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Mission Start

Razer, Neo and Xara chatted excitedly as the game loaded, that was one of Razer’s favourite features of the Wire, that you could still interact with other players while your game loaded. His vision flashed crimson red, then a deep, unearthly voice addressed them.

“You have entered Kingdom’s of the Void, turn back now, or continue, where your worst nightmares await, and untold riches….”

Razer laughed, “This is so cheesy.”

Razer quickly chose the “Continue” option, as did Neo and Xara. Next came the character selection screen, Razer was slightly disappointed at how it was set up, plain black background and only buttons to push instead of a proper character testing screenlike most other games had. He scrolled through the different races; Light Elf, Dark Elf, Shadow shifter, Orc or Nordonian. Razer picked the Shadow Shifter. The Avatar displayed a tall cloaked figure that could shape-shift into any of the other races and use their abilities. Next came the occupations; Assassin, Wizard, Herbal Doctor, Warrior, Noble and Rogue. Razer had difficulty picking between Assassin and Rogue, both were similar except that Assassin have an alliance with Dark Elves and Nordonian’s. He ended up choosing the Rogue, because they have a higher speed stat and can steal from people. He confirmed his character and took a glance at Xara and Neo. Xara was Nordonian with long blonde hair that resembled nicely to her avatar. Neo was a tall wiry Dark Elf dressed in expensive looking clothing, Razer guessed he had picked noble for his occupation. The trio found themselves standing in open grassland, there was a forest to the north and what seemed like endless hills in every other direction.

“Who votes we go to the forest?” Razer asked.

Neo and Xara nodded in agreement. On the way there Razer decided to check his inventory. Inside his pack he had five bacon strips, forty gold coins and a short black sword with the name Light’s Bane engraved into the blade. He also had two health potions that would restore twenty health units each if they got into a battle. As if on cue, a gang of hulking Orcs ran from the clearing, clubs and maces raised above their heads, bellowing incomprehensible war cries.

Razer looked at Xara and Neo, “You guys ready to game?”

They nodded, Neo drawing a staff and Xara drawing her bow. Razer pulled out Light’s Bane. Razer gave it a test swing, shadows erupted from the blade.

“That is so cool!” Razer yelled.

The trio ran forwards, attacking the Orcs mercilessly. There were thirteen Orcs in total, Xara kept her distance, shooting arrows into the ones that got too close to Razer. Neo raised his staff and lightning shot from the sky, vaporising three of the Orcs. Neo slumped to the ground, casting the spell had used up too much of his energy and had drained half of his health as a result.

“Neo!” Xara cried as she ran to him.

She opened her bag and give him an Elixir, a potion that restored a significant amount of energy and health.

Neo coughed as he opened his eyes, “I think I better wait until I level up enough to use that spell again.” He pulled out a mace and used a strength skill. He charged forwards, smashing four Orcs with one mighty swing of the mace. Xara smiled, she loved seeing the boys enjoy themselves.

Tyron shook his head in disbelief, how did these kids manage to hack into the unreleased game? He launched the Orc attack that was supposed to be an early defence mechanism until the game was built into a stable version. He kept a close eye on the Rogue Shadow Shifter, the username was Razer. Tyron quickly pulled up his gamer profile. Razer was a three time world champion in the Global Havoc Challenge (GHC). It was a highly advanced game that ran on the user’s real world physical stats. He quickly checked over the other two profiles, both had also finished runners up in the GHC and were known to closely associate with Razer. The three also had fugitive warnings and were placed fairly high on the Wire Guard watch-list.

So they're professional gamers and hackers? Tyron thought to himself, I think I may have to deal with this matter personally.

He strode over and booted up the Link-Gear, a new line of Virtual Reality gear that wasn't officially released yet. The VNI had scheduled to release it at the same time as Kingdom's of the Void. He heard the hiss of the door open and glanced over, seeing one of his colleagues waving her arms frantically, gesturing for him to take it off.

I'll be back in a second Wendy, he thought to himself.

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