Codename: KEEPERS

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Your past has something to do with your present to save the future. Until then, how well do you really know yourself?

Scifi / Adventure
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Prologue - The Origin of Keepers

Ivarkarth is a magical counterworld of the Earth where the Keepers of Elements was living. This world was divided into five Kingdoms;

Flamyr, the powerful kingdom of fire, Windhar, the peaceful kingdom of air, Goran, the brilliant kingdom of earth, Aerodale, the marvellous kingdom of water, and Dawnshire, the cruel kingdom of darkness.

These five regions were at peace, until Darcelle, a fire-keeper and sister of King Lennox, failed to get the throne of becoming the Ruler of Flamyr. Due to this failure, her flames became blue which is hot enough to kill everyone. She planned to kill King Lennox but Frida, his wife, stopped Darcelle. She failed for the second time and was thrown in Dawnshire where she ruled the darkness.

The Ivarkarth remained at peace for a decade until Frida died after she gave birth to her son. As soon as Darcelle heard about Frida’s death, she continued to plan her revenge. Fearing Darcelle’s cruelty, the Keepers of Elements sent their children to Earth to be saved. Little did they know, the memories of these children were removed when they traveled between two worlds.

Two decades passed, Queen Darcelle is still destroying the kingdoms in Ivarkarth. In line with this, King Lennox sent his Divine Spirit, the highest form of elemental power a keeper has, to track the children of the former Keepers to train them and save Ivarkarth from Queen Darcelle’s hand.

Will King Lennox be able to find the new Keepers on time? Or will Darcelle finally conquer the Ivarkarth in her hands?

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