Altered Even

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In a world that changes every hour, how far is one willing to go to understand who they really are? ******** In the year 3355, once every hour the whole world undergoes through changes. It could suddenly be night for an hour and then suddenly be day the next. Eighteen year old Even has no memories of who she really is, and with every hour her lifestyle is altered completely along with herself. She could have a whole different life within an hour. Different parents, different job, different lover, and even different skills but never can she regain her memories within a full hour. With the help of a stranger named Aristole who shares the same unfortunate fate as her; they fight against time as they try to peice together their memories back. But as they try to regain who they truly are, they don't know what enemies lie ahead.

Scifi / Thriller
Cereza Rose
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She tried spelling out her name, but she just couldn't do it. She had no idea in hell who she was or why they were making her fill out a informational sheet about herslef.

You have an hour, and only an hour to fill out this personal form of who you are. A man in a strange red coat instructed her. And what our country does.

Most of the questions were about her country, the United States. The paper asked questions on who the first president was and things like that. She barely rememebered any of thos questions. She had totally skipped the ones that envovled in herself. Then there was a strange question.

What would you do? If you changed every hour?

For a while she pondered the question, not knowing what to put down. She thought of it as a very unrealistic question to ask. Therefore she gave a very short anwser.

I don't know.

That's all she could reply with.

Apparently that wasn't the right anwser.

The words started to run off of the paper. The ink forming into a giant black blob on her desk. She immediately stood up put the blob of Ink had already consumed her.

Your hour is up. The woman annouced in laughter.

She screamed within the darkness as finally realized who she was.


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