Legends of Amacia: Path of the Ancients

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"Wipe them out...all of them!"

Deep in the Amacian underworld beneath Aconcagua, the Emperor paced the dais impatiently as his most trusted advisor approached and bowed. “Rise and approach, Kronos,” he ordered.

Kronos rose and climbed the dais, approaching the throne as the Emperor sat down. “Did my Lord Emperor summon me?” Kronos asked, stopping a few paces in front of the throne, quickly bowing again before the Emperor.

“Yes, I summoned you, Kronos,” the Emperor hissed venomously. “What’s being done to eradicate these fleas that constantly tax my patience?”

“The process of eradication continues, my Lord Emperor,” Kronos said. “It’s getting more difficult though. Most have fled into the deep areas where eliminating them is proving very difficult.”

“I don’t want excuses, Kronos,” the Emperor snapped viciously. “They must be annihilated. Beowulf is nearer than you think. He must not be allowed to link up with the rebels. What has been done to secure Solomon’s Passage?”

“We have six hundred troops stationed there at your order with the rest of the 8th Division securing Amm Su and the Road. They have orders to annihilate anything that comes near it, especially from the outside,” Kronos informed. “Squads of fifty soldiers constantly patrol the Passage, and the ruins of Cariias in the canyon and forest beyond the Passage. The rebels have ceased to probe our defenses there and elsewhere. They have gone into hiding in the deep areas as I said before. We have seen no activity from them since we found the traitor on the Plains of Blood several months ago.”

“They’re hiding; biding their time,” the Emperor replied with a scowl. “This prophet has them thinking Beowulf is the warrior in the prophecy. They hope to join with him in order to destroy me. That’s a lethal mistake on their part. I want you to find this prophet and bring him here. Then intercept Beowulf and anyone with him. Bring them here alive so that I may deal with them personally. I’ll show these insects who’s the real master on this planet. I’ll kill their so-called savior in front of them personally, and then annihilate them afterwards. Nothing is going to keep me from my destiny. The world is mine for the plucking, as is this galaxy. I’m not going to have tens of thousands of cycles of planning and preparing ruined by one pestilent little human insect again. Bring him to me. Now go, and don’t return without him!”

Kronos trembled in fear, bowing to the floor. “As you wish, your majesty,” he replied. Kronos quickly rose, fleeing from the face of the Emperor.

As Kronos was about to leave, the Emperor barked, “Triple the troop strength at the Passage and these rebels who constantly tax my patience, wipe them out...all of them. I want no prisoners. Do I make myself clear? Burn them to ashes in their holes.”

“Yes, my Lord Emperor,” Kronos returned and he fled the throne room.

The Emperor sat on his throne, literally boiling with hatred and anger at the rebels. The Black Prince whispered in his ear, “Good…very good. Wipe the pests out, making an example of Beowulf in the process...very good indeed. You may yet become Emperor of the planet and galaxy, despite the setback inflicted by FATE and the Ancient Ones with their betrayal of us.” The Emperor smiled wickedly at the thought.

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