Time Limit

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We climbed down the siding on my house. Lainey went first. I heard her feet hit the ground and I jumped. I landed softly. We had done this so often, it felt like second nature. She looked at me and in a second I knew what she was thinking. Run. We sprinted away, but I heard my upstairs window shatter. I vaguely remember hearing my father call my name.

We finally stopped when we neared her house. Lainey was bent over and breathing heavily. I was gasping for breath. I dramatically fell over, being completely foolish. I heard Lainey scream and jumped to my feet, not so gracefully. Adrenaline was rushing through my veins until I saw who it was. Nathan Taylors.

I was the awkward third wheel. Nathan and Lainey had been dating for about six months. It was utterly adorable. I wish I could say I got them together, but I can't even find a match for myself. Well, I've found one. I just can't talk to him. Not without being awkward.

Lainey giggled as Nathan pulled her in for a kiss. I looked away. When I did, I couldn't help but smile. There he was. Oliver Pierce. I glanced back at Lainey and Nathan. They wouldn't miss me. I walked over to Oliver.

"Hey." I said, trying to come up with a good conversation starter.

"Hey. You look like a third wheel." He smiled. I was momentarily frozen. His smile made his whole face lit up.

"Yeah. You kinda have to admit they're cute, though." We looked back at them. They were giving each other eskimo kisses.

"They are," Oliver said. I looked up at him. He smiled again. "Are you going to that ceremony The Society is holding?"

"I don't know. I didn't know there was a ceremony." I said. I was kind of hoping he was going to ask me to go with him, but it probably wasn't a bring-your-own-date event.

"It was invitation only. If you got invited, I'd love to see you there." And with that, he turned around and mounted the stairs on his front porch.

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