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Why are people changing? Why is reality shifting? Why is this universe in danger? Who is the PlaneBreaker? A new chapter is posted every day or every other day.

Scifi / Adventure
Mitchell Clark
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1: Time Ages People

Run I gotta run! I gotta run! I gotta run! It’s after me! I gotta run! It’s here! I jump through a random window in a random shop that I passed by. I slide past the clothes and ragged stands filled with overpriced crap. I jump and hide behind the counter. I hide praying that it will disappear. I hope and pray that it will wisp from the cold bloody air. The sounds of thumping come closer, I can’t wait any longer. I can’t pray for my own death, I must fight for my pride and honor. I must live a hero! What am I thinking? What am I doing? I jump from the counter and run to an open crooked door that led to a back ally. I ran and ran until I reached a gap between two buildings big enough for me to fit, but not big enough for the monster. I jump through praying for my safety, I make it to the other side, but im still not lucky. It’s there a… A… A egg! A massive EGG! What the fuck am I going to do now! Where the fuck am I going to go! The egg is massive and it’s coming right for me! I run and run, but I can’t escape it! I can’t escape it! I run, but it crushes me. The egg killed me! Im dead…

What a terrible dream, I wake up to the sounds of banging and rumbling throughout the ship. I look out into the window of space and notice nothing. Just empty space. Why did they even add windows? I raise my hand to feel something soft, something smelly. Why am I holding an egg?

I eat the egg and go to morning roll call, I still don’t understand why we have that, who is going to leave a space ship? Where would they go? We’ve been stuck in space for the past three weeks, nothing but space, eggs, and potatoes. I can’t stand it anymore!

“So today we got orders to search sector 3, there were sightings of space bandits along the outskirts so were going to ah…”

The captain studdered his words, he was too tired. I was also feeling a bit tired. I forget what else he said, anyway I gotta get to work. I climb down to the second floor of the SSW. That’s the name of the ship im on, the SSW or Super Space Watcher. My dad created this ship and named it, that’s why it sounds funny. Im a mechanic, I get it from my dad, he’s a bit cuckoo now, it runs in the family. What’s my name again, oh yeah. My name is Amanda Loot. My dad is ah, Scott Loot. We have great names. Im too tired for this…


Im sleeping soft and sound in the engine room, I was sleeping so soft that I didn’t even know we were crashing. Wait how do space ships crash? Aren’t we in space? Before I know it im no longer in space. Im ah, im… Where am I? I need a drink! I stumble out of a hole in the ship, I stumble and stumble feeling the ground below me, when I come across a creature. It’s small and cute, what a cute creature. I try to pet it, but it seems like it doesn’t want to get close, so I just walk away. I’m just so tired and… I need a drink. I walk and walk into the distance as I look back at the crashed ship. I think everyone is dead? Why am I walking away from the ship! I could get valuable resources and maybe there are people still alive, so I run back. I run and run…

The ship exploded. I walk away in silence. Im on a floating piece of rock and im lost. Im lost in space with nothing and no one. Why did I take that job, why did I do this? Im the only one left. The only one left in my family to carry the secrets, so if I die today then…

Two years pass and im thinking about killing myself. I can’t do it anymore, I have a little hideout in a cave not so far from where I crashlanded, but it’s not a good way to live. I eat those little cute creatures for sustenance, but the air is so thin on this planet that I don’t think I can live any longer. Just eating and drinking the murky water makes me sick. I can’t do it anymore. I… I go to lay down in my bed to sleep, but the suns still up. This planet doesn’t have a normal day and night cycle like earth. I close my hand made curtains and try to fall asleep. I try and try, but I can’t do it. I think and think, but the only dream that comes to mind is the one about an egg. I don’t remember where I got this dream, but it reminds me of home. I run away and away from this monster, but in the end, I die. I always die…

Fifteen more years pass, im old now, im older than before. I found some metal chunks about three miles from the crash landing site and I fully made my cave stylish. I think it looks beautiful like a modern apartment. I even have my own paintings, they could sell for millions, well I don’t really have paint or any fruits or colors on this barren wasteland of rocks, but I do have blood. It’s all cozy, I even got myself a support pet for my depression, his name is Rocky. He’s my best friend in the whole wide world. What should I do today, oh I created this game using rocks, it’s called skip a step. You place a for rocks down in a row and them jump, jump, jump. You skipped a step, did I skip a step. That’s the game… It’s pretty fun…

Fifty more years pass, I think I might be going a bit crazy, I swear I saw a rescue ship come, but I couldn’t really tell. I think they’re trying to get all my secrets, my family secrets! I think their after my gold. This planet is filled with it, the bandits wanted it for themselves, but I have the gold now. I am the gold queen! Right rocky… Oh, Rocky died by the way. He kinda snapped in half, but I made a new one. That’s actually how I found the gold. They’re in the rocks, they’re all around us. In our shit, in our food. Oh boy, I could go for a drink. Do you know? I found where all those ugly creatures go at night. They have been hiding underground, I think I should join them. Maybe I should dig a big hole and cover myself. That might be fun?

Thirty more years pass, im getting old now, I don’t really move from my cave. I actually like to stay up all night and watch the sky move, since the day is hot and unbearably long. I also think that I’ve become better at understanding things. Age has really made me think, it makes me think about what might happen when I die. I think that maybe I will go crazy and lose myself or if I already have. I can’t really tell since I stopped talking to my friends, they won’t really tell me anything anymore. I just stare and stare every day, sleeping, getting old. I wonder what is happening back on earth? And as I drift away I want to be thinking not about death, but about my dream the dream I dream every night. The dream of eggs and monsters, but maybe I won’t die this time?

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