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Appendixes i), ii), iii)

i) Definitions

ii) The Collected Songs of Katy Capet

iii) Excerpts from ‘Earth History, a Planet in Crisis’

i) Definitions

analysthis – medical analysis computer. Programmed to undertake analysis of most of the routine health checks required by law on long haul space flights.

Biohedron - UV-shielded sealed glass biodome

Comms-lull – Point at which the crew loses real time communications with home due to distance out from Mars.

Cities on Mars – There are three completed cities on Mars, with the construction of another two underway. New Utopia (NU), New Eden (NE), High Shangri-La (HLa) soon to be joined by Megalopis (ML) and Cinque-City (5C)

The Company - In control of the everyday running of life on Mars, the Company (controls the resources loop, the power behind the Company are seven members of the Board, forming a powerful super-rich elite.

Crater - The name given to the galactic class freighter and recycling spaceship, it being a reference to the crates that they hauled between Earth, the Moon and Mars that make up the bulk of these ships’ payload.

Cross-over – Shift change. Each member of crew usually undertakes night watches for a rotational period of approximately fourteen nights. Although modern space ships are more than capable of unmanned flight, change and routine are vital parts of a long haul crew’s life. For a standard five-member crew, a two-week change of routine and a chance for a period of solitude every two months helps to diffuse any antagonistic behavioural patterns which can build up in closed environments. It also helps to split up and re-establish power balances and allegiances within the group. Cross-over provides a positive example of the maxim, a change is as good as a rest.

Cyclotubes - Separate crazy coloured tube-ways for the cyclists, rollerboarders (articulated skateboards) and speed-wheelers (inline skates, often with wheeled hand mittens as well) .

DSELP – Proposed super structure for the start of the Company’s manned Deep Space Exploration flights.

Earth Abandonment – (2203 to 2215) This period of 12 years is referred to as the abandonment of Earth, but is really better described as the decommissioning of the planet. The first colonising flights to Mars in the previous century signalled the start of the gradual shift of the earth’s population to its new home.

Farm beds – Proteins and carbohydrates and plant fibre are intensively farmed in ‘beds’ or tanks.

Gem-bird – Genetically Engineered and Modified bird, usually of the finch genus. Traditionally used to pinpoint dangers in treacherous conditions, much as the historical miner’s canary .

Glitch – Pre-programmed random minor technical hitch built into the spaceship’s software. Mental stress and in particularly boredom has long been identified as one of the main threats to successful long haul space flights. The inclusion of random annoying breakdowns in technology, keeps crew members alert and promotes team effort. Glitches are useful in defusing rifts between crew members, the enemy becomes not each other, but the technology itself. It also forms part of an ongoing training and initiative programme. Crew members are well aware of glitches and their function within the flight but generally they are accepted as a very necessary and sometimes lifesaving part of long haul life.

G-run – Part of the gym equipment on board the Gybe,it is a pressurised treadmill capsule which emulates hill-running. The amount of pressure can be varied to provide extremes of physical endurance. It helps with cardio-vascular maintenance and helps to combat bone-density problems during periods of prolonged weightlessness.

The Gybe – Galactic class freighter and recycling spaceshipwholly owned by the Company.

Engines– Impulse - using a double layer plasma inductive impulse field generator.

Also carries sun sails and cold-fusion nuclear reactor technology for close planet orbit work.

Impulse engine - Plasma2impulse generator - ‘P2IG’

Holobeats – holographic image music produced on mixgrids.

Holo-network – The holo-network system is routed through every compartment on Mars and provides a Company controlled television station for the Mars community.

Holo-Warriors - a subscription free virtual reality hologram game fed directly into every compartment holotube system by the company. Played en masse, it depicts a violent other-reality where fantasy and brutal mayhem is given full release helping to combat stress and anxiety in the overcrowded compartments on Mars.

Logins – Each crew member has a holoport in their living space which holds all their personal correspondence, diaries, entertainment, music etc. crew members are encouraged to login and share with each other on the ship’s system, providing a very personalised electronic magazine for the crew. The logins are monitored by a complex, computerised, psychoanalytical model and any signs of stress or social disharmony are flagged up to trigger either a single or series of glitches, or if deemed a more serious matter, intervention by the appropriate crew member.

Infoblurb – Long information message. Usually in the form of interactive video link.

Infoblip – Short information message. Usually in the form of sound link or image link or both. (Subliminal blips (s-blips) are universally outlawed.)

ISELP – International Space Exploration Launch Platform. (Earth)

First commissioned in 2177.

Launches to colonise Mars. From 2180 to 89.

Decommissioned as Space Launch Platform vehicle in 2196.

Rented to private sector as Space Laboratory facilities until 2201.

Structural integrity obsolescence led to withdrawal of all operating licences in 2203.

During Earth Abandonment (2203 to 2215) ISELP was left intact as cost of decommissioning was too prohibitive.

Meld-all - Works through the relationship of its ions and the ions on the surface of the hull it is in contact with. Normally they would either attract or repel or be inert but Meld-all assumes the identity of the ions it comes into contact with, mimicking its properties. It melds with whatever it comes into contact with, albeit in a very limited way. This also gives it a unique profile in terms of fluid mechanics. Meld-all is designed to conquer deep space flight by providing a protective self-healing membrane around the external hard structure of the ship, skin over the skeleton if you like. It also allows the solar winds to flow smoothly over it. Thus, the Meld-all also provides an effective solar radiation shielding and a small amount of impact protection from pebble meteoroids, gravel/dust clouds and space junk. The Plasma2impulse generator drive engine is shielded with a magnetised form of Meld-all.

Neptune Relay Station – plannedlarge manned space station.

Pluto/Charon mission – Company is to reach Pluto and it’s moon, Charon by 2301. It is hoped mining of both the planet and its moon will bring in much needed resources to establish the proposed DSELP, (Deep Space Exploration Launch Platform) in it’s vicinity.

Saturn relays – a series of unmanned relay stations were created to help with the first manned mining explorations of the gas giants. Due to improvements in long-haul space flight, these stations are obsolete and are part of an ongoing decommissioning programme that includes the building of a super-station, the Neptune Relay Station to help facilitate with the Pluto/Charon mission.

Spacetel – Space hotel, contains base for the Company and close to Spaceports for Company Crater crew members.

Spaceport – Orbiting space stations for Craters and crews to work from, avoiding costly launches from mars.

Stupes – Slang term for trance inducing drugs.

Travcrate – lightweight crate for storing items in for transport. Opened with a presskey, normally a fingerprint reader which activates a message and opens the crate.

Ups – slang term for stimulant drugs.

UVEE – Abbreviation of Ultra-Violet Eye Enhancement.

WetNet - A water trap for zero gravity, trapping unwanted liquids across a lattice (net-like) structure. The lattice material itself is made of fine tubules, connecting to a collecting pump first allowing surface-tension static to flow liquid around the WetNet, then capillary action to draw the liquid through the tubules to the collection pump.

Zaps – legal stimulant drugs.

Appendix ii
The Collected Songs Of Katy Capet


Once I was young and the world was still to be found
Just chasing the shadow of a dream along the ground
Now older, wiser and no longer free
I know that the shadow was really just me.

The Way Cards Fall

From the window-seat sill beyond the tulip tree

The passing heron drags his feet
And grazes the water’s still
Too deep to dredge
Stand back from the edge

From the pebbles rolling under feet
The skitter of the cobbles
Falling to the sea
And we could build a castle
Out of stone
A place to rest when rage has turned to bone

Still I hear them all
And turn back to hear the call
I’m sorry I would say
I’m sorry
It never turns the way
You think the cards would fall

From the rain dripped eaves an evening glows
The grass is all but cut too fine
For light is turning low
And my flowers are drooped
A sudden storm
And they are weighed down with silver wine

From the bench the contrail spins
Its feathered breath a chance
To take flight
And I could jump on board
And fly away
To where the world is never wet with rain

Still I hear them all
And turn back to hear the call
I’m sorry I would say
I’m sorry
It never turns the way
You think the cards would fall

And still I hear them call
I’m sorry
It never turns out the way
Those cards fall

This song - last thing at night

If I’m pulling down stars from your eyes
I apologise
I didn’t mean to steal your thunder
For all my wistful thinking
Shines in your
Glow in the dark heart

Fireworks are breaking down the skies
Lighting up sparks in your eyes
And I know once
All the hullabaloo is gone
I’ll have hell to pay
For loving you this way
But I’d pay the debt in full
Because I’m only
Pulling down stars for you

Sleep tight
Playing the radio too loud instead
While fireworks break the sky ahead
Block out the road
And I’m in a world of smoke and night
Wheels in the twilight
Driving alone late
But I know I’ll be safe
Because those falling stars
Are sent from you

If I’m pulling down stars from your eyes
I apologise
I didn’t mean to steal your thunder
For all my wistful thinking
Shines in your
Glow in the dark heart

Back late
Sorry is the phrase on my lips
But your look says its
OK and I know
That look in your eyes so
I’m sorry you’re tired
And I’d buy you all the stars
From this night sky
Just to make those sparks
Fill your eyes for ever and tonight

Sleeping bag to my chin
Looking up at all those
Wishful stars
I’ve stuck to my skies
Like fireworks exploding
Lighting up sparks in my eyes
For all my wistful thinking
I’m still shining in
Your glow in the dark heart

If I’m pulling down stars from your eyes
I apologise
I didn’t mean to steal your thunder
For all my wistful thinking
Shines in your
Glow in the dark heart

The Horse (Rhiannon's Dream)

After all these years
Lying down my head
Bed of stones
Flesh of clay
And all around a forest grows
Trees of dreams
Leaves of wind

And in the rushing air
I thought I heard you smile
For me
Love, like the angel's flaming hair
And silver horses running free
The dove before the storm
Waiting for me

And I will stay here
A horse carved out of my bones
For you
Until love is returned to me

Like silver horses running free
I'll carry this storm
Waiting for you
After all these years
Lying down my head
Bed of stones
Flesh of clay
And all around a forest grows
Trees of dreams
Leaves of wind

A Beautiful Dream

A beautiful dream like laughter in summer
A ripple of water over stones
A moment of silence before the song starts
A voyage home

A forest caught in the late rainstorm
A shiver from the open window
A cobweb of rainbows in the sunlight
A moment alone

And where the skies and waters meet
Pour my eyes to sleep
I'll wait and see
I'll wait and see a beautiful dream


I looked for love everywhere
In houses of stone and prayer
And when I thought it was lost for good
It seems it should
Return here

To the trees and the grass
To the flowers and the fruit
In the rain, in the sun
And I am at one
Here, in this garden is where I have begun
To find out what love is


In the shapes left behind
And the turn of the dance
All those quiet spaces
You don't understand

In the light falling slowly
And the shift of the sand
You don't see the same patterns
To all your grand plans

In the quick of a smile
And the heat of the moment
You forget the reason
For the places you're going

But in the shapes left behind
And the turn of the dance
In those quiet spaces
Are the answers you demand

Still, you'll have to take that chance
For a moment in the turn of the dance
All the wisdom that we gain
Is too often learnt with pain

Still, you'll have to take that chance
For a moment in the turn of the dance

Appendix iii

Excerpts from ‘Earth History, a Planet in Crisis’

Excerpts from the bestselling book published on Mars

Medicine versus Profit.

Between 2000 and 2100 it had become clear that the social structure of the world’s communities had, with their total dependence on a monetary-based system, entirely overlooked the problems facing poorer societies when faced with epidemics and widespread disease. By making medicine and healthcare a financial acquisition rather than a basic human right, it became a case of the survival of the richest.

As the huge medical and research corporations in thriving societies pushed for ever-increasing profits and governments around the world privatised more and more healthcare options in an effort to minimise the drain on financial resources to maintain a minimal level of health service for their communities, large sectors of society found themselves unable to provide adequate financial resources to cover basic healthcare.

The schism between those with and those without grew to a point where, with the outbreak of the worst flu pandemic since records began, the 2062 influenza strain, over half (6 billion people) of the world’s population died as the wealthiest sectors of the global society had stockpiled the vaccine, leaving world shortages. The influenza’s short incubation period coupled with the ease of world travel meant huge outbreaks were left unchecked as charitable agencies tried desperately to mobilise the vaccine to infected areas.

The flu remained at large within the world’s population for four years before finally, a mass vaccination programme was undertaken. Both the human loss and the financial burden were immeasurable and the world economy and society collapsed under the crippling weight of debt, starvation and even more disease.

In under one hundred years the global society had been decimated and the rebuilding of the planet’s population meant fundamental changes to how society viewed healthcare, not as privilege but as a fundamental right, as important and necessary as water and food.

In 2072, the global charter for health and maintenance was agreed at the global summit. It set out a clear and defined charter that medicine and healthcare was a basic human right and should be free from financial negotiation and that the global community would divorce profit from all transactions in providing healthcare and medicine to all communities.

The Banking Crisis

(Katy Capet V. The International Bank Tax Laws)

The International Bank Tax Laws or IBTL was introduced after the catastrophic stock market crash of 2072. The crash; following the trebledip recession earlier in the century and the flu pandemic, was typified by a run on the three Supernational Merged Banks (SMB), the so-called Untouchable Trio who were always deemed too big to fail. These merged superbanks held the trillion trillion dollar debts accumulated during the trebledip recession by various countries which were then consolidated into one global debt raft, kept afloat by complex trading deals across many, many countries.

To bail the banks out and to stabilise the word economy, the IBTL were introduced imposing a fifteen percent tax on all transactions, regardless of size. Only healthcare was exempt. Everything from a paperclip to a corporate merger was subject to these laws.

A backlash, spearheaded by a small group of recording artists, arose over these laws as it emerged food and housing aid to the flu zones was subject to these draconian taxes. Katy Capet, against the wishes of her publishers, released a book of poems to raise funds for the flu zones. It became an international bestseller and she refused to pay any of the banking tax, mobilising huge demonstrations globally aginst the IBTL. In the fall-out from the clampdown over her stand, her publishing house was closed and her works banned in all SMB countries. Her reputation was destroyed by false accusations of plagiarism. The following year Katy Capet caught an unidentified strain of flu while visiting a flu zone for a rally against the banks, within a week she was dead. She was buried in an unmarked grave to avoid causing a focal point for global dissent. In 2075 a disgruntled ex-employee of the IBTL enforcement agency released sensitive documents implicating the SMB of deliberately infecting Katy Capet with a weapons grade flu strain. The scandal forced the breakup of the SMB and with it the end of the IBTL.

Drastic measures were taken, the crushing international debt was written off and intenational and local money systems were replaced with the credit ratio. A system devoid of any need to gamble on financial markets and commodities or to stockpile assets. Each person's credit rating was assigned at birth and, dependent on their productivity to society as whole, rewarded with units of credits. The system became fully unified globally within three years.

For a few generations, Katy Capet's work reappeared from time to time as part of the rich folklore of protest and, although many song fragments, poems and other works are attributed to her, it is clear that her artistic output was far less than has been credited to her.

The Artificial Intelligence Race or AIR Project

The AIR Project had a simple premise. To build an android with a stong super-human response to AI tests, known collectively as the Turing/Feigenbaum parameters. The project, funded by the Sybaritic Systems Foundation, ran from 2068 to 2131, when the android Series One famously passed all tests by building the super-android Series Two, which outperformed Series One on a logarithmic scale of ten.

The Mars Ark

From the late 21st century a project to map and collect the Earth's ecosystem genome was undertaken by teams of scientists from all over the planet. Species that had already been lost were genetically engineered to provide the widest possible biodiversity for the Mars Ark. The plan was to be able to preserve and provide a template for an ecosystem on Mars. The Mars Ark was completed in 2177 and stored in the completed Atacama Biome while a copy was sent to Mars. The ship holding the copy sent to Mars suffered a catastrophic failure and two-thirds of the genome was irradiated irrevocably.

The Atacama Biome

This small biome was built on the Atacama Desert as the test run for colonising Mars. Once Earth Abandonment had become the only option, a scientific crew volunteered to remain on Earth living within the biome in order to monitor the planet and to see if it could regenerate. It was a top secret project and those in the scientific community who knew about it, considered it a suicide mission. Once Earth was abandoned, there would be no rescue mission and there was no way of ascertaining how long, with such a small crew, the biome would be able to support life. The biome was built almost fifty years before abandonment took place and many systems were obsolete by the time the crew were left behind. Two sister biomes in Australia and the Himalayan high plateau were built to form a functioning observational global network. No one knows for how long the biomes were manned for, communications ceased soon after Earth Abandonment.

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