Time Limit

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Stranger Danger

We were still dancing when the rain had stopped. We were both soaking wet. My shoes had been abandoned in a puddle and his jacket was laying right next to them. He looked down at me. I smiled. He put his hand on my cheek. I shied away, unwillingly. Images of Oliver flooded back into my head. I had forgotten all about the previous events of the night.

"Am I going to fast?" He asked. He looked embarrassed, his cheeks reddened slightly. "I got caught up in the moment." His hand fell, defeated.

"I'm really sorry," I reconciled. "You know it's not you. It's-" I paused. I couldn't say his name. My breath caught in my chest.

"I know." He sighed. "I can't believe he took advantage of you. You deserve so much more than that." I clasped his hand and turned it around and around in mine, studying it. He leaned forward slightly, just so our foreheads were touching. I stretched out my fingers and aligned them with his. Our hands were so different. His were big and callused, mine were small and fragile. I shifted my fingers over slightly and brought them down so we were holding hands. I could feel his breath mix with mine. I didn't want to leave this position.

"I don't even know what made me fall for him. He's such a jerk." I confessed. He moved slightly.

"Because he's stunningly attractive." He replied, his words were dripping with venom. He seemed almost jealous. I moved my hand to his jawline. Our eyes met and I could see the pain in them. I wanted to tell him it was all okay. Kiss his wounds and make him feel happy again. But this wasn't a scraped knee, this was a deeper pain.

What ghosts haunt your past? I thought. Are they like mine? I rested my hands gently on his face. His skin was soft and warm, despite the cold rain that was slowly seeping through my clothes.

"I should probably go." He said, abruptly.

"Oh." I said, slightly disappointed.

"My parents will be wondering where I am," He said. "Yours as well, I presume."

"Yeah. My parents-" I cut off, hoping he wouldn't catch my lie.

"Well, I bid you farewell, fair princess." He said, bowing slightly. I let out a sigh of relief and giggled.

"Farewell, my fair knight." He smiled his brilliant smile and picked up his soggy jacket. I watched him as he walked away. Once he was out of sight, I turned, picked up my shoes, and trudged inside. I slowly made my way up the stairs, my fatigue catching up to me. I quickly stripped of my wet dress and changed into some worn pajamas. I hung up the dress in the bathroom and set my shoes on the air vent, willing them to dry. I then climbed into bed and fell instantly asleep.

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