, “I will always protect you”

She looks up at me with her large eyes, “I think it is time to get you to bed” She turns to keep walking, pulling my arm along.

I refuse to move though until she understands, “I will, you know”

She turns back around and I lean towards her, she places a hand on my chest. It makes me feel masculine, protective, and possessive of this little female.

She pushes back lightly, her hand still on my chest: “I know you will, my protector”

I smile my most dashing smile at her. And James is worried about our relationship, if he could only see us now.

She even laughs a little. It’s like light music trickling down the hall.

With my success, we turn and continue down the hall, humming a tune because, why not? I’m happy.

A thought crosses my mind and I stop again.


She turns to me, “Yes?”

“Don’t go to the square tomorrow……” I try to remember my exact thought, “there is a thing”

“A thing?” She echoes sweetly.

“Yes…. A thing”

“Okay, Giddean” She replies. I’m glad I remembered to tell her.

We progress down the hall again until she stops in front of a door. It’s my room; I thought we were walking to her room?

“I thought..?”

“Goodnight Giddean”

She is so pretty. Like the goddess. Her hair frames her face perfectly, the dress flows down her form, clinging in all the right places. Her moves are smooth like liquid as she opens the door to my room.

She looks at me expectantly. And I will not deny such a pretty goddess.

I take her soft face in my hands and lean forward.

And give her the passionate kiss she deserves.

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