Time Limit

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Destiny Calls

"Lainey, I don't even have a dress to wear." I said, it had been an hour and she was still working on my hair.

"That's where I come in. We have the same dress size. It's one of the reasons we're friends." She said.

"I know that's a lie." I retorted, laughing.

"Oh, yeah, that's right. I must've confused you with my other best friend, Ivy." She giggled.

"Yeah, it must've been Nathan." I joked.

"Yeah, he has a lot of dresses. It kinda worries me." We burst out laughing. She stood back. "Now on to make-up."

"Lainey, I-" I protested.

"Oh be quiet, I know what I'm doing." I sighed.

Another hour later, Lainey let me look into my mirror. I couldn't believe it. I looked... good. My blonde hair was pulled into a black claw clip. I could tell Lainey had curled my hair into delicate, loose ringlets. There were small rhinestone hair pins spread throughout my hair. My face looked, well, stunning. My grey eyes stood out drastically. My eyelids skated with color from white to blue to black. My eyelashes were three times longer than usual. I had a light blush around my cheek and my lips were a light, soft pink. I blinked, stunned.

"Woah," I said. "Lainey, this is amazing."

"I told you. Now it's time to put on your dress." Lainey reached into the bag she had had sitting on the bed. Out flowed a muted alice blue dress with a sweetheart neckline. "Come on, let's get it on."

I slowly put on the dress. It was made of pure silk. It had small crystal embellishments on the bodice that felt like a glove on my torso. Once the dress hit my hips, it fanned out slightly. I stared in my floor-length mirror. I spun slightly and the dress billowed around me.

"Lainey, I love it. How'd you-"

"Don't ask questions. It cost a pretty penny. But it was so worth it. You look amazing. Now, help me into mine." Lainey pulled out a emerald dress with a laced bodice. I helped her into it. It came just above her knees. It complimented her red hair and the bateau neckline looked amazing on her.

"Here," She said. "Put these on." She handed me some simple white platform heels. I slipped them on and stood up shakily. "You get used to walking in them."

I walked around my room a bit to get used to the heel. I grabbed my watch off my dresser and turned back to Lainey. I took a deep breath. I had to fight the urge to tell Lainey everything, but Mrs. Myers told me not to.

"Ready?" Lainey asked. I inhaled deeply.


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