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When laymen love the idea of God's supremacy, scientists love to call energy their God. Both energy and God can't be seen, felt or defined. We can only say it's there when they want to show off their powers. But what will happen when one day a very powerful energy makes an appearance on Earth and randomly starts acting as an ordinary girl's angel thousands of miles away from where it first appeared? Cover credits : @FleezyWriter on wattpad

Scifi / Mystery
Pranjali Aditi
3.8 5 reviews
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Everything humans can't comprehend, they associate it with God. Be it a horrible accident or a mysterious shock wave, humans like to blame it all on God.

But as technology grew powerful, people began to reason things. They started questioning everything. There was a time when educated people thoroughly believed there was no God.

Turning into atheist is so easy. You know everything is happening because of some scientific laws but you don't know them yet. Easy right?

Hey the accident happened because the cars started skidding when the driver turned round the corner...... But no one knows that the driver had got a call EXACTLY AT THAT MOMENT when he was about to take the turn. Coincidence that the phone rang at the exact time the car neared the turn?

Maybe, who knows.....

This story neither promotes nor demotes the idea of 'GOD'. It's a journey from a blind faith to reasonable trust in God.

Who knows science might be just an excuse to cover it up for God's magic? Or we are just a part of someone's experimental set up?

Or maybe.... Someone out there is really looking upon us...

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