The Experiment of Tony Blair

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Judgment Day!

Tony felt so relaxed and calm. He was resting in a world without care, or pain, or sorrow. The millennial greeting that Evila had done with him had worked miracles on his subconscious. All his doubts were washed away in a river of peace and tranquility. He felt like he had reached nirvana. So this is what the beautiful Evila feels, thought Tony, total harmony with the universe.

He was about to fall further into slumber land when a sudden pain shot through his chest and began to spread to all his limbs. It felt like fire was burning through his veins and capillaries. It felt like his organs were all melting together and then reshaping themselves into something new. It felt unbearably strange.

Tony quickly opened his eyes and sat up. He gritted his teeth and moaned as he looked down at his bare chest. His pale skin was changing now. It was turning green and hard. He could feel the cells mutating inside of his body. They were doing something different, they were doing something weird.

He looked over to Evila. She was smiling at him.

“What did you do to me?!”

“I am making you better. I am making you one of us.”

Tony stood up and gripped his abdomen. He almost felt like puking, “I don’t want to be one of you. I want to be myself! Can you make it stop?”

Evila shook her head. “I can’t stop the process once it’s in motion. You are going to be one of us whether you like it or not.”

Tony’s whole body was completely encompassed in a green pigment. He could feel himself beginning to expand and stretch like a balloon. His chest became more broad and big. His muscles became more compact and defined, as if he had lifted weights his whole life. Pretty soon Professor Denvil’s clothes didn’t seem so baggy; in fact they fit him perfectly. He was developing beautifully.

“Can you stop it? Please! I don’t think I’m ready for this step yet!”

Evila laughed. “Of course you are, Tone’i. Stop complaining. Humans are going to be the answer to our race’s problems. My experiment is proving it with you right now! You will have all of our traits and get to keep some of your own.”

Tony was about to speak when he felt a sudden tugging at his facial features. His skull was now reshaping itself; he was becoming more angled and defined like Evila was. His jaw line became more set and firm. His ears stretched out until they pointed at the flat ceiling. Tony could feel his teeth become more jagged and sharp. His brown hair took on a green hue and began to sparkle wildly.

“You’re almost done, Tone’i!!” exclaimed Evila with excitement. She was amazed at how well the metamorphosis was going. Tony was turning out to be very, very good looking Tenatian man. She was surprised how he had gone from being mundane and plain to being just as exotic as she was.

“What do you mean I’m almost done? I never wanted to get started!”

Evila walk up to him and grabbed his head firmly. She looked into his dark brown eyes and waited for a minute. She wanted to make sure everything went well with the ex-periment. The cone and rod cells slowly began to turn neon green. Evila wrinkled her little nose and giggled. Everything was working out perfectly.

“What are you looking at? What’s wrong with my eyes?”

Evila smiled at him.

“Nothing Tone’i, they look just like mine.”

Tony looked into her cool-colored retinas. His jaw dropped and his face went cold. He couldn’t believe what was going on. He had become one of them. He had become an alien. “They look like yours? What?”

Evila stepped back and looked him up and down for any flaws or mutations. He looked good. Tony felt awkward as she did this. He couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Did he really look like them now?

“Tone’i, I need to check one last thing on you.”

Tony crossed his arms over his bare chest and shifted uneasily back and forth. He didn’t like being so revealing with his body, especially with the beautiful Evila in the room watching him closely. He wished he could find a shirt or something.

“What else do you need to check?”

He sounded reluctant and shy; Evila rolled her eyes at this.

“Your toes, Tone’i. Let me see your toes!”

Tony looked down at the ground. The hems of Professor Denvil’s pants were covering his feet. He reached down and pulled up on the fabric so Evila could see his toes. She lifted a hand and rubbed her chin softly. She eventually spoke up.

“Yep, everything is perfect on you. You are officially a hormonal Tenati man.”

Tony looked confused.

“What is a Tenati? Is it a good thing?”

Evila look at him with puzzlement for a second, then remembered that he was still human on the inside. He didn’t know what their species was called yet. She would have to teach him the dos and don’ts of their culture.

“That is what we are, Tone’i; we are the Tenatian race. We are the most powerful of all the races in the known galaxy, and now you are one of us. You have our abilities, but I am not sure if you have inherited our speech yet.”

“Inherited your what?” asked Tony.

Evila nodded her head. She was being very serious now, “Our speech. Every intelligent being has a way to communicate with each other. Yours, I believe, it’s the ‘English’ language, which we are speaking right now. I learned human ‘English’ a few weeks ago. It wasn’t that hard.”

“Wow!” said Tony. “I am impressed! It usually takes someone from my planet years to pick up on a language. Especially one so hard as English.”

Evila smiled. “We as Tenatian’s learn things at a rapid pace. We retain everything that is told to us. This is how I learned ‘English’, which if you ask me is a very diluted language. Did you know that your language took most of its form from other languages on your planet? It’s like a melting pot of dialect.”

Tony shook his head at this. “No, I didn’t know that.” He really didn’t care. This topic was not interesting. What he wanted to learn about was Evila. She seemed like a pretty amazing girl.

“Your language is not like our language at all. Ours is more straight forward and beautiful to speak. Ours is a dialect called ‘Tinat’a’. It is given to us at our birth through our parents’ genetics. It is how we begin our learning process so young. We start talking and asking questions as children.”

“Do you think I have that gene in me?” asked Tony.

Evila thought for a second. There was only one way to find out. “I don’t know if you do or don’t Tone’i, but there is a way to find out. Here, let’s try something. I am go-ing to start talking to you in my native language.” She switched her dialect quickly. The exotic accent faded from her voice, “Can you understand me now? Are the words that I am saying making sense to you? Do you comprehend what I am saying?”

Tony shook his head enthusiastically. He could understand Evila now. “Yeah, I can understand you. Man, that’s weird.” He paused and lifted a hand. He stuck a finger in his ear and shook it. “It feels like something just clicked in me head.”

Evila jumped for joy. Tone’i’s pentamic sensors were working perfectly. Every-thing was working out. “You’re speaking ‘Tinat’a’ like me. How does it feel?”

Tony shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t know how to respond to the question. “I don’t know… the same I guess. Should I be hearing something different?” The words he used were pure Tinat’a dialect.

To Evila it sounded like he had a slight accent to his speech, as if he had grown up on the planet ‘Herx’ just on the other side of the Tenatian sun. “No, you shouldn’t be hearing anything different. How do you feel physically? Are there any problems?” Evila was now speaking to him in her native tongue. It felt great to do so. It meant that all her hard work had paid off. It meant that her people could find salvation in this lower species.

“Should I be feeling something different?” asked Tony.

Evila laughed. Her experiment was successful. “I don’t know. You tell me, you’re the one who went from being a subspecies to being a super species. How does it feel? You’re not a hairless mammal any more! That’s got to count for something.”

Tony paused and thought for a second; he really couldn’t feel anything different. The only thing he could feel was how much he liked Evila at that moment, but that wasn’t new at all. He had felt that way about her before the weird millennial greeting thing. He was the same, only stranger.

He finally spoke up.

“I feel the same, Evila. Except for the double heartbeat in my chest. That feels pretty weird. I didn’t know your species had two hearts,” he looked down at his chest. He could see the rhythm of his hearts as they pushed his heavy quicksilver blood through his body. It was really weird to see.

“Is it supposed to be beating slightly off from the other one? I feel like I am going to have a heart attack. I feel funny.”

Evila frowned and walked over to him. She put a hand on his chest and stood there for a bit counting the rhythm of his cardiovascular system. She placed a hand over her own chest and felt her own heartbeats. She compared and contrasted their biofre-quency for a minute. She looked up into his eyes. “Tone’i your hearts are beating the same way mine are. They’re beating this way because we’re either scared, or nervous, or excited… or in lo—”

Evila paused and pulled her hand away quickly. She had figured it out. She knew now why Tone’i’s hearts were acting wildly in his chest. The men of their race often sped up their metabolism when they were in love with a female. It meant that they could work harder to provide for there chosen mate. Evila bit her bottom lip and turned away, a little embarrassed that she had discovered this fact, and yet, she didn’t mind it. Tone’i had turned out to be a very good-looking Tenatian man. But she couldn’t possibly fall in love with him. That would be crazy, and yet, not so crazy altogether.

Tony suddenly broke her pleasant reverie with his frantic voice. “Or what, Evila? What else could it mean? Oh my heck, I’m going to die aren’t I? I’ve been a Tenati man for only ten minutes, and I’m going to die.”

Evila started laughing softly. She looked over at Tony. He was still freaking out about dying. She walked over to him and grabbed his arm.

“Stop acting crazy! You’re not going to die!”

He stopped and looked deep into her neon green eyes. There was an amiable light there now. The funny feeling began to rise in his chest like a puff of smoke. “Have you figured it out then? Why do my hearts beat this way?”

Evila grinned like a little school girl. She considered herself lucky to be informing Tony about the discovery. It was very rare for a single person in their society to find an eternal soul-mate so easily. Yet, it did happen.

“Yes, I think I have figured it out, Tone’i.”

Tony looked surprised; Evila hadn’t given him that look before. “What does it mean? Tell me!”

“It means that you and I are meant to—”

There came a sudden knock at the door. Evila and Tone’i came out of their blissful and romantic moment and turned to the open threshold. Standing in the doorway was a very surprised Fri’a. She looked absolutely flabbergasted. She shifted her gaze from the half naked Tony to the infatuated Evila.

She had always seen Evi as a good girl.

“What is going on in here? I can’t leave you kids alone for two seconds! Why does he have his shirt off?”

At that moment Evila panicked and quickly pushed Tony away from her. Tony didn’t expect the sudden shove and was thrown across the room into the steel wall. He banged into it hard and landed on the bed.

“Nothing is going on in here! Tone’i I were just talking about stuff.”

Fri’a smiled slyly. There was an edge in her voice this time. “What kind of stuff?”

“Not bad stuff, Fi. It was good!”

“So, you two were just talking, and then Tone’i’s shirt fell off. Is that how it went? Because to me it looks like something was going on in here.”

Evila blushed and shook her head. She was not that way. She wasn’t like the space-tramps that gave their hearts away to just anyone. She wasn’t that way. She had to say something… anything!

“It’s really not what it looks like. Tone’i was just uh… uh….”

“That’s what I thought; well I’ll leave you to your nasty business!”

Fri’a turned to leave. Evila felt frustrated. She didn’t want her friend thinking of her like that. She had to tell her the truth. She had to tell her that Tone’i was really a human who she had changed into a Tenatian.

She went after her, leaving Tony groaning on the bed.

“Fri’a, wait!”

Fri’a stopped in the middle of the living room. She didn’t turn around. “What do you want Evila? I left you guys alone, didn’t I?”

“I want to tell you the truth about what we were doing in there. You have to believe me, it wasn’t bad.”

Fri’a turned. “I am all ears!”

Evila let out a heavy sigh. Her hearts where racing. She had never felt so nervous about something before, “Tone’i is really a—”

Evila couldn’t finish. The front door burst open and heaps of men in black uniforms poured into the room like a river. They were holding stunners in their hands and yelling at the top of their lungs. Within seconds, the two girls were forced to the ground and handcuffed. After a few minutes of chaos the dorm room settled down and a man wearing a brown suit walked into the living room. He was holding a galactic cigar in his right hand. He looked like he meant business.

The girls recognized him as the chief detective of the academy. He looked mad.

“What the heck is going on?!” demanded Fri’a.

The detective walked over to her and let a puff of smoke past his thick green lips. He squatted down so that he could look into her eyes. Both ladies had a shocked expression on their faces.

“Which one of you girls is Evila Gonthina?”

Evila shifted on the ground. “That would be me, sir!”

The detective turned to her quickly. He gave her a nasty look. She could tell that professor Denvil had told him everything about the meeting that they had had in the cloning lab. He probably knew she wanted to mix their blood with a humans’. Now she would be placed on trial for her crimes.

The detective leaned in. “Evila, you are hereby under arrest for the stunning of a teacher and for the stealing of a cloned human. You may keep your peace until the trial. You hear me, young lady?”

Evila nodded her head reluctantly. The detective grunted at the motion. “Okay boys, take her away. Dean Redder wants to speak to her about this whole ordeal! I hear he’s pretty fired up today.”

Evila felt a little ashamed. She wanted Fri’a to know everything. She wanted her to know about Tony and what was really going on in her room. Now it seemed like she wouldn’t have the chance to tell her that Tone’i was really a human. Fri’a would always look down on her. She had dishonored her trust.

“I did it for our cause Fri’a! I did it so that we could survive!”

Fri’a looked away and frowned. She didn’t want to hear what Evila had to say at that moment. The men in the black uniforms picked Evila up off the ground and dragged her out of the room. She didn’t struggle as they went. The detective looked down at the second girl lying on the ground. She looked absolutely upset. It was obvious that she was innocent in the whole matter.

The detective broke the silence. “Your roommate has been a very bad girl. I figure you won’t be seeing her for a very, very, very long time.” he chuckled at this, “Heck with it! Dean Redder will probably give her a full suspension and send her home to ‘Terx’ for her stupidity.”

Fri’a shook her head. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Evila was some-one she practically grew up with. They were the best of friends, and now, it seemed like she didn’t even know her. Evila was a complete stranger to her now. “I can’t believe she would do something like this! Are you sure it was her? What about the boyfriend? Maybe you got it all wrong! Maybe he did it.”

The detective took the cigar out of his mouth and chuckled a deep throaty chuckle. It sounded absolutely horrible to listen to. “It was her all right. The security cameras caught the whole thing.”

Fri’a looked like someone had punched her in the gut. She began to tear up and sob uncontrollably. The detective smiled as he came to his feet and stretched his limbs. He loved enforcing the law and putting criminals behind bars. It’s the one thing he did very well!

“All right, boys, uncuff this lady,” stated detective Cuffers, indicating to Fri’a. “I don’t think that she had anything to do with what’s going on here. I want you to search this flat for any evidence that might be helpful in the conviction of Ms. Gonthina. I want everything turned upside down. I want to know her motive. I want to know what caused her to do this. All the evidence that you find I want labeled and processed.”

The men in the room started searching the apartment extensively. They collected heaps of papers and vials from Evila’s room. That’s when they found Tony lying on the bed. He was unconscious. They grabbed him and brought him to the detective.

“Sir, we found this man lying on the bed.”

The detective was in the middle of getting a written statement from Fri’a when he turned and looked at Tony.

“Who’s this pretty boy?”

The men in black uniforms shrugged their shoulders. “We are not sure, sir. We found him in the room with his shirt off. Maybe he’s a boyfriend or something.”

The detective walked over to the unconscious man and studied him very carefully. Tony looked beaten and tired. Detective cuffers shook his head, “it’s weird uh boys,” he looked at his men, “some relationships this young kids get into can be very abusive. This guy looks like he was smacked around by ms. Gonthina.” He looked back over to Fri’a and smiled. She was standing by the couch staring off into space. Her lips were moving slightly. She looked absolutely traumatized.

“Is this the man you were talking about? The one you called the boyfriend?”

Fri’a came out of her turbulent thoughts and looked at the detective. “Sorry, what did you say?”

“Is this the man you were talking about in your story? You know the one who was with Evila at the bar. The one who hit his head on the table.”

Fri’a shook her head. “Yeah, that’s him. That’s Tone’i. He came home with her a few minutes ago. They were doing something in her room.”

The detective looked back over to Tony and smiled real big.

“Well, Mr. Tone’i, I have a feeling that you and I are going to be very good friends. I want to get to know you a little bit more.”

The detective looked up at his men. He took a long hard drag of his cigar, “Take Mr. Tone’i, here, and place him in the interrogation room. I have a few questions for this pretty boy. I think he holds the answer to the missing human!”

The men in the black suits nodded their heads. They hauled him out of the room.

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