Ultimates - The Adventure Begins

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Kaze Vensika is just a normal 13 year old boy that lives on the planet Hindro, a planet a lot like Earth. Life was normal for him and his best friend Saturo Kanshiro until one day a spacecraft crashes into their school during lunch.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Unexpected Ferment

The Sun had already risen in the town Hilman on planet Hindro, yet Kaze Vensika was still asleep, even though he had school to attend. Kaze was laying in his bed in his underwear, looking quite relaxed as he snuggled his blanket.

A disconcerted look appeared on Kaze’s face when he heard the irritating sound of his alarm clock ringing. Moving only his hand, he chucked his alarm clock across his bedroom. Afterwards, he returned to the comfort of his bed.

Having heard the sound of the alarm clock smashing against Kaze’s closet, Uindo Vensika, Kaze’s older brother, walked up the stairs towards Kaze’s bedroom.

“KAZE! WAKE UP!” Uindo yelled at Kaze, startling him. “THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME IN A ROW, GOSH DANG IT!”

“WHAT THE FRICK, GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” Kaze yelled, covering his half naked body with his blanket.

“Dude, I’m your older brother! I’ve seen you in underwear before.” Uindo chuckled before he urged. “Now get dressed, you’re going to be late for school.”

Uindo left the room. Kaze blinked a few times, revealing his brown eyes for a few seconds before he sluggishly got out of bed. His parents were hardly ever home, so he had to deal with his older brother Uindo most of the time. It’s not surprising that Uindo took part in raising Kaze, since their parents were usually missing from their household due to work.

Kaze growled as he put on some blue shorts and a gray shirt with a white exercise brand logo on it. On his way out of his bedroom, he grabbed and put on his light gray sweatshirt that was hung on the back of his bedroom door.

He then gazed at the bathroom.

“Should I?” He thought to himself. “Hmm, nah.”

Kaze decided not to use the bathroom or brush his teeth as he walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

“Yo, are you gonna skip breakfast again?” Uindo was seated at the kitchen table, drinking some coffee.

“Depends. Is there anything ready? If not, I’m too lazy to make anything.” Kaze grinned. “Unless you wanna make me something.”

“You’re in 8th grade, and next year you’ll be going to High School. You should start to get more independent,” Uindo said.

“I’m good.” Kaze then grabbed some cash for school lunch as he headed towards the front door.

As he was putting on his navy blue shoes, he noticed that his cap was missing.

“Hey Uindo! Where’s my cap!?” Kaze yelled at his brother.

“How the heck am I supposed to know?! Keep track of your stuff!” His brother yelled back at him.

Kaze growled as he looked around for his blue cap. He then found it on the coffee table in the living room, right beside his black backpack.

“Oh, nevermind, I found it.” He grabbed it and put it on his messy black hair. “Alright, Uindo! I’m leaving now.”

“About time. You might wanna run or you’ll be late.”

“Whatever.” Kaze scoffed as he put on his backpack and walked out of his house.

Kaze’s school was Hilman Middle School, which was only two blocks away from his house. That was part of the reason that he slept in. And since he was athletic, he could easily run to the school and make it on time.

As Kaze was walking casually with his hoodie up and his hands in his pocket, a voice called his name from behind.

“Yo Kaze, wait up!”

A familiar voice. Kaze turned his head towards it, finding out that it was Saturo Kanshiro, his best friend.

Kaze stopped walking, letting his best friend catch up to him. He noticed that Saturo was wearing fairly casual clothes, a blue and gray striped shirt with black pants. It was different from what Kaze wore, which was sporty clothes. He refuses to put on any pants. Shorts were the only acceptable pant-wear in his opinion.

“Sup,” Kaze greeted his friend with a smile.

“I saw you just got out of your house. Did you sleep in again?” Saturo questioned.

“Uh. Yeah,” Kaze replied. “The school is literally next to my house so why do I need to wake up early?”

“Valid point,” Saturo said. “Well, let’s get to school, the bell is gonna ring soon.”

The two friends then proceeded to walk towards their school.

“Yo Saturo, are you not going to mess up your hair?” Kaze then asked.

Saturo’s blond hair was brushed. And Saturo doesn’t like how plain it felt when it was brushed.

“I would, but my Mom would kill me,” Saturo said.

Saturo’s mother insisted on him looking ‘neat’ and ‘nice’ and forces him to brush his hair. The last time Saturo messed up his hair, his phone was taken away for a week. So he definitely wanted to keep his hair neat this time.

“Huh, that’s too bad.” Kaze grinned. Lucky for him, his mom wasn’t home most of the time so there was no one enforcing any rules on him. Well, except for his brother, but Kaze hardly follows any of them.

As Kaze and Saturo neared the school, they spotted one of their classmates approaching them.

It was none other than John Ceno, the school’s bully and class clown.

“YO! WASSUP LIL’ BUGGY!” John yelled with a wide grin.

“Well, shoot…” Saturo muttered under his breath.

“I hope you don’t mind if I bug you for a bit.” John stood right in front of Saturo and looked down at him. He was a big guy.

“I think he mite mind a bit,” Kaze said.

Saturo’s fist began to shake as he stepped back from John.

“Leave me alone, John…” Saturo said. He raised his fist, ready to use violence against the guy that was a foot taller than him.

“Saturo, I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Remember what happened last time?” Kaze advised his friend.

Saturo let his guard down. “Right… I had detention for a week…”

“Looks like the little buggy has lost his stinger,” John mocked, crossing his arms with a mischievous smirk on his face.

Saturo just stared at him in response.

“Let’s go.” Kaze grabbed Saturo’s arm and pulled him towards the school building.

Kaze and Saturo entered their homeroom, barely on time as the bell rang right as they entered. They sighed in relief as they took their seats, which were conveniently side by side.

Looking around, they noticed that all their classmates were here… except for one.

“Alright, class, let me take attendance…” Their homeroom teacher spoke, looking down at the attendance sheet.

He began reading names and a chorus of “here’s” sounded. But then the teacher arrived at a particular name…

“John C-”

“And his name is John Ceno! DUN DEN DEN DEEEEEEEN!!” A loud sound expropriated the classroom. Air horns and loud music were playing.

And John Ceno himself stood at the doorway of the classroom, dancing like a lunatic.

“Your time is up, my time is now! You can’t see me, my time is now! It’s the franchise, boy I’m shining now! You can’t see me, my time is now!” John yelled the lyrics to his ‘song’ as he proceeded to jump on the teachers desk, waving his head all over the place.

The class, including Kaze and Saturo, were enjoying this. The teacher, however, was not.

“That’s enough Mr. Ceno. To the office. Now!” The teacher lost it immediately. He had lost his patience since John Ceno did this every single day. He would not show up to class without playing his ‘theme song’.

John, who was laughing like the lunatic maniac he is, listened to his superior and left the room.

The teacher was enraged, his face all red. Everyone else in the class’s faces were red as well, but because of their laughter. Even though this occurred daily, it remained humourous to Kaze and Saturo’s homeroom.

“Will you hurry it up, Saturo?!” Kaze groaned impatiently.

Saturo was struggling to locate his lunchbox in his messy locker.

“Hey, your mom doesn’t pack your lunch for you! Chill!” Saturo yelled at Kaze.

Kaze casually waved his cash in front of Saturo’s face. “Yeah, cuz I get school lunch.”

Saturo rolled his blue eyes. He eventually got his lunchbox out and shut his locker. “Let’s go.”

The two of them entered the cafeteria, scanning the area for any empty tables. Saturo had a reputation for being picked on ever since kindergarten. Kaze had always been there to stick up for him, and the two have been best friends ever since.

“That spot is open,” Saturo said, pointing to a table at the very edge of the cafeteria.

“Alright, you can go ahead and take a seat, I’ll go get my lunch,” Kaze said.

Saturo nodded, headed to the empty table, and took a seat. Meanwhile, Kaze got in line to get his lunch. He grabbed a cheeseburger and an apple. On his way to the checkout, he spotted a bag of spicy chips.

Kaze grabbed it and paid for his lunch, before he walked over to Saturo.

As he sat down beside his friend, he tossed him the bag of spicy chips. Saturo just stared at them with wide, happy eyes.

“You’re the best, Kaze!” He then exclaimed.

He left his lunch (which was salad and fruit) and devoured the spicy chips that Kaze had gotten for him. Yes, nothing was left in the bag after a few seconds. Spicy chips were Saturo’s favorite snack.

Kaze then began to eat his burger.

“So, can I come over anytime soon?” He questioned in between his bites.

“I dunno, I’ll have to ask my mom.” Saturo shrugged.

Kaze nodded as he continued to eat his burger.

All of a sudden, a deep rumbling sound was heard. Seemingly from above.

“What’s that noise?” Saturo asked.

Everyone in the cafeteria looked puzzled as they wondered where the noise was coming from. They looked up at the glass ceiling above them, spotting a fairly large lime green spacecraft. It was on fire and was headed right at the school.

Next thing they know, the glass ceiling is completely shattered as the spacecraft crashed right in the middle of the cafeteria. A light green barrier of energy materialized at the bottom of the spacecraft, which lessened the impact as it crashed onto some students.

Kaze and Saturo were shocked. REALLY SHOCKED. They stared at the spacecraft that was right in front of them, only a few feet away. Everyone else in the cafeteria made their distance, except for the people that were under the spacecraft. They were injured, and some were crying.

In an instant, the lid cover of the spacecraft opened up and a human-looking man with light skin dressed in lime green jumped out. He immediately moved the spaceship to the side, revealing the injured students.

“Come on out! And drink these!” The man shouted at the injured students, tossing them all bottles that he took off his belt.

The students looked confused and hesitated for a moment.

“Do it! The man yelled.

Startled, the students quickly did as the man instructed. And once they drank the bottles that they were given, their injuries were completely healed.

“What in the world…” Kaze and Saturo remained in their spots, looking at the man and the spacecraft, astounded. Kaze had also dropped his half-eaten burger.

Suddenly, another man appeared. This one was equipped with a gray spacesuit, and had a helmet on, sheltering his face.

He also had a blaster gun with him. And it was aimed at the man dressed in lime green clothing.

“It is here that you shall die, Lime!” The man with the blaster hissed.

“Please, can we not fight here? There are peo-” the person named Lime tried to settle this situation with words, but was interrupted by the blaster firing at him.

Lime made a barrier in front of him, blocking the laser bullet that bombarded him. He gave the man a threatening look. But the man continued to shoot lasers at Lime.

Having not listened to Lime’s warning, Lime generated more barriers and scattered them randomly in his opponents path, preventing him from getting a clear shot at him.

Lime then turned around and looked at the students, including Kaze and Saturo.

“Everyone get out of the building!” Lime shouted. “Where are the adults? Evacuate the building!”

“Y-yes! Kids, right this way! Hurry!” One of the teachers then listened. Now, instead of watching in awe, the students fled from the cafeteria as Lime’s opponent smashed through Lime’s barriers with his metal fists.

Kaze and Saturo found themselves among the crowd of students, all of them blistering towards the exit of the school.

Once they were out, Kaze stopped Saturo by grabbing his arm.

“Okay, what the heck just happened in there?” He asked.

“I don’t know! A spaceship crashed into the cafeteria and… aliens started fighting!” Saturo exclaimed.

A sudden explosion occurred in the cafeteria. A plume of smoke rose from the roof and chunks of debris flung out. One landed near Kaze and Saturo, and Kaze flinched when he saw the piece seemingly melt because of some sort of acid. Students panicked and were all running away from the school. In fact, even teachers were running.

“Uhh Kaze…” Saturo then said. “I really think we should get out of here!”

Sirens were heard as police cars appeared on the streets.

“Hey, you two kids, get away from the building!” A cop yelled at Kaze and Saturo.

“Kaze, we really should listen! It’s not safe!” Saturo said.

Kaze hesitated. He was thinking about what had just happened this whole time. Did the spaceship explode? How and why was there acid on the debris? He had so many questions.

“But that green man… he did save those students,” Kaze said quietly. “The cops don’t know what happened in there, so they might hurt him!”

“Kaze, if he really is an alien and did all that, do you really think the cops can hurt him? He’ll be fine! WE WON’T! We should definitely get out of here!”

“Hey! I’m not going to repeat myself!” The cop was getting closer to them.

“You don’t need to, officer!” Saturo said. He grabbed Kaze and forced him to run with him.

As they were running away from the school, towards Kaze’s house, the cops had already set up barricades. In fact, helicopters have arrived at the scene. It was obvious that this was serious business.

“Holy shoot man…” Kaze said. He and Saturo were standing on Kaze’s house’s porch, and were watching as the FBI showed up.

“This… this doesn’t look so good…” Saturo commented. “What should we do?”

“I think you should go home and tell your parents that you don’t have to go to school for awhile,” Kaze said. “Cuz you don’t.”

“Saturo!” Saturo’s parents then appeared on the streets, running towards Kaze and Saturo. “Thank goodness, you’re okay!”

Saturo suddenly found himself wrapped around his mother’s arms.

“We heard an explosion and were worried. What happened?” Saturo’s dad asked, looking at Kaze.

Kaze shrugged. “Spaceship crashed into our school, aliens started fighting, and yeah.”

“Aliens?” Saturo’s dad looked over at the remaining foundation of the school building. “You should go inside. It’s not safe.”

“C’mon Saturo, we’re going home,” Saturo’s mom dragged Saturo away from Kaze’s house.

Saturo didn’t get a chance to say anything to Kaze as he disappeared down the streets with his parents. Kaze watched as his friend disappeared.

He then looked over at his school for a few moments before he decided to go into his house.

“At least I don’t have to go to that boring place for a bit,” he thought to himself as he unlocked and entered his home.

Closing the door behind him, he called out to his brother. “Hey Uindo!”

But he got no response. Kaze locked the door behind him.

“He must have left for work already,” he thought to himself.

Kaze usually played video games in his free time. But he was currently not in the mood for entertainment.

Kaze pulled up a chair from the kitchen and sat in front of a window, and he watched and analyzed what was happening outside. He saw that the explosions had stopped. The cafeteria was completely in ruins while the rest of the building was left untouched. All of the civilians have fled. Only cops and the FBI remained at the spot.

But then Kaze noticed that more FBI vehicles were appearing. And agents were going to civilians, and knocking on their doors.

One was even coming to Kaze’s house.

The doorbell then rang. Kaze looked over at his door.

“If I don’t open for the FBI, I would get in trouble…” He thought to himself.

Slowly getting up, Kaze walked over to the front door and opened it.

“Hey kid. I need you to do a favor for me,” the FBI Agent said.


“Look into my eyes,” he commanded.

Kaze did as he was told. Suddenly, the agent clapped his hands.

“Okay?” Kaze questioned. “What was the purpose of th-” He suddenly found himself dizzy, crashing onto the floor. His eyes weakened as he gradually lost his consciousness.

The FBI Agent looked down at Kaze before he picked him up. He took off his shoes and set them aside, before taking the sleeping Kaze to his bedroom and setting him in his bed. Afterwards, the Agent left the house without leaving a single trace.

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